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  1. so is it really the world best tobacco? The tin cans are copy of starbuzz and logo is copy of fumari
  2. djnick

    Smiley's Shisa

    yeah might smoke it I guess. If its junk I might just give it away to a member just for fun
  3. man its been a while since Ive posted here. Seems like people are still smoking tangiers and arguing about km's so I see a lot hasnt changed lol. Anyways I wanted to let you guys know I found a batch of smileys shisha from like 2 years ago in my closet. You guys think I should toss it or try smoking it? Anyone wanna take it? Im curious if it taste anything other than soap from what i remember.
  4. that tanoura song they always play at hookah bars
  5. djnick

    Fumari Rasberry..

    i usually have good luck with fumari. Thats wierd
  6. djnick

    Problem With Tangiers..

    are you stirring the tobacco? use less heat more tobacco
  7. djnick


    eric think u can send some over..? i wont have time to head down to sd schools in full session!
  8. djnick


    its a very inconsistent brand....much like starbuzz which seems to vary by batches. I have some SB now and the flavor isnt that great. I think they keep changing suppliers or something. Some of the old batches i have of the same flavors taste much better
  9. djnick


    i like fusion stuff. they have good mixes and prices is better than starbuzz...which is a very inconsistent brand
  10. i have a jar of peach or pear i think with about 100g left in it...interested?
  11. Irvine/Newport/Laguna Niguel here