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Hf Tutorials - Blog And Gallery

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Well there be another video tutorial :D This one is for the Gallery and Blog system. Hopefully with this new video, more people will be using both :P

This one was interesting, during the making my damn cell phone kept ringing XD So you here pauses as i mute my mic and deal with it. Also at one point i got mixed up cause during the blog video tutorial, didn't show ALL the settings, felt like a moron, so had to add it on at the end :P damn cell phones.

Theres even one part where the house phone rings, didn't check to see if you could here that in the background :P so if you here a phone, blame it on someone other than me, just pick someone, who is ever sitting closest to you :P Once again, here is the announcement:

:: HF Tutorials - Blog & Gallery ::

To try and aid all users in using the new forums, and all its features, we have made the next of many hopefully many video tutorials, made by our own EvansLight. These tutorials are recorded using a demo account, and should show you all the basic features from a starting point.

This video covers:
  • The Gallery System
  • All Gallery Features and Creating Your Own Album
  • Uploading Images
  • The Blog System
  • Creating Your Own Blog
  • Blog Settings
To view this video, please click the link below to begin the download. Once on your computer, unzip the file anywhere you like. Inside the zip file is a folder, with a .exe file. Just simply click this file, and the video should launch. There should be no need to download anything else, or install anything at all. Windows Only. Mac and Linux executables on request.

Click To Download HF Tutorials - Blog & Gallery

Thank you,
Hookah Forum Staff

'Tis All For Now.

Corey E
The Ninja Mod _ninjapoof__by_Raz_X_.gif
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