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  1. dont let these other "hookah smokers" fool you.. if you turn the valve ALL the way to the right, you will get AMAZING thick smoke.. but if you turn the valve ALL the way to the left, then the smoke wont be as thick.. kinda like a minimum and maximum knob for the smoke thickness, left being minimum, right being maximum.. hope this helps
  2. sweet. gonna try this out tonight with some tangiers. Thanks for the info guys!
  3. so let me clear my boggling head right now. with this method of packing the shisha over the top of the bowl and the coals sitting right on top, it doesnt burn the shisha at all? I havent smoked nakhla in quite a while, and ive been smoking lucid tangiers lately..
  4. that is a wonderful idea!! im sure you could have some glass company make a smaller one like an average sized KM or something. like 30" or so. At the top where the stem would go, im sure you could have them make it fit to size.. look into it, and order a bunch and I would gladly order one. Different color heels and fish net leggings would be pretty cool..
  5. much appreciated joel.. no one is interested in some japs? they are good coals but im in love with coco.. hah
  6. o my bad. im located near Jacksonville, Fl. Yeah i know its my first post but im lurking on this forum 24/7. im not tryin to bullshit anyone or anything like that. talk to joelhookah, im smookin with him all the time. at his house right now actually hah.
  7. Okay, so I figured I would try out some of the Japanese style quicklites that some people are using. After smoking Coco's for almost 2 months now, I did not like the japs at all. I'm not saying these are those cheap chinese knock offs because they arent, these are the true Japanese quick lite tabs. They are called Hookahology and from what the guy at the hookah shop told me, they are actually a really good, and one of the better brands of Japanese coals. I bought them from a local hookah store here and paid roughly $13 for them. After using only 6 coals, I missed using my Coco's badly. These coals never broke apart or cracked open like the grand canyon like some of the other japs ive seen. They actually held up just like the Coco's as far as coal integrity. They didnt last near as long but not many other coals last a true 45 mins to an hour. I guess jap coals arent for everone, hah. I have 90 tabs left, still in the original packaging and still in the original wrapping. I'm lookin to either sell them or trade for some shisha. If you are interested, shoot me a pm or post up here. If you got any other offers of different flavors, let me know and I'm sure we could work somethin out. I'd prefer someone local but I can ship at buyers expense, and I will pay for shipping for the shisha. Thanks for looking!! Heres what I would like Nakhla: Sweet Melon (~250g) Orange (2x 50g) Hookah Freak (2x 100g): Blueberry Pancakes Malibu Sunrise Long Island Ice Tea Miami Vice Fusion (~200g): Margarita Orange Strawberry Chocolate Al Fakher: ANY!! p.s. if you want pics lmk and I will take some later today/tonight and have them up by the end of this evening.