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  2. I'm in so much love with Mujito.
  3. Fix Spacing For Tapatalk For Hf.

    I really like this thread. Its helping
  4. Last week
  5. Who uses ice hose ? and what is the weather when using ?
  6. Is the site actually working now?

    Everything should be working. If there is a problem don't hesitate to contact support. Thank you.
  7. Coco nara issues

    That's really weird, not sure I've ever had that problem. It sounds like you may have a juicy tobacco and that juice is spilling over the foil (you are using foil right?). I can't think of much else besides maybe you are blowing into your hose and somehow blowing the water up the shaft putting the coals out. That's the only time I've had that happen to my coals...either that or using one of those fancy things to put on your bowl instead of foil and has it's own windcover type thing built in...those things make the coals go black and you only get like half a smoke sesh out of it. So when I light my coco's, I wait until the top is the only thing black and that's when I flip it then keep it on that side for another 2 min or so.
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  9. WHat is it?

    Found it! Bazookah Matador, starts at $4,199.00...depressing.
  10. Has anyone purchased one of these? Seems fishy...has a pic of a Meduse hookah with “OSCAR” over the name. I do see some of them on the Shapes website, marked up tremendously.
  11. I have not been here is a while. I quit 3 years ago. Cold Turkey. I had pneumonia and could not smoke for a while then I just never came back to it. I miss it everyday. Lately I smoked with my friend who had this super clean all glass hookah. Oh my... I think that woke up the hookah monster in me. I gave away all my stuff a year ago. Now, I regret doing that. Still thinking about investing into it again or not.
  12. Anyone still in the salt lake area?
  13. Hi I just recently started smoking hookah. I just bought a cheapish one from a local head shop seeing as there aren't any actual hookah shops here in Winnipeg. Seeing as there aren't and hookah shops here unfortunately the only type of shisha that's available to me is herbal shisha or vapour stones so I'll be asking a lot of questions about those because I once imported pipe tobacco here and trust me it cost an arm and a leg so I kinda want to avoid that with hookah. A little bit about me I'm a huge nerd I like anything from computer networking and server applications to the simpler things in life like a nice pipe and a good book. I'm also a huge Star Trek nerd. But ya glad to be in this forum looking forward to getting to know some of you and to learn a lot about this new pass time.
  14. Afzal Shisha Flavour

    Check out https://www.texashookah.com. We ship to Australia.
  15. Hi

    Noob here. Just introducing myself. I have been smoking shisha in bars for a while and greatly enjoyed it, but am largely ignorant of the goner points of this pastime. Will be trawling the forum for answers to my many questions before I bother anyone, hopefully. nice to meet you all
  16. I've been smoking from a small Mya bowl for 3 years, it's awesome, but it likes to tip over a lot. So I decided to make one from plexiglass, that's bigger and "tip over" proof. After I get everything set up and going, the base doesn't fill up with any smoke. The draw on the hose is only air, no bubbling in the water at all. I have checked the stem for leaks, and it has none, neither does my hose, or the purge valve. The top to the base is able to be taken off completely. It doesn't exactly seal the base, but it does after I wrap tape around it and blow to see if any air might be coming through or not. The tape is only for the mean time until I figure out what exactly it might be. Hopefully y'all don't read the taping around the top of the base and automatically say that's what it is lol because I close that off and make sure no air is escaping lol So yea. Please help lol
  17. http://brimos.com.au/Shisha-Bar-Sydney Sydney's finest hookah Shisha Bar “WE WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE A NIGHT OF HOOKAH, DANCE, LAUGHTER, OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE EACH CUSTOMER WITH A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE IN OUR SHISHA HOOKAH BAR SYDNEY” Our Shisha Nargileh Bar Offers A Range Of Flavours If you’re looking for something to do or just want some place to hang out, we invite you to join us at the best hookah shisha bar Sydney has to offer. Brimo's Restaurant & Cafe is the newest and trendiest social hotspot around. Our shisha bar is a great place to meet new people. We provide a comfortable and relaxing place for you to enjoy smoking shisha and engage in conversation at the same time. Our shisha nargileh bar offers a range of flavours for you to do otherwise you will continually persist with your favourite flavour. Shisha comes in cherry, apple, mint, chocolate, and licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon flavours to satisfy any style buds. Shisha, additionally referred to as narghile or hookah, is often passed around from person to person. Our hookah shisha bar supplies enough hookah even for the largest of crowds. There is no long waiting to experience the flavour of shisha. Shisha Cafe in Sydney Brimo's Restaurant & Cafe is not your typical hookah shisha bar. We strive to make your experience fulfilling. If you’re longing for a new place to travel after work, bring your co-workers to Brimo's cafe & restaurant for hookah, fun, dance, laughter, and additional tobacco shisha pipe in Sydney. A distinct reasonably expertise that your co-workers are thanking you for. Its an area to induce to understand your co-workers higher, if you would like to. If not, allow them to have interaction with somebody else. They'll be thus busy, they wont even notice!! If you’re looking for a different and exciting experience, discover Brimo's Restaurant & Cafe, the best hookah shisha bar in Sydney, NSW! “VISIT OUR UPSCALE HOOKAH SHISHA BAR!”
  18. Welcome to Jakarta Indonesia

    Hello, I wish to introduce myself, My name Is Abbas. I am from Jakarta Indonesia. We run shisha cafe and restaurant in Jakarta area. At this moment we have 3 outlet under Bubbleshisha name. We are running 2 line of product Tradisional shisha and Medic helbal shisha. Next year we will be opening in Bali Island in the new line of shisha.
  19. India Smokers

    Hello all, I m in Bangalore....
  20. I'm new at this

    Me too a newbie here.. Nice forum to sign up. Happy to stay here. Thanks.
  21. Greetings from Canada

    Hello everyone, Nice to join this forum. Nice posts here. Quite interesting forum too..
  22. TexasHookah.com has been busy adding many new products: Shisha Brands - NU Shisha, Ugly Tobacco, Pure Tobacco, Zomo Tobacco, and Trifecta New Bowls - Gilani Glass Phunnel, HJ Trytis Bowl, Alpaca Bowls, Sahara Stone Vortex, and KS Appo Stone Bowls New Hookahs - Amira Magnetic Hookahs and Shika Hookahs We are running a special until the end of Sept for 15% off total purchase -Discount Code: "fallspecial" - http://www.texashookah.com
  23. Hookah mixes

    Hi all I need some help, I'm trying to create some interesting flavors for the hookah lounge I work for I've already created 3 but now I'm stuck, I'm looking for mixes of 3+ flavors, I would really like some opinions on this thanks so much -employee Here are the flavors I have ( this is all al fakher) •blueberry •cherry •coconut •white grape •grapefruit •guava •gum •jasmine •kiwi •lemon •mango •melon •mint •orange •peach •pineapple •rose •apple •vanilla •watermelon
  24. My Purge valve is messed up, the ball bearing is stuck in the purge valve and I can’t get it out using methods online. Need Help ASAP.
  25. I bought my Hookah about 2 months ago used it twice. Last night I was setting it up and notice some rust on the inside.. Is it time for a new one? Or is there a way to clean it out? Can I still use it or is too harmful? TIA
  26. Hookah Photo Shoot

    More photo you can find here https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/golibtolibov/sets/49287155
  27. Pomegranate, Orange, and Watermelon. All equal parts--the smell and flavor are amazing. Happy Smoking!
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