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  3. Testing this here...didn't want to lose the information since I can't seem to make a topic and didn't want to just let this go. Guess you could say this is a "drunken ramble" when it really isn't but hey...this site is broken so f*ck it. I know this place is dead but thought if some of the old members came around here looking for new content, it would be cool to see what you guys would say. I'll try to link the articles I've come across but for some reason, they aren't in my history any more. So I always had a suspicion that tobacco smoke would effect the microbes in our gut. Turns out, I was on the right path, just not much research done on what strains it kills. It shows that if you have any sort of irritable bowel, crohns, or colitis, you should avoid tobacco smoke for it makes it worse. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26981632 (this one actually says smoking is beneficial to ulcerative colitis...surprisingly, but horrible for those with IBS and Crohns) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24636140 ( In addition, smoking is associated with a distinct alteration in the intestinal microbiota both in patients with active Crohn's disease and healthy subjects. ) I added the emphasis. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3432200/ (this one talks about epigenetics and methylation. If you aren't up on the newest trends in research, epigenetics is how our genes are expressed, namely, you can change your genetic expression...either for the good...or the bad. The biggest movement right now is learning about MTHFR and all these genetic variants that come along with it and you can get yourself tested at 23andme.com but would be good to give that data to a practitioner who can put that raw data into a program which uses algorithms to tell you what is going on based on your genetics and what you can do to positively effect them. MTHFR and the variants refers to ones ability to methylate, or in other terms, detox. While I know I'm in the minority about vaccines and not giving them, if you *are* vaccinating your children or yourself, you really need to get tested for MTHFR. There is a high correlation between this genetic mutation and autism, brain damage, or other damage in the body after vaccination. Don't play russian roulette with you and your family, get tested so you know if your little one's bodies have the ability to remove the toxins included in vaccines. Anyways, this is talking about how it can disrupt the genes involved in methylation, switching those bad methylating genes *on*, leading to disaster in the body, not just in terms of the smoke being detoxed out of the body, but *all* things bad that you eat or are exposed to in your environment (Flint, MI anyone?). This is probably one of the more scary studies I've seen in regards to tobacco smoke, imo. I know there have been a few women in here in the past, or the guy's wives who have continued to smoke hookah while pregnant, this is also talking about how you can switch those poor methylation genes on for your child in utero.) That's about it for now. As I find more, I'll post if people are actually interested in this topic and come back and discuss it. Otherwise, this is just for archival purposes for those looking into health concerns in regards to hookah.
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  5. I'm vaping a G-Priv 220w TC with a tfv8 big baby beast with Particle X by Space Jam ad my e-liquid
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  7. From the album Hidemoto's hookah

    Are you live in Viet Nam ? Do you have a hoohak ? Please see Bình shisha giá rẻ and buy it or goto my store to view You are Welcome!
  8. This place dun died. :(

  9. What up mane? I see you've last checked in a couple of days ago. How are things going? You hanging out on any other hookah sites?

  10. I don't think any of the liquids taste like shisha. Try Govern's tobacco wax -- it's like a flavored tobacco concentrate. Not much retail presence but they have a website bondstreetwax. You need a good concentrate pen for it.
  11. oh,in viet nam - my country , people use shisha no problem,where are you say ?
  12. You want tobacco wax (govern's) for shisha flavor -- it is made from tobacco like real shisha. www.bondstreetwax.com
  13. Bill banning hookah bars okayed NYOOOZ Summary: Hence, they started stealing to fund their trips to hookah bars," Jadeja said. Most of the hookah bars are illegal as they are running on license for restaurants. GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat assembly on Thursday approved a new bill banning hookah ... View the full article
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