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  2. Yesterday I smoked a mix of virginia and burley tobacco and so I do later this evening again haha xD
  3. Hello I just want to ask something I never understood and the question is, what does the word 'molasses' mean? For example I call most things I do in my tobacco which are liquids 'molasses'. So honey is my molasses and glycerin is my molasses and if I make a thick paste of tea and add it in it's my molasses too. Blackstrap molasses is also my molasses. What does this word mean and where does it come from? What is not 'my molasses' is difficult to answer for me maybe you can do that? And then, in germany we don't have this word 'moassel' - what is meant with moassel? Is moassel from tobaccos absorbed molasses, the dried molasses is moassel or what? I'm happy to hear from you all! Thanks Dominik
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  5. I Quit Smoking Hookah

    Yeah honestly after I got my own vape, I stopped smoking hookah. That was about 3 months ago, and I been smoking for about 3 years almost everyday, crazy.
  6. Last week
  7. Hookah Travel Kit

    That's pretty nice. I had a similar box come with my Bambino, but it was WAYYYYYYY smaller.
  8. Tymber XL Hose

    Mason Tymber XL Hose at TexasHookah.com
  9. Lolli-Tips

    Lolli-Tip Candy Hookah Mouth Tips at TexasHookah.com
  10. Club Hookah with LED Lights

    Club Hookah with LED Lights at TexasHookah.com
  11. Alpaca Bowls

    Alpaca Hookah Bowls at TexasHookah.com
  12. Amira Magnetic Hookahs

    Amira Magentic Hookahs at TexasHookah.com
  13. Roi Hookahs

    Hey so I'm new to this forum, but I was wondering if Roi Hookahs is out of business or something. I have been trying desperately to get the Roi Classic and I have not been able to find one anywhere. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Traditional Flavoring

    New informations on top! No. Not bad the tea paste idea. A bad idea was the black tea at all because you feel it on your tounges. That's no good. It is really tasty to do it like that. You must take care of your heatmanagement if you do it like that but if it's gettin harsh you just need to wait a few minutes and it's back goin good. A teaspoon of this paste was a too small amount so I use more next time but now is time to wait until that project of traditional flavourings goes on because I got some things to do and no basma orient tobacco here. I think I do my fruits tobacco now only with the basma orient because it's a little bit buzzing and not harsh smoke. Virginia I used is 'not buzzing'/'not buzzing me nice so that's a waste for me. All in all a good try and I'm writing on here if the day of the next try has come. Greetings I'm happy to here from you too diy shishalover The german guy... xD
  15. We had that in my city here too but just a few weeks and than it closed again. How do you do that - what type of charcoal is your service bringing to me if I rent one hookah? Do you bring all stuff I need or with just no hoses? Tobacco? Greets
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  17. Accurate Shisha Recipe?

    Let me correct one thing in this discussion. It's not easy to get right and good informations about makin your own shisha. It isn't easy at this time. Watch youtube and one half is lie the other one just near any truth. So - the bowl in this discussion is for 15 to 20 gram WET SMOKIN READY tobacco. If you use it to weight your dry tobacco you loose. If you do this reciepe with 70 grams weight by kitchen scale you loose. Accurate is a nice word but accurate is different. Sorry for that diy shishalovers If I'm wrong please correct me. If you do this by yourself show me pictures. I'm the searching one for shisha reciepes who don't get it right now ;D
  18. Hey do you know Michael Mittermeier? How do you think, is he funny in your language? In German.. hm he is not one of the funniest stand up comedians we got here for me but I laughed so hard I saw his shows in english. There is a show written to dvd which was made in capetown. What a great and funny movie. Great music and great comidian stuff. Anyone knows him? Greets
  19. Different hose

    Hey Don't know anything about lebanese hoses. But maybe it's worth a try to take a typically adapter, those aladin or amy (different types but standard sized) make and get it on your hookah. Is the hose adapter to take it off?
  20. NEWBIE

