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  1. Ohhhh that is really an aweful story! I would freakout if that would happen to me. I have a natural fiber carpet and i would not be happy at all! I hope you get rid of the damage.
  2. 925.rose

    New Km Help Needed

    QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Nov 21 2008, 04:42 PM) no problems, I do what I can to help. Thank you!
  3. 925.rose

    Where To Buy Metal For Downstem?

    I was searching online and came across this site. Accessories Not sure it will be helpful for you and what your looking for. Hopefully it will. If not, hopefully some of the posts from the other members have been helpful. Good luck in your search.
  4. 925.rose

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    My uncle lives in Harvey, Illinois. Not too far from Chicago. He changes up on what he smokes so i couldn't tell you what he is smoking now. Happy Birthday Mus!
  5. 925.rose

    The World Is Ending

    WOW that is alot to talk about! Amazing, I know I would probably not even make 500. I like to read alot, as far as posting I shy away from it. I learn more from reading. I will have to mozy around to see the content of the topics this member has posted. I am sure I learn alot. Thanks and congrats!
  6. 925.rose


    If I did smoke, (again I am here because of family members who do smoke) I feel like I do smoke because when my family members do smoke I am there all in the smoke. I think I would listen to the same music, not sure if there is a mystic thing when smoking that you only listen to a certain type of music. Unless, there's something I don't know about it.
  7. 925.rose

    New Km Help Needed

    Wow I am so glad you asked this question about KM Kora Ice. My uncle has been having this problem and he asked me to go online and find out why. This topic has been very helpful and when I read the answers to my Uncle, he was very grateful. Thanks so much for the help.. Thanks again for asking the question. makes it easy for me. LOL!
  8. 925.rose

    Khalil Mamoon Vase

    My brothers have chipped away too. And it makes him so made. Because he paid a pretty penny for it. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread because he needs help in this area. I will tell him about the "clear coat" spray, hopefully that will help. I am sure it won't help the area that is peeling off now, but the area that is not peeled it should work I hope. It is probably best to spray the clear coat on the very new KM. thanks
  9. 925.rose

    Mnh Jet Glass Phunnel For Sale

    I viewed the glass phunnel images on the other thread. I might be interested. My brother is all into those types of phunnels. He is a fanatic when it comes to those. He has about 40 different shapes and sizes that he has acquired throughout the years. I don't really get into it as much as my brother and husband. I will get with him, he is out of town for about a week, so when he gets back I will have him view the images. And get back with you.