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First blog post



    First blog post here in the forum! While it's not necessarily my very first blog post ever, but definitely one of the ones I can count on one hand.

    It's a beautiful December day in the GTA, 2 in the afternoon, and my day's barely gotten started. Productivity does not exist with me today. So, in lieu of that, I decided to at least do something with my day - hence the blog post. It's something to keep me busy and productive as I chill with my dogs on a Sunday afternoon.

    A laid-back Sunday afternoon is usually the perfect time to smoke a bowl of Shisha, but I have family in the house who don't necessarily approve of the hookah. It's still my favourite thing to smoke, above and beyond anything else I've tried (which, admittedly, isn't very much else outside of the hookah). Even though the parents don't necessarily like it, I think my dad is more accepting of it than my mom, him having been a smoker of cigarettes for a lot of his life. Either way though, I try to keep it out of their sight in hopes that they won't permanently ban me from using it while I live under their roof.

    I personally love the hookah. I love the ritual of setting it up, sitting down to enjoy it, and having conversations with friends as we do a smoke session. I love the way the smoke tastes, I love the flavours, and I love how exotic it looks. I love how it's the best way for me to relax right before I get to bed. There are few things as relaxing as smoking a good hookah bowl before bed. I've had a lot of good conversations with people as I smoke it, but lately I've run out of company to smoke with, as circumstances in their lives caused them to move away or become too busy for the most part to come over. So yes, recently I've started to miss the company of a smoking partner or two. I'm looking to get into college for a one-year PSW course within the next year or two as a stepping stone to get into nursing, so I'm hoping I can either meet people who've tried it themselves or turn people into hookah enthusiasts while there.

    It's now time that I continue doing absolutely nothing in my day. I'll update this blog probably tomorrow or the next day. Have an awesome day, everyone!


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