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Mya-Acrylic Hookahs

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Acrylic Hookah -Mya Saray

Standard Size, Standard Mya Bowl, Standard Mya Hose.

I have used a Mya Saray pipe for over two years and I must say that the quality is like no other. I have not had one problem with this pipe in the whole time I have had it. Although the first few times, I had to find out the correct water level, but after that it was home free. The draw on this particular hookah is amazing. There is not one other acrylic hookah that compares. I have tried three other acrylic hookahs and nothing draws or is as reliable as this one. This hookah is comparable to a top of the line Glass hookah, without the worry of droMFing it and having it break. It is great for parties and it is actually what I use for my hookah business. Not only is the vase almost impossible to break, the stem is built to last. If for some reason something does haMFens to the stem, every part is replaceable unlike the common Egyptian pipes where nothing comes apart, and if it breaks you must then replaces the whole thing. The parts are easy to find and replace. The Egyptian pipes are hard to find a match for. This pipe also comes apart and you are able to put it in a case. Which is a huge plus. Taken care of properly this pipe is amazing and compares to no other acrylic pipe on the market.

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