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So I Forgot My Coil Burner For My Coco Nara's

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During the week my girlfriend and I smoke at her apartment, so I leave my hookah there all week. Then on friday I pack everything up and drive it the 30 mins back to my house. I've done this for many weeks now, and know how my cases pack so if something is missing I can see an empty spot in the case. I really need to buy a another case or a larger case because I am currently using a cardboard box to hold my box of CocoNaras, my small phunnel (in a padded pouch), any shisha that wont fit in my shisha case, my coal holder, and my electric coil burner.

Friday morning when I packed up the hookah I was not feeling well at all. I quickly packed up the hookah and looked at the table to make sure that I had not forgotten anything. There was nothing on the table so I shut the cases and drove home. I didn't realize until I got home and tried to smoke a bowl of AF Grape that I had forgotten the burner. I hoMFed on the Hookah Forum Chat and asked if anyone knew how to light Cocos on a gas stove. I wish i had wrote down the user name of the guy who helped my, but I didn't and I forgot it. He sent me a picture of a small computer fan metal guard. While that is a great idea I didn't have one. Then I had the idea of bending a coat hanger. So I ran to my closet got a hanger and bent it so it would hold a coco.

cocogas1kw4.th.jpg cocogas4kw9.th.jpg
It took a little longer to light the coals but I worked perfectly! I'm glad that I pulled that hanger up from the stove before it cooled because it had started to weld itsself to the stove.

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I actually always use this method to light the same coals. It works pretty well and fast and no need to buy an electric started... although it would prevent much of the mess

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