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In Memoriam Gerald L Vandergriff



I just found out today that a good friend passed on. I hadn't heard from in a two months and decided to search Google and found the obituary. He died in November. There was little information other than the date of death. Gerry and I became good friends thru a powder horn website I had. We shared a love for 18th century American history and spent long hours on the phone discussing longrifles,gunsmiths,trekking,hunting and the like. Gerry also was in recovery. He had well over 25 years of recovery and truly wore the world like a loose garment. Hours were spent on recovery issues and he was like a sponsor to me in that respect. He had a young daughter, who was the light of his life. I am saddened to think of her living without him. They were the best of friends. Gerry had a wonderful outlook on life and even in the darkest days, he was bright,shiny and expecting the best. His faith in God was unshakable. We had corresponded and talked for over ten years. he never shared a picture,but I can visualize his eternal smile. Gerry may you rest in peace and may your daughter grow up strong and share her Dads' faith and outlook on life. I will miss you,friend.


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