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  2. Try just any taste with ice. Refreshing tobaccos of any brand give a good taste.
  3. It is worth replacing the purge valve or the stem itself.
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  5. Choosing a hookah is not an easy task. It is difficult to find a good option for the first time, so it is better to trust the professionals and continue to enjoy smoking. I would also pay attention to the quality of the component materials and good filtration.
  6. Hookah cleaning is simply necessary for its long-term operation. I clean my after every use. Not sure that in the lounges do it as it should.
  7. Open your own hookah lounge is a dream. But very tempting. I can not imagine how to do it, but someday I will decide on it.
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  9. Hi everyone! I've been trying to make my own shisha and am wondering is glycerin is a necessary additive. I'm trying to make herbal shisha to keep the cost down and am having a hard time finding glycerin in my local stores. From what I understand, it adds a non-water moisture to the shisha (because apparently water keeps it from smoking properly) but I'm inquiring if this is needed. Can I make shisha without glycerin?
  10. I remember my first hookah experience. It was with my older sister, we were sitting on the back porch of our apartment in Florida, and we were smoking this tiny little 11 inch hookah. I didn't know anything about hookah at that point, but after receiving that hookah as a Christmas gift, well the rest is history.
  11. 10% Off Plus Free Shipping at TexasHookah.com Expires 7/8/19 Discount Code can be found in the newsletter: https://conta.cc/2NvrYFM
  12. I am a new to the Hookah life. I was introduced to Hookah when I made a trip to China in April. I purchased a small 1 hose hookah and have been trying a few herbal, no tobacco, shishas.
  13. So I got a hookah for my birthday, its fairly large and I love it. I'm having some troubles though. I've started it up a few times by now, but I cannot for the life of me, get the balance right. Usually it goes one of two ways, either i get good flavour, and minimal smoke, or i get huge smoke clouds but end up burning the shisha. I'm using a single layer of heavy foil, with quicklight coals. Sometimes i use 1, sometimes 2. For packing, i use a fork to loosen the shisha and then lay it loosely in the bowl, leaving about 5mm from the top. I always let the hookah sit for 4 to 5 minutes before starting to smoke. Any suggestions on how i can get more smoke while keeping flavour?
  14. Hello everyone, I am a marketing manager in the new tobacco company. Our tobacco will be in the markets and hookah bars soon. In this step we need influencers who want to: 1.test our product 2.Share blog about our tobacco in his/her blog (we will discuss cost) 3.Share reviews and their thought in their social profiles(small influencers-we will send them our product for the test) 4.Same thing in 3rd line for medium and big influencers 5. We are ready for any partnership and offers Contact me with erol-mesimov@mail.ru
  15. Heyhey I don't know what is best for you. For me is best if it's a working pipe but you got a very nice khalil mamoon outlet in the uk. Greets
  16. Jey Just let it leak out ;) Of course you can try to wait some time before smoking just letting your tobacco heat up a bit with charcoals on and not smoke but that's not always soluting Greets
  17. Can someone help me out? I can’t find any information on this. My Starbuzz hookah leaks juice at the purge valve. Generally doesn’t affect anything except clean-up, but sometimes the water in the base will turn yellow. I’ve tried different bowls, different shisha, different packing methods, different grommets, etc. This could simply be a result of me purging the base frequently because I prefer to overpack the bowls. Current setup: Starbuzz pipe, Large KM base, Goodfella bowl v. 2, Lotus II, aluminum D-hose
  18. Hello shisha lovers! So I'm getting a new shisha and would like to make a good investment, what should I look for? I want to order from the uk and am willing to spend no more than £70. I would really appreciate if someone would give me some advice or any pointers.
  19. 15% Off Total Purchase - 2 Days Only Discount Code: MEMORIALDAY Expires 5/28/19 Newsletter with discount code: https://conta.cc/2HVnzWS
  20. Just a followup. Still using these, and they are working great.
  21. Hello Hookah Lovers.. in mid of June 2019, ill be going to China. i heard, there you can find anything new about shisha ... but please because this is my first trip. Can someone tell me where to find factory that produced lot things of shisha ?? not only muassal and charcoal..but the hose, accessories.etc.. where is the business area of muslim there.? any local person that speaks English able to discuss related to this.? i should arrange my trip. kindly contact my whatsapp 085649663861
  22. As the title says, I used my ceramic glass stove top to light the coals. Started doing this without looking to see if there'll be any future consequences and now the predictable white haze has showed up and is unwilling to leave. Do any of you have any experience with how to fix the situation? Was thinking using a car surface approach and do some fine grit wet sanding and buffing with polish. Of course that's for clear coat and this is for ceramic glass. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you
  23. Hello guys, There's a LOT of growing demand of hookah in the USA. But the market isn't that saturated yet so you have more Demand and less supply. The problem hypothesis, I am trying to validate is that Bars and restaurant would like to add Hookah to their menu but they have to do a lot of work such hiring someone to set up the hookahs, buying all the materials related, and dealing with tobacco laws in the city and state. The value proposition would be a marketplace platform where you can book Hookah pros to come to your place( Bar, nightclub, restaurant..etc) to help you set up and serve Very good Hookah to your customers in exchange of some % like 50/50% or 40/60%. I would greatly appreciate your feedback here.
  24. Fantasia Dragon's Breath in my Mya QT. Dusterd off my hookahs earlier today. Haven't smoked in years.
  25. Greatest hint ever. No rust. Wow. Never mind xDD
  26. What is this reddit thing .. I really don't know hm.. I searched for that in an sweets shop, at the barber too, the bakery non of them got reddit ... :/ this actually makes me sad right now
  27. Reddit is filled with a bunch of idiots lol
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