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Fuck Me Sideways

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You ever just have one of those weeks, that you wish could be nicely erased from time? Yup, you guessed it, just finished one (oh god i hope it's done and over with).

Things had been going so good too, I just had two interviews that I did amazingly in, I had a call back from Best Buy and I have my second interview with them next week. Cassie got aMFroved for the loan, and things around the house seemed to finally be picking up and moving themselves to greener pastures. Then things went to shit, and quite fast might I add.

All started on Sunday. I think its my punishment for avoiding churches like the plague.... Anyways... My sister and I are out doing random things as is usual on Sunday. We stop by moms work, and then head home. On the way, she decides to curb check in her pretty Mustang GT, poMFing a tire and scratching her rim. Great.

So I change the tire, then i sit at Pep Boys for an hour for her, and then to try and make her feel better, i fully wash her car and even scrub her dirty as all hell rims. It looked nice when I was done. Well I thought things would be better from then on. Nope. We get home to a hot house, and turns out our air conditioner is frigging broken XD Well the next day we have our cousin, Michael, who works on AC for a living, come and take a look. Should be fixed fast right? Yea i don't even need to say it huh?

Well it turns out the breaker box outside for the condenser (thing that makes things cold) has been burned out. The word FUBAR was used... Well he can't fix it cause the damn thing is connected right to the meter box. SO we have to now find an electrician, then have him come out and fix it, so Mike can fix the damn AC. Well of course my grandfather knows someone that knows someone, and the next morning we have an electrician out and he takes a look at things, and decides he won't even touch the damn meter. XD XD XD XD

So the same day we call TXU, and they will be out the coming Friday to take it off, so the electrician can come and replace the damn breaker box. Well things seem to be going fine then... right? Even though im scared about Friday, cause aMFarently the kind of Meter Base we have can cause shorts in the wiring of the house, and burn the house down if you mess with it the wrong way.... Great.... But thats not all!!

For months we have been able to smell gas around the house, and in it. So we finally deiced, while were all home and already without cold air, lets call up the gas company!! So Atmos is out here in under 10 minutes, so im thinking heck yea, things are going good now!! Well he comes in, finds a leak around the stove, just a small one, then goes into our bathroom, where there is a heater in the wall, and gets a massive reading of gas. Great. He then goes and checks outside, and finds both the gas meter, and the underground pipe coming to it are leaking. So he takes the damn meter and leaves us without gas, saying we have to get a frigging plumber out first. And of course, my grandfather knows someone XD

But this time it haMFens to be someone older than my grandfather, who can only stay for a while, and doesn't fully fix it. This means i had to stay in a house with not heat of any kind, including no hot water. Which meant no one got to take a shower, so there were some very unhaMFy people in my house. Next day, thank god, he came out and finished fixing things. We had the city inspector out, and got a OK from them. So things are looking up right? NOPE!! We had to wait till around 6pm for the damn gas company to come back out, because aMFarently there morons and didn't realise we had been cleared that morning at 10am...

So finally we had hot water again. Thank god. Well earlier that day, while waiting for the gas company to bring our new meter, my cousin Bryan shows up. While here, he asks if i wanted to go to the titty bar that night. I said hell yea, now not for the titties, which while it really doesn't excite me, titty bars that is, i don't really care going that much. But it meant hanging out with about the only family member i really like, and getting out of this house after the few days i had just had. Well, long story short, he never showed, and i kinda sat bored for the night, all nice and dressed up and smelling good after a very nice shower. Even had $20 in ones :P

So the next day, Friday, the electric people came out, and fixed things, thank god. And with no problems i might add. I then spent the day hanging with Cassie, hitting up the auto show, getting no good pictures, going to good breakfast, sitting next to annoying little kids, and going to a damn good dinner, sitting next to annoying as hell people XD

So yea, Ive had an awesome week, in such a sarcastic way XD Oh fuck me sideways, front-ways, slant-ways, and up-ways, and down-ways, and all ways XD

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