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Smokinglog Smokedate 05112012

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Before I wanted to say anything about the KM trimetal, most of all, I wanted to smoke it thoroughly. Here are my imperssions since it was placed in my hands, that magical day.

'Wow, what a heavy box! This must be as good as people rate it!'
'Oh-my-god. This vase is f*cking HUGE, whatta hell! It doesn't even fit in the sink!', ***maniacal laughter***
***Gasping*** 'This stem! It's so...solid, heavy and...be-a-utiful! ***hSPAM!!!ing the stem***
***unpacking black leather Nammor hose*** 'Amagad, I'm gonna feel like a pro smoking this thing.'
'What's in this lil' box? Hm....holy crap! I didn't know vortexbowl were this huge'. ***tender brushing the perfectly polished black matte vortexbowl***

I got to smoke this machie NOW!

Thing smokes like a boss. And I don't just mean any boss, I'm talking Dr. Wily or Zeromus kinda final bosses.

Wow, just, wow.


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