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  3. Hi all this is Oss I can provide the genuine KM hookah & molasses ( molasses not applicable for shipping to the USA ) with a flat rate of shipping all the way from Egypt , i have been selling on ebay & etsy however i got banned because of their policies daa! anyway just contact me and also visit my profile on pinterest " Egyptian details " Cheers!
  4. Hello Hookah Lovers.. in mid of June 2019, ill be going to China. i heard, there you can find anything new about shisha ... but please because this is my first trip. Can someone tell me where to find factory that produced lot things of shisha ?? not only muassal and charcoal..but the hose, accessories.etc.. where is the business area of muslim there.? any local person that speaks English able to discuss related to this.? i should arrange my trip. kindly contact my whatsapp 085649663861
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  6. As the title says, I used my ceramic glass stove top to light the coals. Started doing this without looking to see if there'll be any future consequences and now the predictable white haze has showed up and is unwilling to leave. Do any of you have any experience with how to fix the situation? Was thinking using a car surface approach and do some fine grit wet sanding and buffing with polish. Of course that's for clear coat and this is for ceramic glass. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you
  7. Hello guys, There's a LOT of growing demand of hookah in the USA. But the market isn't that saturated yet so you have more Demand and less supply. The problem hypothesis, I am trying to validate is that Bars and restaurant would like to add Hookah to their menu but they have to do a lot of work such hiring someone to set up the hookahs, buying all the materials related, and dealing with tobacco laws in the city and state. The value proposition would be a marketplace platform where you can book Hookah pros to come to your place( Bar, nightclub, restaurant..etc) to help you set up and serve Very good Hookah to your customers in exchange of some % like 50/50% or 40/60%. I would greatly appreciate your feedback here.
  8. Fantasia Dragon's Breath in my Mya QT. Dusterd off my hookahs earlier today. Haven't smoked in years.
  9. Thank Today i try another orange tobacco flavor but same charcoal. i feel less sick dizziness & headache after smoking hukka for 30-45 min. also i stop smoking when i feel vomiting. now i am recovering stage. I will give you full report latter. Thanks again. 🙂
  10. Hey Your sickness may come from every of the points you said. But the first reason should be the nicotine if you get sick that fast. By myself I know headache from charcoals but many hours after smoke or like on the next day. Another reason can be that you don't breath enaugh fresh air maybe open a window to not get sick. Try different tobaccos, try different charcoals and if the sickness stays hookah smoking is not good for you just leave it Greetings Dominik
  11. Just started hookah smoking but within 15 minutes I feel very sick. it takes 90 minutes to back near normal Can you tell cause of vomiting, headache, dizziness, head spinning ? is it charcoal or the nicotine/tobacco/ flavor ? Thanks
  12. Greatest hint ever. No rust. Wow. Never mind xDD
  13. What is this reddit thing .. I really don't know hm.. I searched for that in an sweets shop, at the barber too, the bakery non of them got reddit ... :/ this actually makes me sad right now
  14. Reddit is filled with a bunch of idiots lol
  15. Some shredding off the new Haiduk album ‘Exomancer’! [black/death metal]
  16. TexasHookah.com Spring Sale! Get 15% Off Total Purchase! TexasHookah.com Discount Code: APRIL15 Expires 4/22/19 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/2XrzjGr
  17. TexasHookah.com Spring Sale! Get 15% Off Total Purchase! TexasHookah.com Discount Code: APRIL15 Expires 4/22/19 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/2XrzjGr
  18. If you are looking for something simple an dclassy look into the Anahi Glass Hookah.
  19. Hope someone invents a self-cleaning Hookah, ASAP! Lol.
  20. Currently reading Dan Brown's Crime Victim.
  21. Howdy! My name is Leon. I am new hookah user from Manassas City. I first had a taste of it during my visit in Dubai last year.
  22. I really miss Mizo. I haven't found a replacement yet. Regular nakhla has a blueberry that I will try when I finish my last box of Mizo Blueberry. There are some newish brands that sound promising but I have not tried yet. Trifecta, azure, and ugly. Trifecta and azure both have dark lines. Ugly is supposed to be higher nicotine but doesn't seem to have the hype trifecta and azure have. I'm working on burning through my old stockpile before I get into the new stuff. If you try any of it, let us know how it goes. Hard to trust the other "reviews" out there.
  23. I remember that username. Welcome back. It's a ghost town here. You using your old hookah stuff or getting new stuff?
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