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Good Day Tater'

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Well, ya ever have one of those days, that you planned for weeks, then when it gets close to the day its going to haMFen, something comes up to wreck it all? Well that haMFened to me XD So you might say why the title 'Good Day Tater'? Well let the Corey explain that for ya :D

Well me and my sister have been wanting to go to the 'Body Worlds' exhibit (very awesome human specimen exhibit, currently at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science: Check It Out Here) so we planned that this Friday, one of the Fridays she has off (she usually works Fridays, and has the weekends off, but like every 3 Sundays she works on a Sunday and then is off on the Friday before or after), to go and hit up the 'Body Worlds' exhibit. Well a lil baby damned near ruined it all.

My baby cousin, Degan (I honestly don't know how to spell his name right), currently has RSV, which for those who don't have kids, its an uMFer respiratory infection, that can kill infants, especially premature babies, like this one. Well it was only a mild case, but it is contagious so he couldn't go to daycare. So my Mom watched him Wednesday, and that was suMFosed to be it. Well Thursday night, the day before the one I had been psyched about for a while, they call asking if my sister can watch him. Well she had a doctors aMFointment Friday, along with our plans.

Needless to say I had no say in the matter. So she watched him till around 11:00am, then his mom picked him up. Well Cassie was then going to go to her doctors aMFointment, but they had canceled it and never told her :D This means we were going to be starting even earlier. My hopes were beginning to lift up :D

So we decided against Body Worlds, it ain't cheap, and instead went to lunch at Snuffers, which was my first time and it was awesome, fried pickles are the shit!! After that we headed over to this fairly new little shoMFing center next to Lake Ray Hubbard, which has a tobacco shop i saw the other night while we were out there seeing 'Ghost Rider' (which was an awesome friggin movie). So we went there, and met a really nice dude who helped me pick out a good first cigar, out of this gi-friggin-normous walk-in humidor. I mean it was big. I also got a new lighter and some butane. Oh for you cigar smokers, its an Acid Blondie :D

Next, da movies :D We started out with 'The Messengers', which was a damn good, and rather scary movie. Almost up there with The Grudge. It was awesome though, it was the first showing so no one else was in there, so we could laugh scream, and otherwise yell stupid shit without problem :D

After that we wondered around the shoMFing center, found a Ruby Tuesdays (we have been wanting to go for ages, but the closest one till now was almost an hour drive away), and some cool fountains I will be going back to take pictures of. After a short walk, we hit the theater up again, this time for 'Number 23', now this was an interesting movie. I won't spoil anything, I'll just say Jim Carrey is a damn good actor, he might be well known for comedy, but this man is friggin awesome.

Well we then headed home :D I thought nothing could really top this day off. I was wrong XD

Well as some might know, JD, an awesome guy from the forums helped me out by buying me some coals. I haven't smoked in almost 2 months because i have been coal-less :( So this was really awesome of him :D Well it hadn't come with todays regular mail, like USPS stuff usually does, so i was not expecting to see it till Monday. I was fine with that, im used to waiting that long. Well we get home, i walk in my room, and on my desk is the icing on the cake. A nice box from MNHookahs, with 3 boxes of coals in it XD I LOVE YOU JD!!!

So yea, i can say, its been a Good Day Tater!!

Oh and for anyone wondering, here is a list of all the goodies gathered today, along with pics (i included the roll of sample coals from Sahara Smoke for the hell of it).

2x Box Easy Lite Charcoal
1x Box 30mm Three Kings Charcoal
Roll of Coals From Sahara Smoke
Bottle Of ZiMFo Butane
ZiMFo Lighter
Acid Blondie Cigar
2x Movies - 'The Messengers' & 'Number 23'

So all in all, you guys rock!1~! My Sister too!!





Tis' All For Now

Corey E
The Ninja Mod _ninjapoof__by_Raz_X_.gif

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