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  5. Who are you guys go to vendors now a days? I can't do H-S, HC or Texas Hookah...in state tax on hookah tobacco is outrageous, and not John.
  6. Skoozle

    Newbie here but old with hookah and hose

    Make sure you don't have any air leaks in your hookah.if you've been using tha same hookah for a while, it's easy to become complacent about maintenance. Check over your base, hose and bowl Gaskets and see if they need to be replaced. Also make sure your purge valve and hose aren't leaking. Anywhere that air leaks in between your bowl and your mouth will dilute the flavor. The other thing to do is find hookah tobaccos that have strong flavors. Double apples, kashmirs, mints and paan flavors come to mind. Fruit flavors tend to be more mild than spiced flavors. Have a drink every once in a while to clean off your taste buds. I stick to water, but you may prefer something that complements the hookah flavor. Of course having the right amount of tobacco in the bowl is important. Too little or too much will diminish the flavor.
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  8. We need to know the best and cheapest way to make tobacco shisha molasses as a bussiness ..
  9. Larrey

    Your Go To Pipe?

    For my ordinary Smoke, either St Bruno Flake or Dansk Royal naval force drop. In my battered bowed stem, non-intelligent pear-wood pipe. Now and again I celebrate by getting an arbitrary "appropriate tobacco" from Peterson, or Samuel Gawith. also, smoke it in my meerschaum pipe.
  10. Larrey

    Self cleaning hookah

    I clean mine for the most part after each utilization however now and again after two in case I'm utilizing a similar Shisha and don't feel it's that filthy. At that point once every week or just haphazardly when I have an inclination that it a give it a significantly more intensive cleaning.
  11. Stuie, that's rough news about your wife. My youngest one just turned one so the hookah ban in my house has been lifted. Life should get a little easier from here on out and hopefully free up some hookah time. I'm looking forward to getting back into it more than the once in a blue moon thing it's been the past year or three. I'm sad to see that this place is a ghost town compared to what it used to be. I think the peak of the "fad" has passed. Even the online stores seem to have limited selection; or maybe all the stuff I liked has been discontinued. Let's get this party cranked up again.
  12. Larrey

    Hookah Travel Kit

    The Scarab hookah is the main legitimate hand-made Egyptian hookah on this rundown. On the off chance that you lean toward the craftsmanship of a high quality hookah over a machine made model, at that point, this is the novice hookah.
  13. Howzit (South African greeting) to all hookah enthusiasts. I am Ahmed. Proud owner of the Cloud9 Hookah Lounge with Middle Eastern Cuisine In Johannesburg South Africa. We started the Hookah Lounge in August last year. Business was slow at first but now have regulars that are at the lounge everyday. Weekends are busy with the guys coming in to watch football and other sports. The Hookah community in SA is steadily growing. With some suppliers in SA importing hookah's, flavors etc. from other parts of the world, we have seen a huge increase in the interest of hookahs and hookah lounges. Looking forward to sharing my hookah lounge experiences as well media with you guys. Check us out on www.cloud9hookah.co.za and on Instagram : Cloud9hookah Keep those pipes LIT
  14. I'm very familiar with the Paan Raas flavor as well but that isn't it by itself. It has to be mixed with something else in order to make that taste. I'm just trying to find out what to mix
  15. Afzal makes many different pan flavors. I would suggest the flavor Pan Raas over Sweet Pan. You can find it here at: https://www.texashookah.com/afzal.html
  16. Anyone who is Brown (paki, Indian, Bengali) knows how Meetha (Sweet) Paan tastes like, the actual leaf you eat. I went to the lounge the other day and ordered Meetha Paan and it tasted so good and authentic that it reminded me of home, Pakistan. I asked how they made it and they wouldnt tell me. I'm very into hookah and have tried a lot of flavors including almost all of the paans from Afzal. Thinking that the lounge was using Afzal: Sweet Pan, i bought That mix but it doesn't even remotely taste the same. Does anyone happen to know how to make the real Meetha Paan? The one that tastes like the actual leaf Meetha Paan you can buy from Brown places? I want that taste at home very badly. Thank you for help everyone.
  17. Whitetusk

    New come new rig

    Hey all just got a new set up and decided to join the forum. New Namoor double algebar and some fantasia Joker
  18. Hi Dominik Cheers. The coals are either 1 inch cubes or flats. The main difference is the coals are all natural, no chemicals so they do take a bit longer to light than usual but once lit have very little ash and gives long lasting consistent heat. The minimal ash that is visible is reddish brown due to this being the natural ash color of coconut shell charcoal. I actually carbonize the coconut shells inhouse so can tweak the charcoal quality to suit.
  19. Just so that I understand nicely... are you suggesting that if you give blood before you smoke your buzz will be better?
  20. Carnal

    Shisha mixes!

    Dead url
  21. Carnal

    Newbie here but old with hookah and hose

    The key to flavorful sessions is heat management brother. Grab a good clay egy or stoneware phunnel, natural coals and a windcover and keep that heat on point.
  22. Carnal

    Evening All

    Hi all, longtime enthusiast - first time poster. I look forward to checking out the forum and getting to know you all. cheers
  23. mustangii

    I Quit Smoking Hookah

    Sorry about the wife, been vaping for a couple years, still have all the stuff just easier to vape. edm
  24. I quit because my wife asked me to with 2 kids in the house. Now that she left me and is taking the kids... I wonder how big my buzz will be when I hit Tangiers again.
  25. Dominik

    Newbie here but old with hookah and hose

    Hey there One legendary trick is to use less tobacco in a bowl for more flavour. That's nice! Tell me, when do I say 'trick'? I just translated and it says to me this means the same like 'betray' in my language. But you mean 'tricks' in case of - magic. ?! English lesson now.
  26. Just joined here and want to learn more about hookah like what to do to make it more flavourful and different tricks etc. I still know a lot of things about hookah but its not all thats why i am here for the legends to guide me more
  27. Hey Good luck in buisiness Say, which 'design, I don't know how to say it in english - what I mean is which 'form' do you produce. Cubics, round ones - totally different like triangle or balls. Hookah charcoal balls would be interesting don't you think so? But... hm. xD
  28. Hi All Recently I started producing hookah coals purely from coconut shell charcoal. If anyone in the US would like to try some new natural handmade hookah coals for free and provide me some feedback it would be much appreciated. Please feel free to PM me. Cheers
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