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  1. nuschultz

    Selling My Qt

    Hello all! I am looking to sell my MyaQT, plus all the extra tobacco and coals I have. I have almost 2 cases of Golden coals, and a variety of Fumari shisha. The shisha is a bit older, but still smokable. In addition, the QT has a custom hose cover on it, which was crafted by azcoyote. Pictures are available at http://schultzny.net/azcoyote/new/ I'm asking $40 + s&h. Basically I am trying to scrape together as much money as possible to pay for security deposit and first months rent (coming out college and being stuck with no paycheck for 3 weeks is a pain in the ass). I'll inventory the shisha if asked. You will have to show me that you are at least 18. Photo ID proof. Sorry kiddos. Mods, feel free to move this thread if its out of place. Thanks Andrew
  2. nuschultz

    So Hmm..dorm Smoking...

    Do what I did - Become an RA. Job sucks, but the pay (at least here) isnt half bad. Plus I make the fucking rules.
  3. nuschultz

    Preparing Hookah

    I don't think its necessary. But if it works for you, do it up!
  4. nuschultz

    Brandy Bottle Hookah

    Copper isn't good for smoking. You might as well put a kingston on top of your pipe.
  5. nuschultz

    I Can Make You A Sig!

    HookahWiki needs a facelife, can you do that? :-P
  6. nuschultz

    Help Telling Parents About Hookah Smoking

    Let us know how it goes with the mum. Is she more likely to be accepting, or more closed minded?
  7. nuschultz

    Exploding Charcoal

    Lately I have been using the 33mm Goldens. At first, I wasn't impressed, but they aren't bad in a pinch. They are a bit harder to get started than the 3K, but still a solid quicklight.
  8. Let us know how this works!
  9. nuschultz

    Nicotine Filter

    QUOTE Really sugars in the smoke rotting your teeth? Could please elaborate on all the effects of Hookah? I'm def not going to stop, but i was just interested. O and what would guys say the best way to stop the little particles from clogging your cilia? thnx Most of the research that has been done is contested, to say the least. As far as particulate, there isn't a way to stop it. Smoke is a particulate. The glycerine turns into a particulate. Thats why it stays suspended in air and then eventaully disperses.
  10. nuschultz

    Home Made Hose Covers

    Ok, I got the pics of the NEW cover that AZCoyote sent me. This this is amazing. the material feels like a comfy couch, and I can almost sink into it. the ruffles really add an artistic flare to my QT. My only complaint is that on a small hookah like my mya, the hose dwarfs the little fellow. Cheers, AZCoyote! This smoke is for you!
  11. nuschultz

    Help Telling Parents About Hookah Smoking

    www.hookahwiki.com has a hookah etiquete guide that you should pick up and print off for them. itll help them understand. there is a history section.
  12. i smoke in my dorm cell. its not all that exciting.
  13. depends on how large the holes are that you are using. i usually poke a fork in like 4 times.
  14. nuschultz

    Nickel Creek

    Does anyone have Nickel Creek - Live in Berkeley? It is from like 2000 or 2001, and it was a bootleg, but now I can't find my copy.