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Fml- Dealing With Crazy Neighbors

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So here's the deal. My husband and I had cut down a tree 3 years ago, and we were burning the stump. It took quite some time in order to get the stump burned all the way down to the desired level. My neighbors knew we were burning the stump. We were very careful to take the necessary precautions when burning it (digging a bole around the stump, and maintaining a very low fire). I went off to work while my husband maintained the burn. Since the fire had burned down to coals, he went in the house to grab a beer and some marshmallows for roasting because he figured he'd take the time to chill out while he was finishing his project. He heard a big diesel engine outside, and he went to investigate. Guess what?? The neighbors called the fire department.

Now here's a background on my neighbors. They had been finding ways to harass us as soon as we moved into our home three years ago. They called the city to report our lawn as "not being green enough" and for it being more than "6" long). They wrote us a nasty letter telling us that we should move to an apartment because we "clearly don't know how to own a house" and "that's where we belong". Since the, we installed Zoyzia grass to replace the craMFy grass we already had. The home we bought was a HUD home and it needed a lot of work on the inside. While we were working on the house, we had to remove a whole lot of crap, As we removed all of the crap, the neighbor called the city because we were removing it, and we were waiting until the weekend to haul it away. We thought she decided to bury the hatchet because she gave us a tile saw that her husband was no longer using. Her husband had been doing tile projects in his house, and since they finished, they had no use for it. A week later, the fire department was called. Luckilly, the fire department was very reasonable, and they asked my husband if he was having a cook out, and that the fire would be legal if he was. My husband said he was. The funny thing was that my other neighbor (whose really cool) came across the street and said "What? The neighbors are still harassing you guys? just so the fire deparment could hear him say it. With that, the fire department left us alone, and my husband added more wood to the fire just to piss off the neighbors. But the interesting thing was that the neighbors were outside when the fire department came. They were inside before the fire dept showed up.

I kept thinking to myself "What the hell is this woman's problem?" My husband and I keep to ourselves, we aren't loud, and we are friendly. We talk to the rest of our neighbors, and are friends with them. We maintain our yard, and have a lot of beautiful flowers. I talked to my friend about the situation, and she thinks the neighbor might be racist and have a problem with interracial relationships. I've spoken to them before all of the trouble started and they seemed like nice people. I'm thinking the neighbor's wife is one of those kinds of people who like to pretend to be nice and then case trouble just so she can pretend to be nice again. The sad thing is that I bought that house, so I'm stuck with it until I can fix it. I love my neighborhood, I just hate this woman and wish she would hurry up and die. She's not really old (mid to late 40s), and it seems like she's trying to compete with us. Every new thing we add to our yard, she does something similar. I have come to two conclusions throughout this ordeal:
1. she might be an unhaMFy woman who is probably going through menopause, and has to find something to control.
2. People in the US who say "love is blind" are full of shit. Love is only blind if you and your partner are of the same race, and same religion as long as the religion is in a familiar vein of Christianity.


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