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  2. hello i recently bougth 1 kilo of fumari limon mint but it was not good no limon flavor so i tried to check expiration date on the bag but there is no date on it . can anyone tell me how to check expiration date on fumari tobacco please?
  3. Welcome. Happy to help with English or hookah.
  4. Are you looking for a single hose hookah or multi hose? For single hose, Khalil Mamoon Shamadan For multi hose, a Mya Saray that you like and suits your needs. Stay away from the Mya econo hookahs. You will want to upgrade the hoses and bowl if you go with the Mya, and upgrade at least the hose with the KM maybe the bowl too, but not necessary.
  5. At a lounge, it would be great to have hookah tastings. Like you could showcase a brand and have hookahs set up for anyone to sample. That way, people could sample lots of flavors without spending the money for a full 250g just to try. Many brands don't offer sample sizes or don't offer them locally so a customer has to buy a lot at a time to justify shipping. You may even be able to get brands to sponsor tastings of their brand. An alternative to this would be a flavor showdown. Like have double apple from as many different brands as possible one night to see whose is the best.
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  7. Hey Can't translate this word niche' to my language but I think I know what is meant What I would really love is a bar without TV's and having only unflavoured Tobacco Pipes. Great - I would love it so much and many others would do so. Dominik With colours everywhere and batik cloths and and and... green old grandmas lamp over every table. And skullhead cigarette holders but no cigarette smoking allowed
  8. I know that the first and most important niche that all of us know is the fact of people that already smoke shisha. But what I want to tell is, for example, if I am a brand (hookah brand) or a lounge, which could be these possible niches? (except people that are already user of it). What I mean is; there is something value that the hookah culture can add to the society/people, there is a problem that the hookah can solve, or anything that can turn into a niche??? Or also, what could lead them to be users of Hookah? This question should be considered as a search for future potential users / customers Well. Let´s talk in details of the possible niches about the Hookah scene. Your help and thoughts in replying to this post will be important to me. <3
  9. Hey what an interesting post. Rust, hm? I'm not an expert so I don't have abillity to give an answer but question Man have you had it store clean or is it a 'one time bbq and wait and do nothing with it but that until next time'-hookah. If it is that I can't answer I'm not expert. Sorry don't feel offend I laugh right now and with laughing I'm not the one who cares a lot xD Uhm.. but you clean it, right? With the brushes and some cleaner? Greets from me Dominik
  10. We have had a few Hookahs in the past but they have rusted and not been great quality. We are looking to buy a new one and would appreciate the experts advice on what would be the best to buy? I know this is probably a vague question but we just enjoy the occasional Hookah in the summer after a BBQ. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.
  11. These are my favs white peach & ambrosia red & white gummy blue mist & watermelon guava & exotic pink there are more i just can’t think of them right now we’ll enjoy
  12. Hi all, discovered this forum while researching nargile in Istanbul. Excellent topics and photos. I know this has been discussed before but wondering if anyone has the latest 2019 information regarding the following: Is it possible to get real Al Fakher (1kg sealed box) in Istanbul? I've read online about shops in Beyazit and Eminonu areas (the up-slope walk where they sell pipes, lamps and guns etc). But online discussions also claim almost 100% of the shisha molasses found here are local or from Iraq/Syria. Even if the box shows Al Fakher - it is a printed fake, you can apparently taste the difference when you smoke it. Anyone who has experienced this or knows any information on a reliable genuine Al Fakher seller there? Much appreciated. Thank you
  13. Hello my name is Jess, i'm from south of Spain. I hope to share with you experiences about shisha world and also improve my english. I've been smoke shisha from 3 years and there are a lots of things i must learn about it. Thank you!
  14. Hi all, i loved the cucumber chill of socail smoke, but they stopped this flavour. Do you know why ? How can i get it as this time
  15. Im looking for any advice on where to buy Tobbaco in the uk. Thanks
  16. Hello I'm looking for a supplier for frozen favoured Tobbaco can anyone help. (ENGLAND)
  17. http://symptomsofulcerativecolitissupport.com

  18. Check the how-to-workshop section. Dominik has posted a couple of recipes that may he helpful to you.
  19. Hello All, I'm making my own shisha and come across a couple of issues. 1. Flavor not strong, if even present. 2. Using Honey vs. Molasses. First off, I have made many trial and errors with making my own shisha, but the final product has very little flavor if any. I've tried using fruit, liquids, and even , making extracts from scratch, nothing seemed to work. Second, I tried both honey and molasses separately in trials. The issue i have with these. Is one the amount to use, since the tobacco always seems dry even when I feel like i used extensive amounts. Another issue is when using honey what I noticed the tobacco has to be refrigerated or it will mold up or attract ants and insects for some reason, but molasses will be perfectly fine no matter how long. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Ingredients: Tobacco: Virginia cure leaf's----Average size tobacco load: 150g Honey/molasses----around 30g on 150 gram load of tobacco Glycerin---30g on 150 gram load Extract (Homemade and/or store bought)-- No idea on the amount, usually just go with what feels right. (id say probably 1-2 teaspoon) Please help me out with any ideas or comments. This is really frustrating me.
  20. Why not internet and order it to be delivered to your hotel/apartment by the time that you are in NYC?
  21. I like the Fumari French Vanilla. The flavor is intense and sweet. It's a nice flavor on its own but also it is good when used as a mixer.
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