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  1. Tangiers Problemo

    Yeah it was definitely underpacked. Put a bit more in and was getting monster clouds/flavor with 2-3 coals. My apologies for doubting some of you. Thanks for the help!
  2. Tangiers Problemo

    Well i think im using enough tobacco, i mean i have a small phunnel and im packing it a bit over the brim and doing the fork/foil test thingy. I dont pack it like and inch over and then jam it down, but i think there enough, ill try it though. I just dont see how people can get away it 3-4 coals and say it lasts 5 hours.
  3. Tangiers Problemo

    Yeah I mean it seems to lose all flavor, mostly just tastes like burnt tobacco. Maybe with 1:4 pulls tasting somewhat like the flavor.
  4. So I've got myself some Lucid M. Cherry and everytime i've been using any lucid flavor the top layer ALWAYS burns. i take the foil off about 20 minutes in and a bunch of the tobacco is stuck to it and all burned. I'm not packing it too much like some of you do, and im only using 2 CH QLs and it still burns. Any ideas? Maybe just pack it less? Im not sure how you guys pack it so tight and it doesn't burn with 2-4 coals on it.
  5. I think its wrong that your putting reviews up even though you haven't tried it. Yeah its the same as Starbuzz, but why hurt hs.com's business. Its not like they are making the tobacco, they are just selling it to get money off of chumps who would buy it. HS already bought it, so its not like the the money spent on it is going to Ed hardy, its going to HS. IMO your not doing anything but hurting HS.com's business.
  6. I Got Drunk And...

    I thought the hose stretched... it didnt
  7. Headaches With Nakhla?

    edit- double post
  8. Headaches With Nakhla?

    Yeah I definitely got a headache from nak. It was the nicotine, because i proceeded to puke after that
  9. Drinking While Smoking Shisha

    i dont think hes going to get banned for joking around, you dont have to go around acting like mini-mod
  10. Drinking While Smoking Shisha

    QUOTE (hookahlover52 @ Oct 17 2009, 10:20 PM) jhdfhd stop typing with your nose!
  11. Drinking While Smoking Shisha

    QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Oct 17 2009, 10:03 PM) rule 1) Maintain a civil manner and tone. This is a friendly forum with a wide variety of people from lots of different places. We will not all agree on issues. Feel free to express yourself, but name calling, personal insults, and baiting will not be tolerated. Profanity is permitted in it's proper context. Trolling or baiting will result in immediate permanent banning of user's account. http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?act=boardrules <-- forum rules really? relax man... im sure he was just kidding
  12. Fda Bans Flavored Cigarettes

    Im sure it will reach shisha tobacco. After they added that $23+ tax per pound of tobacco, companies and started labeling the tobacco as "pipe" instead of cigarettes. Im sure the FDA sees this and will crack down on it, and then eventually get shisha.
  13. Who Thinks Phunnel=phail?

    It seems like people on this forum don't let others have their opinions. Hes just stating his opinion and then everyone has to bash him. Same goes with people that don't like tangiers. Seems like everyone and there mothers needs to jump on the tangiers bandwagon or else your not cool, and then have to bash all other tobaccos because they dont last for 12 hours and have dyes. Anyways, if the man likes his egyptians, let him stick with em.