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  1. Yesterday
  2. Im the lost Newbie!!

    I absolutly LOVE Hookah. Iv never smoked ciggerettes or anything before but i can smoke the hell out of a hookah. Military brat here, was introduced to hookah when i lived in DC. At first i was like ehhhhh. But with time it started to be my go to relax/get crazy and party getaway. 6 years later, iv been to many hookah places and i always found myself critiquing the place. whether it be the music { which to me is most important, sets the vibe} or the decorating is half assed. stuff like that. i always would plan my own bar in my head. Now i live in Nebraska and people around here either dont know what it is,think its weed or are 16 yr old trying to be cool. iIhave this vision in my head of a barn maybe in the country {but not to far in the country} maybe right in the middle of all the towns . With a inviting relaxing envorment. but Can get hyped if need to be. I have severe Anxiety and currently feel stuck in my life, not happy, Numb. This is something i want to do. I absolutly enjoy. But will it be worth it? Am i wasting my time? People with advice, or maybe a step by step pf how to even get started should totally get a hold of me!!:] -T
  3. Last week
  4. Is the site actually working now?

    Awesome! Glad to see TH is getting the site back working. For a while there I couldn't even post new threads (probably other people's problems too), so I just stopped coming...esp without seeing the old faces around here. That's too bad, this was quite active back in the day...kind of miss seeing it active. Maybe they should send out a mass email letting everyone know the site is working again, TH is the new owner, and possibly a special coupon to TH on the next order.
  5. Hookah Travel Kit

    I need that in my life!
  6. Tuesday's Thoughts

    Hello yet again to fellow hookah enthusiasts! I can hardly say I'm smoking right now. In fact, I'm trying to get myself motivated for the day while trying not to relax after a fairly decent and productive morning. Does anyone else feel like they have that morning where they get nothing done, and they look back and all of a sudden things are happening? It's one of those days. It genuinely feels like nothing is happening ..... but then I look back and things just happen. My life is getting planned and somehow I'm behind this. Thumbs up to this. My life is getting somewhere. Happy Tuesday to all of you hookah smokers! What is going on in your little corner of the world? How are you faring, and what are your plans for this Tuesday night? Are you going to be smoking tonight, and if you are, what will you be smoking? When and where is your favourite place/time to smoke? PS, I am seriously looking for opinions .... is it better/more fun to smoke at home than it is to smoke out at a lounge? I've only been to a lounge twice before, and it was while I was with my ex-boyfriend. I loved the experience but I found that smoking at home was better just because of the fact that I could go to bed immediately after. Plus, just being at home while I smoked was a change to how expensive it is overall. I love being able to be at home, relaxing as I smoke. I honestly love smoking. Hookahs, in my opinion, are the best way to smoke most things, especially if you're looking for something that helps you relax. I love how sociable it is. Alright ..... well I actually have a job to do today, so I'll update later. Write soon!
  7. Greetings From Texas

    Howdy from the Sin City!
  8. Late-Night Reflections

    Hello again to my readers! I've begun to realize that my favourite kinds of smoking sessions are late at night, especially when they hover around the midnight-to-one-am hours. I know the night is still relatively young to be smoking, but here I am, doing my own little session in the bathtub (yes, that's how I do things 'round here .... if anything catches on fire, at least my bathtub also has a shower option I can turn on just in case). I'm smoking a lemon-flavoured Shisha right now. It's not my absolute favourite flavour to be smoking, to be honest, but it's definitely not my least favourite. One of the first flavours I smoked was the two apples flavour, which tastes like black liquorice. That flavour, plus the rose and mint, will always be my all-time favourites. Those three will always be the "classic hookah pipe flavours" to me. Late-night lone sessions are when I get most of my thinking done. Nighttime, listening to the house settling as I smoke a bowl, is how I settle down and unwind after a stressful day. I know in a "perfect world," I tend to thrive on structure, including structured sleeping .... but in reality, I'd actually rather smoke a bowl and just reflect on the day before bed than just go straight to bed. A combination of smoking and writing does wonders to how well I sleep, I recently discovered. As far as I'm concerned, even if the number of hours I sleep appear to be less by "normal" standards, I figure it's quality over quantity. And thus, this blog has been born out of that theory - smoke a bowl, clear my head, and be asleep for a "power nap" in replacement of what most call "real sleep." Who needs sleep when you have the internet and a good bowl? Some of my favourite memories of me and other friends have come from smoking the hookah together. There have been so many amazing back porch memories of when we would sit around and smoke the hookah together, discussing a range of topics as wide as TV shows to very serious life chats. I love the idea of just being able to sit down and talk with someone in a comfortable and quiet environment to get to really know someone better. As much as I am a coffee and tea enthusiast (I own my own French Press and an embarrassingly large collection of loose leaf tea), I think there's something to be said for sitting down and smoking a hookah together. Definitely a fan of it! I swear, the next entry will be more focussed on real life than on the hookah (although, you can expect at least one or two honourable mentions in the next post!)! Have an amazing holiday season!
  9. Greetings From Texas

    Heyo Eli, welcome!! Greetings from New Orleans!
  10. Hello from Winnipeg, Canada

