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Sahara Man
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Hookahs from left to right:

1. Sinbad Hookah - Red Sinbad Vase, 1 Hose Gold Sahara Stem, Gold Vortex Bowl, Red&Gold Velvet Hose.
2. Pumpkin Hookah - Red Pumpkin Vase, Social Smoke Mini Silver Stem, Pink Ceramic Bowl, Red Synthetic Leather Hose.
3. Sidi Hookah - Traditional Palestinian Blue Vase, 1 Hose SheeCool Stem, Blue Vortex Bowl, White Velvet Hose.
4. Filigree Hookah - Red Sahara Filigree Vase, 2 Hose Silver Sahara Stem, Pyrex Bowl, Black Synthetic Leather Hoses.
5. Catalyst Hookah - Yellow/Green Catalyst Vase, 1 Hose Indian Pyrex Stem, Green Pyrex Vortex Bowl, Black&Silver Ultra Wide Synthetic Hose.
6. Cyclone Hookah - Orange/White Sahara Cyclone Vase, 1 Hose Silver Sahara Stem, White Genie Ceramic Bowl, Red&Silver Velvet Hose with Replaceable Handle.
7. Essence Hookah - Amber Essence Vase, 1 Hose Silver Nar Stem, Ice Chamber, Black Vortex Bowl, Black Velvet Rope Hose with Metal Handle
8. Sinbad Hookah II - Black Sinbad Vase, KM Stem, Wind Cover, Black Velvet Rope Hose

Shisha from left to right:

1. Evolution Tea Shisha
2. Starbuzz
3. Fantasia
4. EZ
5. Ayam Zaman
6. Hookah Freak
7. Al Fakher
8. Social Smoke
9. JM's
10. Fumari

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