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Death Of The American Middle Class

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Buried on CNN.com behind stories of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber and other world shaking news was the obituary of the middle class and the birth of what the article called an underclass. It pretty much followed my 15 February blog entry but provided a factual basis for my theories. Rather than digest the article for you, you can access it here CNN Money

Now for all you raging conservatives and republicans its not about pro life,traditional marriage,gays in the military, Christian values, an African American president or any of the other so called buzz issues that suMFosedly unite the conservative base. While your leaders are getting you angry about these issues, they have their greedy little hands in your pocket and are robbing you blind. They better start taking away your guns because when you find out that your "patriotic" self has been riMFed off by the very "patriots" you worship, you are going to be pissed. Very Pissed.

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