    Hey Breylon!
  21. Hey, no more report user button? Also can someone please either increase my message storage or erase everything in my current one? It will take be hours to erase enough to message again. :)

  22. cool. i need a new hose.
  23. Hello hookah forum! I hope you're all having an amazing time celebrating the very last day of 2017! It's been quite the busy time at my family house, but it's also been an amazing Christmas season. I celebrated with the usual - multiple bowls of shisha and catching up with friends over text. As a side note, I love the fact that hookah smoke smells as amazing as it does - even if I don't necesarily like the flavour itself, the smoke always smells incredible. My absolute favourite smell is the banana, coconut, grape, and two apple flavours. 2018 is going to be an amazing year. I'm sure I mentioned being a student in previous posts, but I'm hoping to go back to school to work my way into nursing. I'm hoping to get into school in September 2018, and I'm really looking forward to building my education, starting out in a yearlong course as a PSW, which will hopefully lead into nursing. Anyone in this forum have any advice? As expected, I got nothing hookah-related for Christmas, but I did get a lot of loose leaf tea. I am an absolute fiend when it comes to loose leaf tea and hookahs - the bigger of my two vices would have to be the hookah. But I wouldn't change smoking hookahs for anything. For me, smoking it is a non-negotiable. I'm curious to know - did anyone get anything hookah-related for Christmas? And, who will you be smoking it with this New Years' Eve, if that is your plan? What are your top 3 things you're looking forward to in 2018? Gonna head offline for a bit. Hope your 2018 is an incredible year!
  24. All - I gave up hookah smoking years ago and my garage is filled with a ton of hookah stuff that I am looking to sell rather than throw away. WIth that said, I'm selling the following items for $100!!! Will not go lower on the price. Also, please excuse my terminology as I have been fairly removed from hookah forums. Mya Gyro Hookah Smokes up to 4 people Used only a few times Comes with travel case Bought it brand new for $300 Khalil Mamoon Hookah This thing is huge! 55" or so and was my favorite Hookah Bought brand new for $100-150 Mya Hookah Never used Small hookah I got from Hookah Shisha with order over $100 One Person Hookah All Hookah Accessories Bowls (about 3-5 of them) Charcoal Any other Hookah Accessories lying around Buyer pays for shipping! Ships from Westchester, NY. DM me if you are interested.
  25. Hello again forum! It's relatively early Saturday morning, and Christmas is only two days away! I'm not necessarily anticipating any hookah-related items (in fact, my mother is beginning to suspect I have one :S), and truthfully I have absolutely no idea what I want. I said I wasn't sure, so surprise me. This will be an interesting Christmas! (As an aside, a puppy would be great!) So I'm a fan of Pentatonix - I love the band! They put out tons of great content and have really incredible work out there, and they still do have some amazing stuff coming out. But, if you haven't been following them for a while, Avi left the group in May. And it just hasn't been the same since. I'm watching and listening to some of the content that Avi's been uploading since he left the group, and it's a bittersweet feeling to see him performing with another group. It's been a dream of mine to see PTX perform, and I would have loved to see it back when it was the original group. Still though, maybe this could be a good thing? Let's see how this goes. <-- Do I have any other Pentatonix fans out here in this forum? On New Years' Eve 2016/2017, I have to admit, I went into a sauna and did a session there. It was a really chill way just to usher in 2017. I remember it was the rose shisha I was using, and it was one of the best smoking sessions I've ever had. The atmosphere was really chill, really relaxed, warm and comfortable. I just love the hookah in general - and I love how the smoke of a hookah is one of the only ones that smells incredible after it's been smoked! It really does. One of my absolute favourite ones for amazing-smelling smoke is the rose - surprise surprise. I also love the Two Apples flavour once it's been smoked, except I feel like being a fan of black liquorice would have to be a prerequisite to getting this flavour. You wouldn't think by looking at the package that it would taste like that, being a new smoker. The banana one I just bought isn't bad, but it's not as flavourful as I thought/was hoping it would be. I'm not a fan of the peach or lemon one I have. The orange isn't bad (pretty sure it was on the shelf too long before they sold it to me, because it's a little dry. Good otherwise!) and I realize that I love the grape flavour. Alright, I'm going to head out and start my Saturday. Hope everyone has an amazing day!
  26. One reason might be that you added a ventil wich is not closed by a bullet. An other reason is that the way the air flows isn't meant to go threw the water but directly to your hose. A tippin hookah you can easylie add a diffusor so the water is not splashin that much. Are there no picture or do I just don't know where to find them? Greets
  27. Dominik in here

