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  2. Hi, i accidentally broke the " glass bowl " does anyone know where i can get a new one? Thank you very much, and have a nice day! https://www.amazon.de/Al-Masah-Rauchsäule-Wasserpfeife-transparent-Melassefänger/dp/B078KCQVYL
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  4. Hello again, hookah forum! I really want to start being more consistent in the way I write these blog entries. So far, everything has been happening so fast that it's difficult to find a solid block of time in order to sit down and write. So, thankfully, I get to take this afternoon and spend the time doing something at least relatively productive - writing! I've always loved reading and writing, but as I've grown up and been shoved into this thing called "adulting," I haven't really had the time to do much of either. I would completely say that my 2019 New Years' resolution will be to post here every week, but at the same time, I'm also starting school at Georgian College in January. So I make "hopes," not promises! Last Christmas, I was completely prepared for the holiday. I had already got all the gifts I needed to buy for people two weeks before Christmas rolled around. Well, Christmas is two weeks away this year and I've literally bought nothing as of yet. The nice thing is that I spend all my free time with friends or crafting, which honestly really does make giving gifts for any and all occasions that much easier. The supplies are cheap, and the finished product is something I can either give as a gift or sell. I have a community Facebook page that I've called "Brooke's Nook," where I've uploaded pictures of some of the things I've made, and right now, I'm making a bucketload of cable-knitted infinity scarves to sell or give away as gifts. So, when in doubt, I have a backup plan. My older sister, for the longest time, wanted me to make infinity scarves, but I had no idea how to attach the creation together up until I started making headbands. Learning how to make headbands and attaching them revolutionized the way I knitted - and then I learned how to do cables. It classes things up quite nicely, dare I say. Hope everybody's Christmas is amazing! Always remember to keep an eye out for decent shisha flavours, and I'm definitely interested in getting recommendations, so if you have any, pass it on in the comments! (I'm also hoping to do a longer blog, if people are interested!) Write soon.
  5. I have a question wasn’t sure where to write it so I decided to put it here. I am traveling in a few weeks to Jamaica and I would like to bring my hookah . My only concern is can I bring the charcoals in my check in luggage ?
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  7. John Marker

    I Quit Smoking Hookah

    i quit smoking hookah before 3 months. and started using vaping products. vaping products is better than hookah.
  8. John Marker

    Where To Get Juice?

    you can get ejuice from vape density. Vapedensity is the Best online vape shop with the best prices & Fast SHIPPING on vape mods, tanks, vaporizer product, e-juice and accessories. Shop online or find a Vapedensity vape store near you!
  9. John Marker

    Vaping Products

    which which think understand before used vaping products?
  10. John Marker

    How Much Do You Vape Per Day?

    under 60ml for me.
  11. TheyCallMeDave

    I Quit Smoking Hookah

    I see that members come and go on here, but I think I'[m going to start making an active effort to come around again. I sent out a "WHAT'S UP HF" thread 4 years ago, to which MANY replied, and just never came through so sorry y'all but, if we get some traction I think we could have a real thing going again! As most, I quit smoking hookah due to children (those turds!). Hot coals and tobacco smoke just didn't seem intuitive with two little ones. My Fiancee and I made a pact to get the clouds rolling again once they were a little older, and we're sticking to it! In the mean time, as most seem to have done, I've picked up vaping as a means to cope with my tangiers and nhakla withdrawls. It works alright, I guess. Lol.
  12. TheyCallMeDave

    Well Hello Hf, Long Time No Talk. :)

    A FOUR YEAR TEASE, TO BE EXACT! But, I am determined to get back on HF regularly now. With two kids and (god, when did this happen) signs of crows feet developing, I'm surly enough to get back on message forums.
  13. Hey! I just buy there now. All I found on reviews was very good - unboxing videos on youtube good reviews in cigar boards, so I´m in with them and post a review on my own as I got my stuff. Bought Burley Organic Burley Dark Air Cured Izmir And some Semi Oriental Tobacco Leafs let´s have a look if that was luck to do, I´ll post some pictures too then Greets
  14. Dominik

