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  2. Vilonit100

    Starbuzz issues

    Hi this post is for the Hookah community, I am reaching out to you seeking your help on how to deal with starbuzz inc. whenever you have problem with their products. I purchased I Discovery stem STSN-03585 from Texas hookah in houston Tx, after a month of use it’s started falling apart: overheating like crazy no flavor and got a very hard pull, it’s not smoking like a normal hookah, you can clearly tell the stem has a defect. First I contacted Texas hookah, they told me the stem has 5 year warranty and I need to contact starbuzz inc. that’s was fair enough. I stated contacting starbuzz by calling their number, customer service rep answers I’ll tell them my story and issues, then they’ll asked me to leave my info with a message and someone will call me back. I left more than 40 message never got contacted by anybody. I emailed warranty and waited for weeks no response, I emailed waleed no response whatsoever. I called and called many many times,they just answer with an unpleasant tone can’t even listen to you or direct you to the right department. It feels to me that starbuzz Corp is a one man show or something. Huge let down, I’ve been a starbuzz supporter since day one always been a fun, it’s not about the stem I really don’t give a two.... about that discovery, it’s all about customer care. I collect hookahs I have over 30 hookahs all brands, but imagine somebody that has only one hookah and doesn’t have the money to spend on multiple hookahs gets a problem like mine, what would he or she do? They’ll give up on the whole hookahB/S. Starbuzz get your...... together take care of your people, your customer service is pathetic I am sorry to say that but it’s the truth. I really want to buy the carbine loved the whole idea behind it and design but I am very hesitant to do so unless my problem is solved. Thank you
  3. Dominik

    Smoke eaters

    With what do it eat smoke? Ist that sth like this carbon stuff things or very different? Charcoal charcoal I mean
  4. Than you get the europe fumari version won't risk that haha ;D Just for information if you wonder what I mean, there of course many different production ways each caused by the legality rules of where you get it from You can read for that in some turkish hookah blogs
  5. vibhor143

    Hookah Lounge Ventilation?

    Can someone help me with the same situation. What kind of smoke eaters are required and how many for a 840 SF place
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  7. Stuie

    Sup homies :)

    ....Tangiers Kashmir and horror movie marathon!
  8. jindo00

    Hookah Shisha mini

    Some nice little shisha vases are easy to carry in here .How do you think ?
  9. jindo00

    bình shisha mini.jpg

    From the album: Hookah Shisha mini

  10. jindo00

    bình shisha mini giá rẻ.jpg

    From the album: Hookah Shisha mini

  11. jindo00

    bán bình shisha mini.jpg

    From the album: Hookah Shisha mini

  12. jindo00

    bán bình shisha mini hà nội.jpg

    From the album: Hookah Shisha mini

  13. jindo00

    bán bình shisha mini tp hcm.jpg

    From the album: Hookah Shisha mini

  14. Stuie

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum. It's a little slow here, but hopefully we can get it popping again!
  15. Hey, I’m looking to start a lounge outside of Memphis tn. I’m in the novice phase. Any information will help
  16. Stuie

    Sex Or Hookah?

    Being divorced now.... i would probably do some unspeakable things for sex.
  17. Growley Monster

    Quick Coal Can

    Didn't cost nothing. Two empty cans, some copper wire, a few minutes of my time. Not elegant, but it works I took the lid of the big can and bent down the edges so anything that falls through, lands on the elevated lid, and the bottom won't get hot. Big loop of wire for the handle so it can't get hot. The inner can where the burning coals are kept has holes in the bottom for air, and is suspended in the center of the big can, up at the top of it, with three pieces of copper wire. More holes drilled in the big can about the level of the bottom of the small can, to let air in. I think I drilled like 16 holes there. Works fine. Outside doesn't get hot enough to burn anything. The way we use it, (we don't smoke indoors) is we light CocoNara on the gas stove top, drop them in the can, and safely carry the whole mess out onto the porch. We usually make a bowl last a couple of hours so I light four coals and start with two on the bowl. We then have two coals for the bowl, and two more to keep the fire going in the can. A couple of new pieces will light in just a few minutes in contact with the first two.
  18. Wow I am surprised at the low interest in this topic. Anyway I tried the splitters with built in ball check valves, and they were a PITA because they would always work loose where they plug into the hookah. So I endeavored to create something myself. I considered modifying the base end of my hoses, then thought about the tip end. The thing is, once modified, it is modified. Can't undo a screwup, maybe. But I had a bunch of the big long disposable tips that are becoming popular in cafes these days. And I had a few of the smaller ones, too. Both are the male type, i.e. they are inserted INTO the mouthpiece of the hose, not over it. I fiddled around and saw right away that the small one will stick into the small end of the big tip. Further examination revealed that a metal check valve ball does not pass through a small tip, but will seat on it and seal reasonably well. So, I stuck a ball in a big tip and stuck a small one in the small end to hold the ball in. Of course the ball rolled right out the mouth end of the tip. No biggie. Come back to that later. So I cut the small end of the small tip off and left that in the big tip. Now the big tip can be inserted into the hose mouthpiece and hold a ball bearing securely from falling into the hose. I took the mouth end of the small tip and cut it short, and sort of crimped it so that the ball could not pass through it, and stuck it in the mouth end of the big tip. Now the ball is captive, seals on exhale (or on inhale from another hose) and cannot be sucked into the mouth. Or lungs. Ick. But the airflow through the tip is seriously impeded by the crimped piece, it looks sort of ugly, can fall apart, and is just generally kinda screwed up. I thought I might just drill a hole clear through the big tip just below the big end, and glue a piece of monofilament nylon fishing line through the holes across through the middle of the tip. I couldn't find any line sufficiently big, thinking about 200lb test or bigger, for the rigidity, but all that stuff is on my boat and I am at my GF house. Tried weedwhacker string but it isn't round, and doesn't seal in a hole good without glue. Then I thought maybe a piece of the 1/16" nickel/silver rod that I use for pinning the straight razors I make, modify, and restore. Drilled the hole, stuck the rod through, cut and filed the end and wa lah. The pic below shows the finished version. Works great. I will now make them for all four hoses.
  19. Stuie

