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SB- Kiwi

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Starbuzz- Kiwi

Hookah: Mya Acrylic
Bowl: Egytian
Hose: Standard Mya Saray
Tobacco: I don’t know, I didn’t pack the bowl, but I am guess it was nice and juicy like all Starbuzz.
Foil: Heavy Duty Reynolds
Holes: Poked with a toothpick about 18 medium sized holes
Coals: Japanese style, three quarters spaced evenly around the bowl.
Smoke: THIIIIIICK yummy Smoke.

Flavor intensity: This flavor was ammmmazing! I couldn’t get enough of it. So much so, that when I left, I felt sick from smoking too much. Haha It was sweet yet tangy *like a kiwi* Although the flavor wasn’t exactly like a kiwi it was delicious. It tasted more like a kiwi and green aMFle mix. VERY TASTEY.
Time: We had two people smoking. The bowl lasted, with really good flavor, for about a hour and a half/ Hour and Fifteen. The flavor died almost instantly but was smoking suMFMFMFper well. So we kept smoking even though it didn’t taste like much.
Overall: This flavor was really good, I really enjoyed it. I have tried Layalina kiwi and HH Kiwi. Layalina compares in smoke but not taste *has a real chalky taste to it*, and HH compares in taste but not smoke *thin smoke and burns hot*. So Starbuzz, once again had it all *except the good price tag* But personally I think it would be worth every cent to buy a tub of this.
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