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  1. Yesterday
  2. I bought my Hookah about 2 months ago used it twice. Last night I was setting it up and notice some rust on the inside.. Is it time for a new one? Or is there a way to clean it out? Can I still use it or is too harmful? TIA
  3. Last week
  4. Hi It is David from Urvapin, thanks for your time on this. Urvapin is a retailer & wholesaler for e-cigarette, aims at providing authentic and great products to customer. And your forum is a great platform to share the latest news and deals of e-cigarette. We are interested in it. Could you pls advise how to become a vendor on your forum? Thank you so much in advance.My Email david@urvapin.com All the best, David
  5. Hookah Photo Shoot

    More photo you can find here https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/golibtolibov/sets/49287155
  6. Pomegranate, Orange, and Watermelon. All equal parts--the smell and flavor are amazing. Happy Smoking!
  7. Earlier
  8. Hi. Im new to the forum and you appeared to be the go to guy regarding my query. Im due to start a job in a new shisha place. The place still needs to be set up. All I wanted to know was, could you help me regarding how to seperate the hose pipes for different flavours. I know I need to split them so that the hose pipe wont have old, strong flavours lingering in them when used at a later date. My query is, can I use a hose with multiple flavours. Such as can a grape hose be re used for another flavour such as purple velvet etc. Otherwise I will have to use a large number of hoses for each flavour. Sorry for this being long winded. I just really need this job and dont wanna mess up. Hope you can help. Thanking you in advance.

  9. How Often Do You Smoke?

    I try to smoke only 2 days a week. But then sometimes more then one
  10. What up peeps!

    Its been many many moons since I've been here. Working in south korea teaching English, just finished my first year. Super easy gig with great pay. Happy to be back on this forum and cannot wait to learn and share my experiences. Been smoking for about 12 years now. Love this stuff. My favorite tobacco is trifecta, use to only smoke tangiers for a out 8 years. Figures I'd try some new stuff. Haha tonight's session is social smoke mango habanero/ cali peach. First go with it. What's your favorite shisha?
  11. How Often Do You Smoke?

    Seems like 2-3 a day is where im at. Happy to hear there are some heavy smokers. Big clouds to ya'll.
  12. Hey friends, so I am new to the forum but I could use some help. I recently moved houses and I lost my hookah downstem in the process. My hookah is a little aged and it does not have any sort of brand or recommendation of where I might find a replacement. I received it from a roommate and it has served me well. Would someone be able to steer me in the right direction of where I might find a replacement? The few things that I have managed to find claim that their downstems only work for a certain brand of hookah. I just didn't want to purchase one without knowing the correct size etc. This site wont let me enclose pictures because the file size is too big, but any direction would be welcome.
  13. Easy-Lite Japanese Coals

    I just ordered it and waiting for the shipment.
  14. Glass mouthpieces

    Were you able to make one now?
  15. Adding Nicotine Glycerin

    I never thought that a nicotine can be that lethal on a skin.
  16. California Smokers

    Stockton, CA Anyone from Santa Cruz?
  17. Steampunk Hookah

  18. Hello, Many a times I experience smoke in my hukkah pot and due to which I am not able to smoke properly, any appropiate reason for it? Thanks.
  19. How To Vape Like Hookah

    I'm actually looking for more video about this.
  20. Steampunk Hookahs

    I can't see where the photos are.
  21. Ways to make thick smoke

    I watched a lot of videos of those on Youtube.
  22. Diy Metal Safety

    For starters, this is a good read to follow. Thanks for sharing information.
  23. Hello from CA

    Hello, my name is Peter from California. My colleagues introduce me to hookah years ago but I didn't take it seriously but now I'm enjoying it and would love to know more how can I maximize the fun in experience.
  24. I'm from Brazil but I have a friend that live in USA and bring things to me monthly... I want to buy 25 Cane Mint per month and my friend too... Where do I find? I was buying from Hookah Shisha and they told me that they cannot sold in large quantity
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