    I'm Not New, Just Returning.

    There's a few of us still around!
  20. The entries where I'm too tired to think always end up being the best ones I make, somehow or other. It's almost like I access a different part of my head when I'm too tired for sleep. I'm not smoking right now, unfortunately. I haven't been able to sleep at all tonight, and it's currently 3:40 am here. As tired as I am, I find myself gravitating towards somewhere I can get my thoughts out into the open, to air them out like I'm getting rid of stale are in an old room. And plus, it doesn't help to have decent music blasting in my ears! All I want to do is dance! (And I'm definitely still a Pentatonix fan! Currently listening to a song I'm obsessed with - their cover of "Havana" is incredible!) I have a candle in the room, so there's the smell of smoke somewhere in my general vicinity, at least. If I can find a shisha mix that's cinnamon bun flavoured I will be impressed! As a side note, Pentatonix's sound did (obviously) change with the introduction of a new member of the band, but as I adjust to it, I think he is a really good fit for the band. (I've begun watching "Anne With an E," and I LOVE the show! That's about all the pop culture I've been getting lately! Although, I'm not sure if "Breaking Bad" still counts as current pop culture.) My plans have now reverted back to me finding housing and a job, but I'm definitely feeling more successful about it this time than I was last time. I actually have had people interested in my resume this time, which has been a pretty amazing feeling. Given, I've updated it since my last round of resumes in February and I've included more features to the new one that I've recently handed out. But still, something about this time feels more hopeful. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the future! This time, I won't make any promises about when I'll be writing again - I actually have no idea if I'll be doing another impromptu entry. I surprised myself by writing this one. Write soon with an update!
  21. It's been too long since I've written here! I've spent some time in BC, and the people I stayed with were NOT smokers! Not necessarily that I am either .... other than hookahs. Safe to say though, that it's been way too long since I've smoked anything at all, and I can't wait to start again! I think the first flavour I'm excited to start off with after such a long break would be my classic "go-to" flavour - two apples. I've smoked several bowls in a row before .... it may have been over the top, but hey, it was fun. First things first though - what I've been up to lately. Ever since I got back from BC, I've been basically trying to find a place to live, and it's actually only just happened. I found a place near the school I got into, and I'm REALLY excited to start this next phase of my life. Maybe in this new place I don't have to smoke in the bathtub at 2 am in order not to be seen! Anyone ever have any positive stories of moving out on their own for the first time? This is the first time I've had my own apartment-type thing before. I've done things like live on campus at previous schools, and with family friends/relatives before (ie, in BC) but nothing like having my own place. I'm excited and nervous, both at the same time. Priority #1 - smoke a hookah the first night I'm there! I'm celebrating for sure! I'm starting the PSW course at Georgian College in January. I've been told it's an amazing college, and I've heard that the course itself is actually pretty decent. I'm really glad to be starting this new opportunity in my life, and I'm excited to see where it leads me! I want to go down the nursing path as a career option, and becoming a PSW is the first step in that direction. Right now, it's a good idea to get into the healthcare field because of the aging population, and plus, nursing jobs and other healthcare jobs are a good idea in general - you'll never be out of a job unless you're a significantly crappy employee. Even if I don't end up liking this career path, it's only a 2-semester course, so it's not like I blew years of life and money on something I didn't like in the end. If all else fails, I can always go into horticulture. I've grown several trees from the seed (two lemon, one apple, one starfruit, a mandarin tree, and my next project is a dragonfruit tree) and it's something I actually love doing. I'm one of the weirdest people you'll meet - I want to go into nursing, I love growing plants from the seed, I have a favourite car (1960's Corvette Stingray, in deep purple), and I love playing music (especially the bassoon). I'm also short and female. And I smoke hookahs .... so there's also that. Some days, I can't figure me out. Alright though, I'm heading offline for now. I hope to upload another entry within the next few days - I'm hoping to upload when I move into my new place. Write later!
  22. Stuie

    hookah help!

    Keep in mind what I am coming up with guesses, because I am not there. Mya's tend to need to be washed before smoking sometimes they have oil and residue in them. Give it a good scrub with Dawn dish soap and some good brushes in a bath tub. Let them soak for a bit before scrubbing it out, let it air dry after in the sun.
  23. Sorry to here it Riv! I'm single now too, lost my kids and in a depression that would kill most. But I am here today. Hit me up if you need anything!
  24. Stuie

    Mat for shisha

    I don't use a fireproof one, but I went a bought a cheap black hand towel at Walmart to put under mine to help with vibration and stray pieces of coal.
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