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Discussion Group for all Hookah Lovers

General topics about Hookahs.

HF Rules - Hookah Lounge

1) Maintain a civil manner and tone. This is a friendly forum with a wide variety of people from lots of different places. We will not all agree on issues. Feel free to express yourself, but name calling, personal insults, and baiting will not be tolerated. Profanity is permitted in it's proper context.

2) Do not discuss substances that are illegal in the United States. This is a US based forum and we follow US laws. See the separate Stickie for specifics on Illegal Substances. You must be of legal smoking age in your home country to be a member of the Forum. Do not post pictures that include illegal substances or devices for smoking illegal substances. the only exception to this rule is in discussions regarding hookah misconceptions or problems you've had while smoking your hookah. In this situation use the terms NH for a non-hookah device and NHT for non-hookah tobacco. Any other use of these terms will be considered a violation of the rules.

3) Multiple accounts, with the exception of Vendors who are expected to create personal accounts for non-business posts, are not allowed. Creating another account to get around a suspension or ban is not allowed. Posting for people who have been banned or suspended is also not allowed.

4) Vendors/Lounge owners are expected to contribute to the overall discussions on the forum. We are not here simply as free advertising space. Vendors/lounge owners will have a 2 weeks probationary period of general posting before they may advertise as vendors. This period may be lengthened or shortened at the discretion of the Admin. Vendors are also to keep business related posts, such as special offers and new product announcements, to a single Official thread. Sending Private Messages (PM'S) to someone who is looking for an item or product is not permitted. Please Contact the Mushrat to discuss a Vendor thread.

5) The Review Sections are for reviews only. Please read the separate thread about posting in these sections.

6) Many sub-forums have their own set of rules and guidelines. Please read them for specifics.

7) Suspensions and Bannings will often, but not always, be posted to the Main Discussion area. Questions may be directed to the Moderators.

8) Suspension durations will vary depending on the severity of the offense and history of the individual member. These are set by the Moderators and Administrators and are not open to discussion.

9) Posts may be edited, moved, or deleted at the discretion of the Moderators and Administrators. You may ask for clarification of a given action but they are not open to discussion.

10) If you have any questions, please feel free to PM a Moderator. We'd rather answer a question ahead of time than take action later.

11) While other Hookah related forums do exist, we ask that they not be referenced in posts. There is some bad blood with several and we wish to keep things peaceful.

12) Names may not Include references that are related to illegal substances or lifestyles.

13) Notices often come to your e-mail, make sure your filters are set to allow messages so they don't end up in your spam folders.

14) Have fun!


These rules aMFly to both posting in threads AND in the chat.