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  3. Stuie

    my first hookah

    KM style for sure. but it looks a bit plain to be one. So no telling for sure, there are lots of knock offs. If it smokes great it doesn't matter! I had an old nameless Egyptian style hookah that was awesome but got lost during a move. It smoked like a champ and never rusted!
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  5. hello everyone. i just bought my first hookah from a friend of mine and i don't know what brand it is. anyone know what this is? it looks like a khalil mamoon but i think it's not.
  6. What did it taste like? What flavors were you told to use? It may never be exactly correct as they may not use the same tobacco and flavoring that is commercially available here in the states.
  7. This is a shisha flavour combination to make a shisha called locally called jack sparrow in pakistan. i tried to make it at home using flavour which shisha bar maker told me. but taste was not same. any one can tell which combination make jack sparrow flavour?
  8. Stuie

    Texas Tx Smokers

    Visit Austin often, but not as much any more!
  9. I have some from crappy coals, but not shisha. I use a Scentsy in the house regularly to flush it out.
  10. Stuie

    Arabica Shisha Tobacco

    This post is almost 2 years old and you have 0 backers. Sorry guys. Better luck next time.
  11. Stuie


    How's your new setup treating you???
  12. Stuie

    New come new rig

    How was Joker, I think I had it but it's been years!
  13. I don't think it's patented... patents are a headache... but everyone knows Tangiers is the OG manufacturer and still the best ones I have ever used!
  14. Stuie


    Quality retailer. They always make it right even if it's your fault! I hope this got resolved!
  15. Stuie

    Metal Ball Bearing Stuck In Purge Valve

    This is long over do.... Boil it for 10 minutes should come right out. Switching to airsoft bbs or rubbing a dab of vegetable oil on the ball when you reassemble.
  16. I have never seen this. But I got a few boxes of older CN Coals I have... nothing like this...and they have been in the garage for 2 years. Checked my Prestige, Coco Maya, and Cocobrico coals with nothing like this.
  17. Not bad, good work. But like a lot of home made stuff...people usually forget the purge valve!
  18. Too me it sounds like you are not lighting them fully. I use Coco Cubes almost exclusively... it takes about 10 minutes to light them, 5 min then flip, then 5 min again. I get at least an hour out of them with thunder clouds and I never touch the coals with the exception of adding a windcover around the 50-60 minute mark to milk out all the heat!
  19. Think I am going to pack some Tangiers Cane Mint of Kashmir Guavajava.... not sure which!
  20. Very tempting... I am out of decent coco coals... got tons of left over finger coals left.
  21. Can you post some more pictures, different angles of the whole thing? I am completely intrigued!!!
  22. I bought this hookah from Jerusalem and I cannot understand where to put water. I cannot find a similar product online. Anyone has an idea?
  23. Stuie

    Go To Vendors

    Don't have a grudge against John, I do feel like I wasn't treated correctly, but that was his choice, he did what he thought was best for his business, I understand that. Still have a grudge against Frank though. Hookah Heroes... gonna check them out.
  24. Now that I am making my way back into hookah. I remembered something I use to do and hopefully do the same. I am making My Trash Can Mix! Some people call it Kitchen Sink Mix, Punch Bowl Mix... I am sure others. I take all my shisha from a box or bag that isn't enough to fill a phunnel... unless I am desperate for a smoke and pull out my crown bowls, and put them in a single Lock n Lock container. Every time I smoke from it, it's a different smoke, and rarely disappointing. Anyone else do this?
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  26. New Hookahs, Flavors, and Accessories! Stock up this summer with some new hookah products! We got in some fancy new Amira, MYA, and Deezer hookahs along with a few new Afzal flavors. Don't forget to check out the couple of new charcoal brands we added along with some new hookah accessories! Hookahs Check out the new Amira, Deezer, Starbuzz, and MYA hookahs we just added! We have many new multiple hose hookahs available. BUY NOW Shisha Flavors New Afzal flavors added, Al Waha flavors added, Trifecta Dark Blend is gaining huge popularity if you haven't tried it out yet. BUY NOW Charcoals Cocourth and Golden Desert charcoal brands now available! Also our most popular brands Titanium and Coconara have been restocked. BUY NOW Hookah Accessories Tangiers phunnel bowls in stock - pico, small, medium, large, super chiefs! All lolli-tip flavors are back in stock as well. BUY NOW ENJOY 10% OFF + Free Shipping Be sure to enter code: SUMMER at checkout to save! 10% Off on ALL orders and if over $100 we will throw in FREE shipping for domestic USA orders. Choose Fedex Ground option for the free shipping if over $100. Expires 7/21/18 SHOP NOW
  27. Rebuilding my stash is hard, what I use to have is hard to get... Man I am dying for K-Cherry had to by Kashmir and Dark Cherry and mix it myself.
  28. I hope so, I found some Nak Coffee!!!!! Should be here next week! That is the absolute best for morning smokes with a Big cup of Death Wish Coffee!
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