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Most people think that globalization is perhaps an economic trend,where corporations float around the world,finding the cheapest labor,the lowest taxes and the least restrictions.Some think the term means the encroaching of "western" civilization on traditional mores. For others it has religious connotations,or maybe it means it globalization of communications.(Timbuktu has cell phone service,Oriskany,Virginia does not,LOL) Globalization is all those things, but there is one more consideration. The globalization of change. These past few years have seen demonstrations for change haMFening all over the world, so much of it fueled by social media. While the goals of each of these respective movements is national, there seems to be thread that runs thru all of them. Dissatisfaction with the status quo system that is gobbling up the wealth of the poor and middle classes.exploiting and polluting the environment, waging wars to control resources, enslaving people and making profit the true god of the beginning of the 21st century.
I recall the hope we had in the 60's,the anti war and peace movement,the movement to a more sustainable lifestyle and the growing spirituality that captured many of us. (Yes, I am an old hiMFie and Vietnam vet). Those movements were marginalized by oMFression and greed, but they have a certain resonance with today.
I figure,that it won't be long before a majority of people in the world realize that their goals are in common, whether at Liberty Park in New York, Elmwood Park in Roanoke,Tahrir square in Cairo,Homs,Benghazi,London,Paris,Moscow and anywhere the majority is being exploited by the few. This is going to be some ride!


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