    Hi I'm dominik. I'm interested in smokin hookah since I was child. I come from Germany and now I would like to have a bit 'information changing' between you and me. I'm interested in tradition like tobacco, tradition like because I don't know much about traditional shisha at all. Just had the luck to get the ägyptian nakhla stuff in my childhood and now I mostly look for ways to do that by myself Nice to be with you! Dominik
  28. Ways to make thick smoke

    Hi That's a bit tricky to answer because how thick your smoke gets is in relation to your setup AND the wetness of your tobacco. If your about to make your own shisha it's very easy to get thick clouds if you leave it quite dry like 1:2 (tobacco:molasses) and having molasses with about twenty percent honey in(80glycerin) and than smoke it not too hot like with quick lightning coals. The wetter your tobacco gets the more heat you need, but thats not truely a right point of view. Another way with a quite dry tobacco is not to pack tooooo tight. Just a bit tobacco in normal bowl and your in with thick clouds in case of your molasses is out of glycerin in tje mainpart. Honey is more about taste.. but i'm writing now very much... maybe this was helpfull Dominik
  29. Hello hookah forum! Does anyone else have the problem where they magically just find themselves in a hookah shop or a head shop that sells hookah things .... and they're looking for hookah parts/shisha/other hookah items before they get most, if not all, of their Christmas shopping done? That's a perfect description of how my holiday shopping is going right now. I'll sooner find myself almost accidentally in these types of shops before I've even gotten any other shopping done. These shops can actually be the coolest thing though! As an example, I mentioned in my "New Flavour!" entry that I had this really cool mini "supermarket" that made me feel like I was somewhere in the Middle East. Their hookahs are gorgeous! I have never been more tempted to buy one, even though mine is perfectly fine and works well. I occasionally (key word for "more often than I'm willing to admit") look up ornate hookahs on Google Images. And as much as I have this massive urge to go online and just buy it (Christmas gift to myself! Haha) I wonder how difficult they must be to clean. I otherwise probably spend an unhealthy amount of time Googling online hookah shops, YouTubing hookah sessions, looking at antique and ornate hookahs on Google Images, and even researching starting my own hookah lounge. This is my life currently, but it's honestly a place where I don't mind being. Everyone needs that time to relax and do something they enjoy. Mine currently is smoking a hookah at night. I wouldn't trade that in for anything else. I love what it means to be involved with the hookah culture. One thing I would absolutely love to do is actually go to a place where hookahs originated from. Imagine going to the Middle East and having a traditional smoking session there! How cool would that be?! And yes, I've also YouTubed and Googled this, and that is where this whole interest came from. It would be the most amazing experience to just get out of the comfort of my own home and experience a culture that is so radically different from my own. I can say that it will be an absolutely massive culture shock to go from the cold Canadian climate and familiarity of home here to somewhere like Turkey or Arabia. And being someone with a pale complexion, thanks on both fronts to genetics and a colder climate, I know I'll be facing a massive sunburn for most of my trip there - and I probably wouldn't be allowed back into Canada because I won't even look like my own photo by the end of the trip. Totally worth it? Maybe once the sunburn fades. If anyone has actually had this experience on a vacation/other type of trip, drop it in the comments! Gonna head off to continue my day! Have an awesome one, everyone.
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