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  2. Kathy James

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    vaping is good or bad for health?
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  4. Hello everyone, forgive me for my bad English, I am looking for a home for black tobacco (tangiers in particular) for rather short sessions of 1 hour and a half for little tobacco I already have a apache medium and a mini rook but I'm looking for a home with a smaller capacity I was advised hj alien, alpaca suri and tangier pico bowl Could you help me ? thank you in advance
  5. Skoozle

    Shisha from pipe tobacco?

    I guess I can't post a link... Check out Dominik's Honeymolasses post in the How-To-Workshop section.
  6. Skoozle

    Shisha from pipe tobacco?

    I haven't tried making hookah tobaccos. I leave it to the professionals. There are some brands that make pipe flavors that you may want to try. If nothing else they would set the bar for you. This guy seems to have had better results than what you are describing.
  7. So I just switched over to smoking Hookah and love the experience- but I really miss my pipe tobacco flavors. So to try and remedy this I made my own Shisha from a fun blend of of a Burley/Latakia/Virginia tobacco. I used USP grade Glycerin, molasses, honey, and soaked it all in warm water. When I tried to smoke it however, the water immediately turned brown and I got a very poor draw. How can I make a shisha from my pipe tobacco without losing the flavor? Thanks!
  8. I'm relatively new to hookahs I have tried one once I'm looking to buy one for personal single use and don't exactly know what to buy I'm wanting something low cost and with fruity flavor oh and I live in Texas any help or ideas would be welcome
  9. A lot of the lounges i use to go to in Texas are gone because they upped the tax on hookah tobacco to like 300%
  10. Tangiers Lemon Blossom!
  11. Now I just have to Track it down, Nakhla Coffee, Cardamom and margarita where some of my staples in my stash
  12. I don't know first hand about what's going on at Nakhla, but I do know there's very few choices at online and local stores. Luckily for you, left over Cardamom stocks probably won't sell out for years.
  13. Oh you have to be kidding me on Nakhla... I want some Nakhla Cardamom... it was orgasmic! I bought Serbetli years ago from a UK dealer. This pack is leaky so it may not be up to snuff, I will have to find my old review of it to see what i thought of it back then. Smoking Melon Blend out of a Tangiers Micro Phunnel on my Mya Gelato and oh my a buzz! Seriously I haven't had a buzz in years!!! Seriously.... This will make up for me swearing off alcohol.
  14. I'm interested in your thoughts on the Serbetli. It seems to be much more widely available lately but I haven't picked any up. I'm really bummed out about the lack of Nakhla. A guy at a store here said all the prices got jacked up after they got bought out by that Japanese company. Looks like most people are just selling what they have in stock.
  15. Money's a little tight so 500g of Melon Blend and 500g of Lemon Blossom.... couldn't find Kashmir Cherry anywhere... made me sad. Got a free 50g pack of Serbetli Blueberry and a free 250g pack of Azure Lemon Muffin. Acclimating now!!!! my mouth is salivating!
  16. https://youtu.be/0gaRHB6yX3c please like share and subscribe
  17. Bring him in for some hookah so he knows the joy he was keeping from you. What did you order?
  18. Made a Tangiers order, first anything in 2 years, and it was supposed to have arrived Saturday, then rescheduled for today... almost midnight no package.... UPS Driver is going to get a talking to when he shows up!!!!
  19. cypherkk

    5Starhookah.com Reviews

    Been a while since I posted. My roommate ordered from 5 star recently. They shipped the order to the wrong address, somewhere in San Diego, CA. We live in Idaho. After a couple of calls they said they were going to ship the order to us, never did. So he canceled the order and asked for a return of funds, hasn't had the money returned. I stopped using 5 star a while ago, I think it had something to do with them swapping different styles/brands of coals when I ordered from them. I did however try to order from them again recently. As they are the only online presence selling Tangiers bug powder. This may not have anything to do with them but, My order (1 package of Bug Powder) was said to shipped and has been sitting at the location in SoCal post office, with no update since it was picked up; was supposed to be delivered Sat. (yesterday). I'll try to keep this updated to see how the order goes.
  20. Skoozle

    New come new rig

    How do you like that flavor? What does it taste like?
  21. Skoozle


    Welcome! Hookah is quite different from other forms of tobacco consumption because you don't burn the leaf (hopefully). It also isn't good for satisfying a nicotine craving because it takes quite a bit longer to get going than a cigarette. When your hookah shows up, we'll be happy to help you get started.
  22. Sultan.bat


    Hey guys I just ordered my first Hookah to get started. Up until now I've tried smoking in different ways but I really crave 2 things. Flavor and Ritual. For a while I smoked cigarettes (Cloves yo) but they're pretty nasty to me now. Tried pipe but that's high maintenance. They're really nice though. (A pipe is for thinking. a cigarette is for panicking) But I like being eccentric and thought...Hookah, let's do it! So I'm here to get some good information on expanding my knowledge and getting tips for accentuating my smoking experiencing, moving it from a habit into something I do for pleasure.
  23. Improve two lives with one buzz?
  24. Premo Status probably just expired. Are there any Mods here? Mush hasn't been on since New Year's Eve. Good news! I just helped my Aunt order her first hookah. I'm excited to have another hookah owner in the family.
  25. Skoozle

    Go To Vendors

    I can't say that I go to them as I try to shop locally as much as possible, but I know there are some I forgot about and some new ones. Ultimate Hookah 5 Star Hookah Hookah Heros Hookah Junkie And believe it or not, Hookah Set still has their website up. :D Try to let go of the grudge with John, man. The forums are dead enough without animosity.
  26. Electronic Shisha Reviews

    give blood, smoke hookah

    wow, never heard of that one before. but can 100% see how that would work. kill two birds with one stone i guess😂
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