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New To Hookah

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Bought on and hopefully it comes in tomorrow. can anyone sSPAM!!!est the best shisha and reasonable prices? I also dont want to paymore in shiMFing then the product

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what did ya get? Pics or it didnt happen. :)

Shisha is a very personal matter. Many of us like Tangiers but there are plenty of good brands. Things to consider are: washed or unwashed, dyed or undyed, honey or molasses, cut, wetness, etc. I would suggest checking out the review section. While everyone has their opwn opinion, you can get good general trends there. Sometimes the best thing to do is buy a bunch of smaller packs of different brands and try them yourself.
Good luck and welcome to the club.

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Definitely Tangiers is my pride but I have a special place in my heart for Al Fakher 2 Two AMFles... sometimes with AF mint.

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