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  2. I'm vaping a G-Priv 220w TC with a tfv8 big baby beast with Particle X by Space Jam ad my e-liquid
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  4. From the album Hidemoto's hookah

    Are you live in Viet Nam ? Do you have a hoohak ? Please see Bình shisha giá rẻ and buy it or goto my store to view You are Welcome!
  5. This place dun died. :(

  6. What up mane? I see you've last checked in a couple of days ago. How are things going? You hanging out on any other hookah sites?

  7. I don't think any of the liquids taste like shisha. Try Govern's tobacco wax -- it's like a flavored tobacco concentrate. Not much retail presence but they have a website bondstreetwax. You need a good concentrate pen for it.
  8. oh,in viet nam - my country , people use shisha no problem,where are you say ?
  9. You want tobacco wax (govern's) for shisha flavor -- it is made from tobacco like real shisha. www.bondstreetwax.com
  10. i often smoke this,good
  11. HollandSentinel.com Witnesses describe confusing, chaotic scene at Hookah Lounge shooting HollandSentinel.com The Sept. 11 Holland Hookah Lounge shooting was a chaotic and terrifying situation, according to witness testimony. Anthony Lamb, 22, of Holland was shot and killed outside the Hookah Lounge at 960 Butternut Drive at around 3 a.m. Aaron Young, ... View the full article
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