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  2. lauren&shisha

    Tobbaco england

    Hello I'm looking for a supplier for frozen favoured Tobbaco can anyone help. (ENGLAND)
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  4. http://symptomsofulcerativecolitissupport.com

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  6. That sounds great. I'm looking forward to trying it.
  7. besthookahsguide

    What are you smoking right now?

    al fakher double apple and mint
  8. besthookahsguide

    Place to buy hookah tobacco in NYC

    Why not internet and order it to be delivered to your hotel/apartment by the time that you are in NYC?
  9. besthookahsguide

    why does my hookah taste bad?

    Did you clean it properly? Also, you could try adding something else than water in your vase. See if that helps. Ice While ice is just frozen water, the effects it produces when used in a hookah base are different from those of liquid water. First, ice makes the smoke thicker which allows the avid hookah smoker to create different shapes and patterns with relative ease. Second, ice produces a cool feeling which is a welcome feeling, especially on a hot afternoon. Last, with ice, you get smoother smoke that is easy to draw from the hose. If you use a flavor with the ice, it is important to note that it will fade away as the ice melts. Orange juice This is arguably one of the best juice flavors to add to use with your hookah bowl. If you want a thicker smoke but don’t want to add ice, simply use juice that is thick. Coffee If you love taking your cup of coffee as you smoke your hookah, you’d be happy to know that you can combine the two for double the excitement. Using one part water with two-part coffee in your hookah then adding a flavor of your choice such as vanilla, guarantees an unrivaled hookah smoking session. Credit: https://www.besthookahsguide.com
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  11. What flavor concentrates do you use. Like how can I find it to buy it? Being in the US, it isn't worth it to start from scratch but I might get some to boost the flavor of a weak Vanilla hookah tobacco. I can try like that and let you know what I think.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpiWyoVWrzs This is a great mix to hookah to, the animation with the tea and baklava are great. He just needed to have a hookah!
  13. That's pretty bad. I think you have more going on than your downstem stuck in your base. It looks like not only has your downstem broken, but it looks like part of your hub is broken off in the opening of your vase. You either have a major restoration project on your hands or an opportunity to shop for a new hookah. As for the downstem, like I said before, I would try to use a strong piece of wire (like from a coat hanger) with a hook bent into the end to maneuver the stem out of the base. If you have some of the hub broken off in the base, you should remove that first to make it easier to remove the downstem. However if your hub is broken, you will need a new stem entirely unless you want to go through a lot of trouble to make what you have work. Your downstem should screw into your hub ( where your red circle is) but I think the threaded portion is still in the hub and the tube is broken off of the connector. I bought a used hookah that arrived like that before and I couldn't remove the threaded piece. I ended up having to buy a full stem from MYA. If you can get all of the hookah stem parts out of the base you can use your base with a new stem. Let me know if I am wrong about all of that stuff being broken. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.
  14. So you say you put tobacco in a barista machine and squeeze water through. That's a wonderful job just sounds like that to me woow Wonderful that you just don't give these next coals my way would be just giving xD
  15. Skoozle

    Hookah too sweet

    That's great that you found what you were looking for. Pure raw tobacco leaves as in just loose leaf tobacco? Or is that a specific brand? If you want to experiment, you could try adding some glycerin to the tobacco leaves to get a better burn or smoke. There seems to be some good information in the How-To Workshop section for DIY hookah tobacco. If you try anything else, let us know how it goes.
  16. sofiabow

    Recommended Mods

    I like to stick with my variable mod and my GTA it does the trick, and I shouldn't fix anything that's not broken. I just wanted to say that, I am currently on a break playing on https://games.lol/ . you can join me if you like.
  17. Skoozle

    Well Hello Hf, Long Time No Talk. :)

    Chreees! How's life treating you?
  18. Skoozle

    Knock knock

    Today is the first time I'm seeing this post. I've been around some lately trying to drum up some conversation and I feel like I would have seen it earlier. Anybody got any theories? I figured it out. I haven't been checking off topic discussions.
  19. Stuie


    Wish I did... Miss that guy!
  20. Skoozle

    Hello all

    Yeah, pretty slow here. I'm trying to be more active. How is your hookah experience so far? What have you been smoking?
  21. Kel

    need help

    Dude... the coals used in a bbq grill are for your burgers, not your lungs! Dunno what all their made from but it's not healthy in my opinion and they stink... nope, wouldn't even consider it if I was stupid drunk!🍻
  22. Night sweet honey hookah with the beauty of gemina two hours live in concert
  23. Looks like I still have some work to do on my notifications.
  24. Dominik

    Middle East Hookah

    Hey there! Just adding anything but glycerin wouldn't make it cloudy. The glycerin does. Of course nowerdays there is an option for pg too but what seems more intersting right now; glycerin is actually some kind of alcohol not active for a human being but it is a kind of alcohol. And this alcohol is like I just read a product which comes after adding sulfites to the alcohol generation. So if there was honey and a realy bit of water mixed to the tobacco and sulfites in which might have come out of a sugarcane melasses which we know now as blackstrap they might have just had glycerin by natural in. Maybe just ad glycerin to your leaf by a 1:2 ratio (tobacco:glycerin). By myself I use a 1:2.25 ratio and glycerin was mixed with honey with a 1(honey) to 2(glycerin) ratio and a few drops of water which i just drip in from my hand. Don't let confuse yourself from the strange ratios that's just the results of the tests I made by myself. If you would like to get it to glycerin by nature I think you need to store it quiete warm but I never tried . If you would like to test this glycerin honey thing - give it a month because glycerin needs time to eat the honey but it does.. somehow xD really sweet after a month. And... you know tobacco raw leaf is a very quality product with many good resin and if you wash it you make a quality product quiete worth- and tasteless just let it be the pure power of tobacco and get yourself a leaf in that strength you like. No wash. ;D Greetings from germany man dominik
  25. Dominik

    Hello everyone

    Edit And give 'gummibärchen' flavour a try, I think one of the most used smells in the world for everything but as singlenote brilliant
  26. Thanks for all of your hard work exploring options to source ingredients. I hope Italy will provide you with some good quality leaves. Let us know how it turns out.
  27. Skoozle


    If you haven't already gone to Jamaica, you shouldn't have any problem putting un-opened charcoal in your checked bag. Be careful with quicklights since the TSA scans for explosive/combustible material, but if the roll is sealed and you don't get any dust in your luggage from your opened charcoal it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy the warm weather, (I assume you're not going to Jamaica, NY in Queens).
  28. AF Melon and AF Mango were surprisingly good. When in doubt, Fumari Ambrosia. That's a nice blog post and well written. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to the next blog.
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