    Hi Guys

    Hi Connie! I think we would love to listen to your ideas too! Just write all of them down Greets Dominik
  15. connie

    Hi Guys

    I am Connie, I am looking forward to listen to your great ideas.
  16. Dominik

    need help

    Hey guy! All tips I ever heared at once 1. Heat up Tobacco slowly, put coal on, a heatshield (or however you call this thing you can put uppon the bowl) and wait fife to ten minutes than remove the heatshield 2. Don't do much and don't do to less tobacco in the bowl 3. Maybe add a glass milk to the water 4. Maybe heat up your bowl before put tobacco in 5. Don't use much or less foils 6. Maybe have a realy little space left between foils and tobacco That's it but if this can help you out I don't know Ah another thing left If you smoke cigarettes you might not get it to a smooth smoke but that's your habit how to breath in smoke then Good luck ;D Dominik
  17. i have been smoking shisha for like 8 years but mostly at shisha bars but theres been a ban on shisha in my city so i had to buy one for myself but the problem is that i cannot for the life of me make a decent smoking hookah and its been like 4 years. i have tried some different techniques,different hole patterns.. i have packed it all every way i can think of like completely packed flavour , less flavour,flavour on the middle and on the side but the smoke i get is either thick but tasteless like just smoke without any flavour and/or insanely harsh. i have this party coming up and i got to make a decent shisha and i was wondering if any one can help as what could be the problem.also i read on another post that you guys help fixing problems via webcam(could be whatsapp or any other video app nowadays).it'd be really helpful for me for the pros to give me some tips or get me on video call.one thing i have to say is that since i dont have natural coconut coals available in my city(i could probably order them online but i'd have to wait for them for a while) i have the silver coal slabs or the magic quicklight coals but i often use black coals the ones that i use for barbeque. i recently ordered the kaloud heat management device but it hasnt been shipped yet.so do tell if that will help and i would love if anyone could help out via video.
  18. Hey Friends! I need your help now please does anyone have made any experience with the tobacco leaf shop leafonly.com? I gave up all the leaf shops we have in germany because they all sell moldy leafs and my self gardening project is stopped because I don´t have space anywhere to hang up the leafs I need - you need so much space to hang up just a kilo I can´t do that at all. Please help now I realy want to have some good quality tobacco leafs and I don´t know whre else I can get them. Is the leaf quality worth buying there or is it not? I try since times to get original egyptian Nakhla but I can´t, there is no shop - I ordered in USA and it just has not the original quality, I ordered in turkey and get ripped off by the shop, I ordered in europe and swiss and got no original quality Nakhla stuff, so I decided since times I do that my own but how to get leafs? German leaf shops they rip you off how is it about leafonly.com? Please help me anybody? thank you Dominik
  19. 20% Off Total Purchase at TexasHookah.com - Black Friday Special! Discount Code can be found here: https://conta.cc/2R627BP #hookah #hookahs #shisha #blackfriday
  20. Hey there I don't know which tobacco you got. You reduce nicotine by adding mollasses for example but that's more a procentual reducing than reducing what it does to you. Smoke less. Never wash if you got good. Tobacco tobacco. You know what?? The whole world is asking just like me for good unwashed shisha you can't get it everywhere where I live and you ask for washing man... Look Sugarcane sugarcane or thkngs out the park go and search for plants in the park next to you and smoke it. But wash it before
  21. Hello rezan If you wash it , of course the nicotine will be reduced, but you'll loss the real flavor taste , So just try to dry it not washing.
  22. Black Rain


    Hey shisha I know that , if I not smoke you, depression will smome me ,so don't worry you're my best, lol
  23. Black Rain


    My life is like smoking shisha , if you dislike the hookah go away from me
  24. Black Rain


    Hi guys !! Hope all you're fine ,I'm jalal from Kurdistan region of iraq, shisha lover ,I'm shisha flavours mixer !!! Hope you enjoy from my flavors mixing ,thanks.
  25. Hello, How can I reduce nikotin to 0,5% in tobacco leaves, when I make my own shisha tobacco? Should I wash the leaves and dry it again?
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