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Hookah Freak?

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hey yall!
i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about hookah freak? A friend of mine told me there tobacco was yummy and i want to try it out! does anyone know if they have a website or something? Let me know if you know anything! thanks!

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I have smoked Freak's tobacco and it isn't too bad. I got a decent buzz off of it but not the biggest buzz I have ever had. The tobacco is cut real fine and there are not stems but I also found that it burned quicker than most tobacco. As far as taste they all tasted pretty close to their names. It is not my favorite tobacco but it is fairly decent and it gives a pretty decent smoke

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there is tobacco thats called alfakher its the best Youll ever smoke and i mean ever
search up the name in google alfakher tobacco or shisha and the official website will come up
very good prices

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