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  1. Evildave

    Sports - What Is And What Isn't?

    I say you merkins should finally admit the truth to yourselves and put "Nascar" as your religion in the upcoming national survey. Problem solved. Oh, and don't forget hockey, the only professional sport where fighting is part of the game.
  2. Evildave


    If you want horrible (/fuckedup), check out "The quiet". It now officially beats Borat as the worst possible first date movie ever. In fact, i am AMAZED it found distribution, if at all. I am also a huge fan of - the Heavy Metal animation movie - Flesh Gordan ( cuz it's hilarious. And it's got a sex ray from outer space!) - Crash ( the cronenberg movie, not that crappy drama bullshit movie)
  3. Evildave

    Are You In A Frat

    I think there's only Frats at McGill in this city... and most of these are from import american students.
  4. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jan 27 2009, 09:40 AM) Bumping to keep it fresh in your minds. I take it that the incidence of "pimphand" jokes has increased on chat?
  5. Did not know that sunkiss also made an equivalent to orange crush ( or orange soda)
  6. I understood it as "tasting like sunkiss orange juice" myself to be honest.
  7. At the risk of sounding like a kissass, I do approve of these kinds of breather-timeouts, especially since I just fucking hate when forums turn to 24/7 snacky assholeness. Main reason i don't go on rave.ca anymore.
  8. Evildave

    Packing A Bowl...

    I dunno. I myself probably belong in the "underpacker's club" . Using a regular bowl, I've found sometimes putting fluffed up naklah to about half was enough for me. Then I would single foil ( with a small depression ) and use a single 3king and get full flavor out of that. Might not be extremely smoke heavy ( altho you can bend the foil a little more to get the coal closer), but this is the only way i've been able to get DA to taste acceptable. And apricot using this method ? like breathing delicious sweetness.
  9. Personally I make it a point to buy as much locally as possible. This is why i'm always on the hunt for places that sell the stuff... sadly, a lot of those places also have a tendency to be wary of people they've never seen before. This is why i make it a policy to return a few times ( buying a roll of coals a few times is good usually) so they recognise you.
  10. I have a few spots for buying naklah in montreal. I know a shop where you can get 50G packages of naklah for 14$( but that's with all duties acquited). i also have a place where i've gotten 20-25$ for packages of 250G of naklah as well ( of course, this is probably un-dutified).

  11. Evildave

    Israel Appears To Have Had Enough

    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Dec 30 2008, 08:52 PM) QUOTE (mushrat @ Dec 30 2008, 07:33 PM) Oh, say...while we're at it, why doesn't Canada let the French Canadian's have THEIR own country? I seem to recall a movement for that at some point. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/O...ce/reasonsf.htm http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/o...o_independence/ http://www.webspawner.com/users/maritimein...ence/index.html How unfair to oppress these poor folks. By oppress, you mean allow them to hold their own referendum which resulted in them voting against separation? Do your research. Ok, you two are starting to talk about things that enter my territory, and frankly, it's difficult to explain the intrigacies of the 95 referendum unless you were there and living in the province of quebec. but to make a short explanation : it was 49.5 to 50.4 (aroundish) for the NO, and there was a TON of irregularities that have messed with the results. And Parizeau was right about the money : it took over ten years before things like the sponsorship scandal to prove that the separatists were simply not "paranoid sore loosers". But i'm not gonna press the issue because it's offtopic and the internet in general doesn't like French Canadians. Anyhow. I generally do have a slight fondness for palestinians, especially since they remind me so much of french canadians on some aspect. However, i do believe it is all the fault of the wackjob at HAMAS this time, and they are reaping what they have planted. I mean, this is a band of thugs that on the day of their electoral victory, went into government offices and shot up the place, making everyone flee for their lives. Because THEY were in charge now. And now that their ridiculous "governing" of the gaza strip has put everyone in a worse situation than they were, and they have continued to shoot rockets in sheer defiance of the israelis, the day they start finally getting shot at they scream like they're the victim? And asking for the Fatah to help them and join with them against the israeli oppressors? There's words for people like that. Dumb fucking idiots. I have no pity for such a bunch of asshats. I just hope the civilians will flee and rebuild someplace else.
  12. Evildave


    I'm playing Tabula Rasa for the next two months until it's shut down ( free to play now, download client, make acct, blast away). I used to have an account, and it's still fun.
  13. Everything that they said could be a factor. Also smoking too much, especialkly if you're not a regular smoker, can also be a factor in this. I know for a fact that i smoked too much a few days ago. I'm finding my trick is to stop just when my buzz start going on strong.
  14. Evildave

    For Your Viewing Pleasure

    As much as people like double apple (i know a ton of arabic people... they all say apple/DA is the "classic" flavor for them) for some strange reason it tends to make me a little sick. Viva strawberry!
  15. with a thread like that, i almost feel like I should be sending out some strawberry naklah thru mail to you.