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  2. Kathy James

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    vaping is good or bad for health?
  3. Hello everyone, forgive me for my bad English, I am looking for a home for black tobacco (tangiers in particular) for rather short sessions of 1 hour and a half for little tobacco I already have a apache medium and a mini rook but I'm looking for a home with a smaller capacity I was advised hj alien, alpaca suri and tangier pico bowl Could you help me ? thank you in advance
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  5. Skoozle

    Shisha from pipe tobacco?

    I guess I can't post a link... Check out Dominik's Honeymolasses post in the How-To-Workshop section.
  6. I'm relatively new to hookahs I have tried one once I'm looking to buy one for personal single use and don't exactly know what to buy I'm wanting something low cost and with fruity flavor oh and I live in Texas any help or ideas would be welcome
  7. A lot of the lounges i use to go to in Texas are gone because they upped the tax on hookah tobacco to like 300%
  8. Tangiers Lemon Blossom!
  9. Now I just have to Track it down, Nakhla Coffee, Cardamom and margarita where some of my staples in my stash
  10. https://youtu.be/0gaRHB6yX3c please like share and subscribe
  11. cypherkk

    5Starhookah.com Reviews

    Been a while since I posted. My roommate ordered from 5 star recently. They shipped the order to the wrong address, somewhere in San Diego, CA. We live in Idaho. After a couple of calls they said they were going to ship the order to us, never did. So he canceled the order and asked for a return of funds, hasn't had the money returned. I stopped using 5 star a while ago, I think it had something to do with them swapping different styles/brands of coals when I ordered from them. I did however try to order from them again recently. As they are the only online presence selling Tangiers bug powder. This may not have anything to do with them but, My order (1 package of Bug Powder) was said to shipped and has been sitting at the location in SoCal post office, with no update since it was picked up; was supposed to be delivered Sat. (yesterday). I'll try to keep this updated to see how the order goes.
  12. Skoozle

    New come new rig

    How do you like that flavor? What does it taste like?
  13. Skoozle


    Welcome! Hookah is quite different from other forms of tobacco consumption because you don't burn the leaf (hopefully). It also isn't good for satisfying a nicotine craving because it takes quite a bit longer to get going than a cigarette. When your hookah shows up, we'll be happy to help you get started.
  14. Improve two lives with one buzz?
  15. Skoozle

    Go To Vendors

    I can't say that I go to them as I try to shop locally as much as possible, but I know there are some I forgot about and some new ones. Ultimate Hookah 5 Star Hookah Hookah Heros Hookah Junkie And believe it or not, Hookah Set still has their website up. :D Try to let go of the grudge with John, man. The forums are dead enough without animosity.
  16. Electronic Shisha Reviews

    Newbie here but old with hookah and hose

    another newb here *waves* looking to expand knowledge on everything hookah
  17. Okay, so I like it how Chat is on the homepage and all and I think it's important to have it there for noobs to ask questions until they find the Chat tab at the top, but I was wondering if we could do something... I remember how when the forum switched over we lost the chat on homepage but I really liked the Chat that we had when you clicked the Chat tab at the top where it opened a new window. Yes, we have that now to be able to open Chat in a new tab or window and view it big, but it doesn't work as nicely as the other one did. The Chat we had right after the switchover had no lag, didn't automatically scroll back down when someone typed, and had sound notification options. It was quite nice. .us has this chat now that they've upgraded. Reminded me of why I missed the old one here. So is there any way we can get that Chat back for the tab at the top but still have a small chat window on the homepage? Right now the Chat on the tab is just like the homepage one, just bigger. I'd like it if we could eliminate the lag and auto-scroll, mainly.
  18. NYG2111

    Learning coco nara coals?

    Are you sure you're packing right? Or maybe youre not letting your coals up heat up until all the black is burned off. Cause then when you blow your coal, it turns red. I've NEVER had a problem with too little smoke unless the coals were gray, looking like they already died out.
  19. Just saw this, this morning, shucks! Need to load up on Tang!!
  20. We need to know the best and cheapest way to make tobacco shisha molasses as a bussiness ..
  21. Larrey

    Your Go To Pipe?

    For my ordinary Smoke, either St Bruno Flake or Dansk Royal naval force drop. In my battered bowed stem, non-intelligent pear-wood pipe. Now and again I celebrate by getting an arbitrary "appropriate tobacco" from Peterson, or Samuel Gawith. also, smoke it in my meerschaum pipe.
  22. Larrey

    Self cleaning hookah

    I clean mine for the most part after each utilization however now and again after two in case I'm utilizing a similar Shisha and don't feel it's that filthy. At that point once every week or just haphazardly when I have an inclination that it a give it a significantly more intensive cleaning.
  23. Larrey

    Hookah Travel Kit

    The Scarab hookah is the main legitimate hand-made Egyptian hookah on this rundown. On the off chance that you lean toward the craftsmanship of a high quality hookah over a machine made model, at that point, this is the novice hookah.
  24. Howzit (South African greeting) to all hookah enthusiasts. I am Ahmed. Proud owner of the Cloud9 Hookah Lounge with Middle Eastern Cuisine In Johannesburg South Africa. We started the Hookah Lounge in August last year. Business was slow at first but now have regulars that are at the lounge everyday. Weekends are busy with the guys coming in to watch football and other sports. The Hookah community in SA is steadily growing. With some suppliers in SA importing hookah's, flavors etc. from other parts of the world, we have seen a huge increase in the interest of hookahs and hookah lounges. Looking forward to sharing my hookah lounge experiences as well media with you guys. Check us out on www.cloud9hookah.co.za and on Instagram : Cloud9hookah Keep those pipes LIT
  25. I'm very familiar with the Paan Raas flavor as well but that isn't it by itself. It has to be mixed with something else in order to make that taste. I'm just trying to find out what to mix
  26. Hi Dominik Cheers. The coals are either 1 inch cubes or flats. The main difference is the coals are all natural, no chemicals so they do take a bit longer to light than usual but once lit have very little ash and gives long lasting consistent heat. The minimal ash that is visible is reddish brown due to this being the natural ash color of coconut shell charcoal. I actually carbonize the coconut shells inhouse so can tweak the charcoal quality to suit.
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