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    I find they make great targets for my shotgun.
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    [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1348678795' post='557288'] might have to do that...i was considering what i did with another pipe and hose, using duct tape [/quote] Or you can also gently sand now the Nammor end pieces until they fit well. A lot of people do that as well.
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    And his chances of winning sink........ Mitt Romney speaking to an Ohio crowd informed them he's not going to be giving them any tax breaks. He wants to reform the individual tax system and lower deductions (resulting in HIGHER taxes to the middle class) while giving more breaks to business saying that would encourage them to hire. ("Vote for me so I can screw you!" Yep, yep, that's gonna work by golly.) No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio, and I think it's pretty much certain, Ohio is going to go Obama. You know what's sad about this election, is that as many things as I like about Obama as a person, I think there are certainly others who might have been able to gain more cooperation on Capitol Hill. He always downplays the race card, but honestly considering that Washington is mostly run by middle-aged white Southerners, it's no wonder they've blocked him every chance they got. There's just an instinctive rejection of anything he wants to do. The man could discover the cure for cancer, bring about complete world peace and pull off a total reversal of the global economy crises, and they'd still chalk it up to chance rather than a black man pulling it off. I hope for his second term that the gloves will come off. He'll stop being so "professorial" and start spitting nails back, really. It's what we need at least here. Diplomatically, I hope he doesn't change a thing because it's working. I do think it's also important to remember that it took a full 12 years for the economy to rebuild after the rash of 1929, and we were a hairs breadth from that level. To expect it to have turned around in on 3 years, makes whoever's doing the expecting a damn fool. 'Rani
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    [quote name='agunn1231' timestamp='1348630026' post='557220'] can i train it to like ICP and Twiztid. LOL [/quote] Yeah its a Furby, but its musical tastes really are not that bad.
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    My girlfriend works for hasbro and made a lot of the prototypes, buy them so she gets a bonus and i get a sweet christmas present this year!
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    [quote name='KasbahBazaar' timestamp='1348622827' post='557203'] [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1348622185' post='557198'] Damn that looks good... We are boho brothers! Tapatalk'd via iPhone [/quote] Hey, I'm a boho brother too! Hah. Glad you like it, Pat! [/quote] Since you're providing all these beautiful bohos to everyone, Mark, you're like the boho father.
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    Damn that looks good... We are boho brothers! Tapatalk'd via iPhone
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    [quote name='Twitchy' timestamp='1348505245' post='557064'] [img]http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i41/Twitchy_15/600692_428934950480366_1837635849_n_zps831cf120.jpg[/img] [img]http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i41/Twitchy_15/484268_428844890489372_1370592583_n_zps1842a486.jpg[/img] [/quote] Still looks like bulging veins on a rock-hard penis.... Why would anyone ever want that on their vase??? The hose is okay, but those vases? Wtf are those faces on there for anyway? Jesus, I'm so confused right now by these atrocities I have witnessed!
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    Just cut a water bottle in half.. use the top end of that works fine