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Mya Saray Ballerina




Introducing the Mya Saray Ballerina. Light graceful lines,
quality workmanship, um, I think my dancer analogy is going to go terribly
wrong but anyways, here we have the Ballerina. With many of the Mya Saray hookahs
I have reviewed I’ve discussed how solid and durable they are, workhorses for
the hard smoking settings, etc. The ballerina is still well made with a solid
brass core and chrome plating, but it is a little more on the stylish and elegant

The first thing to note is that if you get it from Myahookah.com
it comes with their new high impact plastic case. The case is very nice with a
lockable latch, compartments to separate the pieces, and a internal padded
zipper pouch to give the base added protection. I’ll be posting a review of the
case itself in a separate write up. But for now the important thing is that the
Ballerina comes with one and it keeps it quite safe and secure.

The base is Bohemian Glass. Which means it is thin but strong. The top is set up for a screw in stem
as opposed to a pressure grommet so you don’t have to worry when one of your
friends picks the hookah up by the stem and tries to move it into the next
room. The metal threaded top piece will also protect the top of the glass from
accidental impacts while you are cleaning it, filling it, or putting the stem
in. The shape is elegant with a mixture of a traditional base with a modern
interpretation with clear sections and frosted sections and the gold painted
designs provide a nice touch. The glass passes the light clearly and when there
is water in it the effect is quite beautiful. The way the smoke looks when it
fills the base is also rather nice to watch.

The stem is also artistic. While the lines are simple, the
ripple effect gives it a more graceful look. Don’t let this fool you however,
it is still solid brass cored with a chrome finish and is quite durable. The
stem is set up with 2 capped spots for additional hose ports, which means with
a few hose adaptors from Myahookah.com and your bare hands you can set the Ballerina
up to take up to 4 hoses. As I’ve stated
before, the stem is a screw in type, so you can actually carry the whole hookah
by the stem instead of having to carry it by the base. The downstem on the
Ballerina is quite wide and long, allowing for good deep hits and a lot of
leeway as to water level. The typical 1 inch guideline for water levels can
really be considered a minimum with this hookah and you can add a bit more
water to the base for added stability and a deeper bubble.

All in all, the Ballerina is a beautiful hookah good for
both everyday use and for a more special occasion. The fine Bohemian glass base
gives it a slightly more light and elegant look when combined with the
beautifully designed stem. The case means you can safely transport it when
going out and want to bring something a little nicer with you than the usual
smaller travel hookah. And of course, it smokes like a MYA.


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