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SB- Irish Cream

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Starbuzz-Irish Cream-9/10
Pipe-MYA QT, MYa Hose
Smell- It smelled like the ALmond joy candy with a little bit of coffee to it. It made me want to eat the shisha.
Bowl Used-MYa standard
Foil- Heavy Duty with about 20 holes
Coal Configuration- two Jap squares.
Smoke- Smoked Instantly. Was DELICIOUS. Was the best coffee flavor out of any of the brands I've tried. Was really sweet with a little bitter coffee taste at the end. I can't wait untill I can smoke this flavor again. Especially with a mix. YUMMY I would most definatly sSPAM!!!est this flavor to anyone.
Longevity-We smoked the bowl for about 45 mintues. This would have smoked for atleast another hour if we had gotten more coals. But we went to bed.
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