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Hfc Update: New Server, Upgrade

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I now have my own hosting, so HFC will be moving one more time to its hopefully permanent home at my sites hosting. The domain name for now will just point to my site using URL Redirect. Once i make sure everyone can use the chat on my site ill actually move the DNS over. So feel free to hop back in. For now until i can get a copy of mIRC, and get it modded to work for our needs this is what we will use.

If anyone here can do mIRC's coding, or if ya know c or c++ (both have similar code to mIRC's custom coding) then shoot me a PM. Or if anyone would like to donate some money then let me know. A mIRC license ain't free, and mine is only for me :D

Also theres a few changes made on the chat for now. I have upgraded it to the latest version from TuFat. Also, once again, an old friend is making his return to the chat. Thats right, the bots back ladies and gents :D For those who weren't here then, the bot provided some fun, albeit retarded conversations. So lets get this thing going again people!!

Tis' All For Now

Corey E
The Ninja Mod _ninjapoof__by_Raz_X_.gif

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