    Heyo dude, greetings from New Orleans. I'd highly recommend looking at ebay. They have starbuzz, al-fahker, and fantasia for really reasonable prices. Mint is insanely cheap!
  11. Whassup folks, I'm Mitch Ravenswyck from New Orleans. Have been smoking hookah for 5-6 years, and am absolutely obsessed. It's turned from a fun pastime to a longlasting passion. Because of my love for it, I've been pondering the idea of opening an artisinal hookah lounge here in New Orleans called L'Amaranthine, where we serve house-made shisha and cocktails. We might sell local businesses' food items as well, but the focus is unique, homemade shisha with many poignant flavor combinations. Now, I'm a 22 year old guy, finishing up college, but this is my dream. And this is my passion. I need help figuring out how to move forward, what the first steps are, and potentially recruiting some help. I look forward to hearing from y'all! Happy Clouds, Mitch
  12. Is the site actually working now?

    Does the forum already have a Facebook group?
  13. First blog post

    First blog post here in the forum! While it's not necessarily my very first blog post ever, but definitely one of the ones I can count on one hand. It's a beautiful December day in the GTA, 2 in the afternoon, and my day's barely gotten started. Productivity does not exist with me today. So, in lieu of that, I decided to at least do something with my day - hence the blog post. It's something to keep me busy and productive as I chill with my dogs on a Sunday afternoon. A laid-back Sunday afternoon is usually the perfect time to smoke a bowl of Shisha, but I have family in the house who don't necessarily approve of the hookah. It's still my favourite thing to smoke, above and beyond anything else I've tried (which, admittedly, isn't very much else outside of the hookah). Even though the parents don't necessarily like it, I think my dad is more accepting of it than my mom, him having been a smoker of cigarettes for a lot of his life. Either way though, I try to keep it out of their sight in hopes that they won't permanently ban me from using it while I live under their roof. I personally love the hookah. I love the ritual of setting it up, sitting down to enjoy it, and having conversations with friends as we do a smoke session. I love the way the smoke tastes, I love the flavours, and I love how exotic it looks. I love how it's the best way for me to relax right before I get to bed. There are few things as relaxing as smoking a good hookah bowl before bed. I've had a lot of good conversations with people as I smoke it, but lately I've run out of company to smoke with, as circumstances in their lives caused them to move away or become too busy for the most part to come over. So yes, recently I've started to miss the company of a smoking partner or two. I'm looking to get into college for a one-year PSW course within the next year or two as a stepping stone to get into nursing, so I'm hoping I can either meet people who've tried it themselves or turn people into hookah enthusiasts while there. It's now time that I continue doing absolutely nothing in my day. I'll update this blog probably tomorrow or the next day. Have an awesome day, everyone!
  14. Hello hookah forum! I have been smoking the hookah for a little while now - probably about 2 or so years - before I joined this forum. There are tons of things I love about smoking the hookah, including the ritual of setting it up, relaxing while in a session, and just chatting and having decent conversations while I smoke. I got introduced to it by a friend I fairly recently lost touch with. These questions are for fun conversation starters, and just because I'm curious to know - what are some of your favourite things about smoking the hookah? And how did you first get introduced to it?
  15. I'm from the GTA and discovered the hookah through a friend. Super glad to be. Part of this community
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  17. Hookah Travel Kit

    That's sweet!
  18. Halloween Themed Hookah

    That's cool!
  19. Aviator Hookah Stem

    What's inside?
  20. Favourite Showoff

    Hey fellas i would like to read your favourite combinations...favourite flavours.....hints n tips for best tastes of shishađź’— I like to make combinations which are strange but liked by all of my friends so guys share up your favourites kindly and I will also share some pretty amazing stuff which I am sure you would love to enjoy
  21. Is the site actually working now?

    TexasHookah bought it from Adam. Site works just fine, but not at all active. I check back every once in a while for nostalgic purposes.
  22. Hello from CA

    Hi! I'm also new here and from CA!
  23. Karen D

  24. Hi Guys, If this post isn't cool let me know and I'll delete it. This is kinda weird, but I'm doing a study on shisha/hookah usage in Canada and there's a real dearth of information out there. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few questions? Obviously no-one has any hard data, but if you could give me what your gut instinct tells you it would be really helpful. I'm happy to post some of my findings at the end of it if anyone is interested. What % of Shisha in Canada is consumed in lounges vs. at home? What % of shisha consumed in Canada is tobacco vs. herbal? (Tobacco shisha import data exists, but herbal imports aren't tracked, at this point I think around 5-10% is tobacco(?)) Some lounges I've spoken to say they pack about 35g of shisha per bowl, others say 17g at maximum. Do you think this a bowl size issue or are some lounges under filling bowls? And the big one: What % of shisha is purchased online vs. in physical stores? If you've got any insight into any of these please let me know! Cheers.
  25. hookah siite

    hi im serarching for golden river shishas any1 who have a clue?
  26. Dm us at hookah.fanatics for hookah flavour and coal inside Canada
  27. Hookah flavour

    Hookah flavour and coal available Dm is at hookah.fanatics
  28. Canadian Smokers

    If anyone needs flavour or coal for shisha/hookah you can dm us at hookah.fanatics
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