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  1. you should definitely come back :)

  2. Footfalls

    Sweden's Smoking Situation

    The Meduse pipes sure are pretty but GOOD LORD EXPENSIVE! And they aren't Swedish.. they just have them in store :)
  3. Footfalls

    Body Adornment

    I have been thinking of getting a Surface piercing latley, either a Madison or a sternum.. but havnt decided yet dunno if neither would suit me but whatevah
  4. Footfalls

    Body Adornment

    And Evan that looks sooo smashing! is it gonna be a colour or black/grey?
  5. Footfalls

    Body Adornment

    haha yeah firetoys and kevlar and chains do leave beautiful burnmarks if you mess up
  6. Footfalls


    So from my last post it was asked to see a box of this fake brand, El fakher (ripoff from Al Fakher). So I made a video reviewing and talking about el fakher. I'm having diffecoulties to make it suitable size for uploading on here (It came out to be 16 mins long) LOL. Anyways I'm fysicly high on coffee but mentally tierd so i'm in no blogging mood. Just wanted to let you know that a video is coming up on the subject Take care youall.
  7. Footfalls

    Sweden's Smoking Situation

    Is it illegal? :o
  8. Footfalls


    Radiohead ftw! also Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Kultiration, Sublime, Reel big fish, Björk, Kate Nash, José Gonzales, Lamb best song right now Teardrop with either Massive attack, José gonzales or Newton Faulkner
  9. Footfalls

    Body Adornment

    You're guessing right, that is the pattern of a monkeyfists, an old knot that sailors used for tossing. The use I have for them though is in my firepoi spinning where the kevlar wick is knot like a monkeyfist. This pattern is the pattern a kevlar MF would create if I happend' to hit myself during a firespin.. so this is like a pretty common pattern for most fire spinners and performers Love that pattern, burn and coal marks have never been so pretty so yeah the tattoo is like a celebration for my arts
  10. Footfalls

    random picture dump

    Pictures i just felt like uploading :)
  11. Footfalls

    New Sig

    Nice one wade! gee I don't have spiffy stuff like that lol All i got is my ms paint haha
  12. Footfalls

    Body Adornment

    Here's my tattoo Also have a home made branding on my lower inside arm of a peacemark (don't really reccomend doing them athome though) it's almost invisible now.. and a streching in my left ear, just right to get a cigarette through
  13. Footfalls

    Let's Get It Personal

    Name: Anna Nordling (yeah try to pronounce that right ) Age: 19 still waiting to turn 20 born 1988 12 15 (December hells yeah) Background: Born and raised in Sweden, Umea (a smaller town up in the north's.. it's cold) Moving to Gothenburg (southwest side) within two weeks (OMG it's like a 1200 kilometer's distance!) Likes: besides shisha, Drawing, playing guitar, singing, theme parties, drinking games (Buffalo club member), Alternative arts like fire arts and poi spinning, movies , friends, traveling.. etc. Dislikes: Ice chocolate, ignorance, dry shisha, disturbing loud peopole, morning persons in the morning and uhm.. yeah peopole nagging about seeing my breasts.. (I'm not naming names -cough- arpo- cough- logan -cough-
  14. Footfalls

    Sweden's Smoking Situation

    I can take a photo of a package and upload it until later It's pretty sick!
  15. Footfalls

    Sweden's Smoking Situation

    Welcome to my first hookahforum blogpost, I'll start off to describe the smoking situation in Sweden and try to give the Swedish hookah life justice. The biggest vendor in Sweden is at this website www.vattenpipan.com. They sell alot of good hookahs (They got the allfamous, luxurey Meduse pipes in storage for an example). Recently ( just noticed) they started to sell coconutshell coals aswell, not the coconara but a brand named "Mazaj". Havn't tried this yet but they look exactly like coconara's so I bet they are made of awesome aswell. Cryptical enough for being a hookah smoking vendor they have taken a big stand against tobacco and nicotine. Their slogan is "No Nicotine, No weirdness". Therefore the only shisha brand they sell is the herbal Soex shisha. And that is fine, it's their statement but I don't see the point in it. You have to be 18 to sign up for a membership at their website and to buy Soex, so they woudln't brake any laws by selling some real shisha. Since they are the biggest vendor in Sweden (and the only www Vendor that I've seen around here) they have a huge monopoly. They could easily order new shisha brand's like Al Fakher, Nahklah, Starbuzz, Fantasia, Sinbad.. you name it! So I am a bit dissapointed at the hookahstores in Sweden and the small vareties that we are able to buy. The word "smorgasbord" has it's roots from Sweden, so how come we're lacking so much in range? I also have to add that during my two years of smoking shisha, we've been hounted by this fake brand called "El Fakher". The weird thing about this brand is that the outside box, designing and logotyping is almost identical to "Al Fakhers" boxes. But when you open them and take the plastic jar out, you see that the design is right, all looks like AF except the change of "El fakher" or El Faker that we call it. I noticed that I've only smoked Al Fakhers mint as a real AF's shisha, and the difference is pretty big. it's a complete different cut, AF's is much more wet and driMFy and have a better, fresher smell and taste and offcourse lasts longer. So I'm eager to try the rest of AF's sortiment out and compare to this fake shisha I've been grown up with. So thats the situation in Sweden right now, I can't wait for a change and update. Take care you all, i'm out for dinner bye byecykle