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  1. Yesterday
  2. Shisha mixes!

    I’ve always loved mixing shish flavors...here I mix flavors based off themes. Check it! https://www.thisisthefinalcut.com/shishabomb/
  3. Last week
  4. Hiya

    I'm a newbie too but I can share what I have learned to get ya started.
  5. What are the names of these 2 Hookahs?

    Looks nice, how much the height is?
  6. Hiya

    Hey everyone! I am new to hooka smoking and am quite enjoying it. Joined up so I could learn more.
  7. You're not alone! I was never satisfied with charcoal so I just ended up creating an e-head altogether. I'm launching it on April 4th @ SmartRauch.com
  8. why does my hookah taste bad?

    Have you ever been able to get a good taste out of that hookah? --- Smart Hookah Head @ SmartRauch.com || 100% Convenient || 95% Safer || Lasts 1.5x Longer
  9. What flavour?

    For traditional hookah, I personally like Guava and mint. My company is launching e-head with glazed donut, fruit loops and milk, strawberry watermelon, raspberry blackberry, and vanilla custard flavors on April 4th (SmartRauch.com). Might want to upgrade from the traditional
  10. Hello everyone! I'm joining the community to answer any questions related to my company's products! Thank you, Adam
  11. Hello. My name is Brenden. I live in Brinkley, AR and I am 29 years old. I started hookah smoking back in 2010, but I didn't start getting really into it till recently. I order all my supplies from hookah-shisha.com (any other website recommendations would be greatly appreciated). I have a 41" Nammor Zenith Hookah with a basic Egyptian bowl and ,of course, a Nammor hose, with added Soguk Cooling Hookah Hose Attachment. I use Titanium coconut cube coals and my favorite choice for shisha is the Fantasia brand. Strong flavor and steady buzz. I love the Adios Motherf*cker flavor. I am always looking for ways to improve my smoke production and quality without breaking my bank or my lungs so advice is welcomed. As I said before, I didn't start getting serious about hookah till recent, so sorry if I come across a bit oblivious to some terms or methods. This is also the first forum I have ever used.
  12. What flavour?

    I’m new to hookah, so I have not tasted that meny flavors, what is your favorites and just some good flavors
  13. i have a 200 dollars hookah. whenever i clean it or change the water the taste becomes so bad. i know i pack it properly can anyone tell me why it goes bad whenever i clean it or change the water?
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  15. Group Chat-Whatsapp

    Awesome!! I will create it and send you the link. 💪 Update: I created the group chat. Here is the link please feel free to add as many people as you want. https://chat.whatsapp.com/5m0LnfnnmD28RALTcmsJAw
  16. SouthSmoke.com

    Hello everyone! I just started an account on here finally. I am a huge hookah enthusiast. I would just like to know if anyone has ordered from southsmoke.com recently and what their experience was?
  17. Traditional Flavoring

    First to what I said - yes you can, but you die. After three days it seems realy to be in the tobacco and that's no good. How to sweeten up? Add honey. No sweet enaugh? Add more honey. If honey burns, use different setup with less heat.
  18. How to make flavours taste sweet?? I almost tried everything but couldn’t make it. Can anyone help
  19. Traditional Flavoring

    So what I never knew is that I can give Tobacco a hard flavour/scent by just storing it with fragranceoil. Not adding fragranceoil just storing it near by - maybe in a closed box.
  20. Group Chat-Whatsapp

    I am in. Make a group and I will help you increase the group. this is great Idea.
  21. Learning coco nara coals?

    Personally, I never had success with coco-coals til I started using a Lotus Bowl. I think the main difference is having something on top to keep the heat in. If you use foil, you probably just need to make a good incubator for the coals. Also, are you lighting both sides of the coals? I might be wrong on this front, but I light my coals on a hot plate, heat til one side is red, repeat, then apply. Hope at least one of the things I mentioned helped you out.
  22. Heya, new member here, so if I'm in the wrong place to ask a question, I apologize. Anyway, I was scraping some residue off my silicone funnel bowl, and a little piece chipped off the edge. It still works as far as I can tell, but I just wanted to know if I'm risking inhaling burning plastic, or if the material in question is safe despite the chip.
  23. Who cares where to smoke a hookah in America? I personally can advise cavalacafe .com , there are music and girls.
  24. New Here!!

    What's up!
  25. What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    I am using vape for last one year and my fav flavor is <a title="Propaganda-reform" href="http://www.swiftsmoke.com/product-category/e-liquid/e-liquid-propaganda/">Propaganda-reform</a> . If you are confused that where to buy this flavour then i recommend you to visit <a title="swiftsmoke.com" href="http://www.swiftsmoke.com">swiftsmoke.com</a>
  26. Who cares where to smoke a hookah in America? I personally can advise cavalacafe .com , there are music and girls.
  27. My Collection Thus Far.

    I'm sorry for the compliment friend, I'm a great collector of old regal and nawras and I saw a photo of your collection and I really liked it, you would sell some of them or not ..
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