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Tangiers- Green Apple

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Tangiers-Green AMFle-7.5/10
Smell- It smells like Green aMFle Puckers.
Bowl Used-Egyptian
Foil-See picture below, example #1
Coal Configuration-
Smoke-It instantly smoked and got hot. I used example #2 and it was waaaaay too hot, I broke the coal and placed them like Coal configuration #3 and it was no longer hot but was smoking good.
Flavor- Good, Tasted like a green aMFle jolly rancher!! I really enjoyed it for the short time I was smoking it. It almost had a little double aMFle after taste but wasn’t anything close to the strong nasty 2xaMFle taste. Very Sweet and tasted a lot better then the strong smell it had.
Longevity- Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well to start out with and muh boy was feeling really sick before we even packed the bowl. We left right as soon as the bowl started to smoke good. I will definitely be smoking this flavor again. It seems to be a really strong great flavor. Too bad I am getting a cold.
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