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  2. I learned something this past weekend regarding patents. I was at a vape shop that also blows glass. I inquired about possibly getting scali mods made, but was worried about copyright. The artist said that in most creations like the scali mod or phunnel bowl, it in reality is an art and practically unenforceable patentent. He explained, with scali mod as example, that just adding a swirl, or a dab of color, makes it a completely different product from patent product because of artist rights. I think this is what you are seeing with all these various phunnels on the market. The artists know the looseness of the law and shape it to their favor. (off topic for those that see: sorry I disappeared guys. Life is chaos. I'm usually on Clash Of Kings day and night now as a leader of a group, helps keep me sane. I'm single now, disabled, fighting for SSI, and living with my parents at 31)
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  4. Stuie

    Mat for shisha

    I don't use a fireproof one, but I went a bought a cheap black hand towel at Walmart to put under mine to help with vibration and stray pieces of coal.
  5. It was originally designed by Tangiers and Called a Super Chief. It is originally designed to be packed all over so it's a combination phunnel and Egyptian. But I typically just pack the phunnel portion and smoke that way to save on shisha. If it's that harsh add more tobacco or less heat. Cut your cocos in half
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  7. Udangzil

    Best Hookah Hose?

    I apologize for bumping this old thread...just my experience... I have the dhose and the cloud micro hose like this by BudPro https://coolerexp.com/best-hookah-hose-review/ and I think the micro hose is better in every way: the silicone is a lower durometer making it more flexible and less prone to tipping your hookah when you pass it, it has a 2 piece handle so you can select the length you want, the handle is anodized aluminum so it lasts long and doesnt ghost, and the silicone is coated so it doesnt pick up every particle it comes in contact with. If you just want different though the dhose is great. I had been using them for the last 4 years until I got my micro. I had this request from a customer in Germany looking for a stylized, yet realistic and slightly sinister looking, volcano shape designed to be rested on a table and smoked with a hose. The hose proved to be the most time consuming. I started off being completely stymied as to how to go about doing it, and ended up going to a head shop to see what they had. Gagging on incense and God only knows what else, I left with a hookah hose to see if I could use some of it in this project. It ended up being a non-starter though. On top of the stink of incense that simply would not leave the hose no matter what, upon disassembling it I found that the hose is nothing more than some spiral wound brass wire with Cling-Wrap on the outside, and a piece of fabric secured by wrapping string along the spiral of the wire. Add some cheap-ass molded plastic thingies for the ends, and there you go. Oh, and the stink. I unleashed an unholy mix of incense and various smells and things when I took it apart. My nostrils have *still* not recovered. I ended up homebrewing the entire thing from start to finish, with a little help from McMaster-Carr and Mr. Metal Lathe. The idea struck me as being so cool that I've got a second one in the works, and I'm going to try and hang on to it long enough to take it to Richmond to show off.
  8. Well, I found one solution though not a particularly elegant or graceful one. Got one of these from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073W95VJP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 and it fits hookah and hoses. As sort of a left handed bonus it functions as a purge valve if the unused receptacle is left open, without a hose. There are a bunch of different vendors selling similar and this one is not special... probably just the cheapest one I saw, don't remember. I guess for now I will get three more of them. But I will have created a monster... an 8 hose hookah? OctoHookah? I will probably end up 3D printing something but I just got too much going on right now. Alternately I might just fill up three hose grommets with silicone and let them cure, and use them to plug the other receptacles. (uncured common hardware store silicone has a lot of acetic acid in it and will smell and taste like vinegar for a couple of days.) The more I think about it though, the more I wish KM would just make a multi with them already built in or included.
  9. Dominik

    Roasted DIY Shisha Recipe

    Last post - you can do that. Half and half tobacco glycerin ist good if your tobacco is wet enaugh. Hot Honey at least is good and to kill the honeys piss peak you can add a hint of blackstrap melasses
  10. Dominik

    Liqour flavors

    Hey I searched google for myself and what the first entry was is that conquito is some kind of longdrink or how you like to call it, a mix of coconut rum vanilla and (condensed) milk - mix up. Greets
  11. Well I remember Baja a long time ago, Loved the wooden boxes, but I have seen rumblings... looks like they are coming back!
  12. Stuie

    i smoked hookah first time

    Sounds like the smoke was hot and/or harsh. Drink tons of water!
  13. Hahaha oh man I joined this site solely for this reason as well. I’ve got a shop in NYC, currently have some wicked inventory I must get rid of. Social smoke, starbuzz, al Fakher, etc... I’ve also sold on eBay so I can show ya guys if anyone wants confirmation 👍🏻👍🏻
  14. Stuie

    New member

    Welcome, there are a few of us trying to revive the forum! I am here as often as I can!
  15. Sprezzatura

    Hello folks!

    Hello Benjiex!
  16. 15% Off Total Purchase! www.texashookah.com Discount Code: LABORDAY Shika hookahs back in stock! Trifecta and Azure fully stocked!
  17. Dominik


    I heard you have a lot different rules how tobacco can be 'manufactured' in the different states, is that right - can be wrong don't know xD Maybe you get your tobacco from the state they are in. Greets
  18. Benjiex

    Newer Dog Lover

    I'm a dog lover and I'm thinking of giving my dog a proper bed, which of these [url=https://www.petstreetmall.com/dog-beds/]pet beds will be okay for a 2-year-old Labrador?
  19. my insight isn't that novel, I just love smoking hookah.
  20. Stuie

    What Are You Reading?

    Haven't read the novels, but I enjoyed the movies!
  21. Benjiex

    Hello Humans

    Welcome to both of us!
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