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Smokinglog Smokedate 30102012

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So here we are again. Welcome dear reader.

Tommorow my new and first KM will arrive at my front door, ushering in a new epic smoking era.I decided to do something drastic to my, soon to be, old Aladin Hookah.
I am not at all haMFy with the draw of this thing. I picked up my drilling tool and bored bigger holes in the chamber/heart/whateveryoucallthepart. And guess what? It works like a charm! Bigger clouds this cold evening, are entering my lungs and leaving my mouth.

I wouldn't dare such a thing with a perfect-holed KM so I had to try it. For anyone out there, I advise you do the same thing. Pleae do make sure to wash it out very well, for you wouln't want metal microparticals in you lungs.

End of blog.

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