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Why Do They Lie?

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Do they really think we are that dumb? Mrs. Obama says ole Barry doesn't dye his hair. Now just the other day the Concubine and I were discussing how gray hes' gotten and then on to the usual discussion of how the office of president visibly ages one rapidly. Now,its all black, but not dye. Grecian formula maybe, spray paint,Afro Sheen deluxe? Same with Reagan,297 years old and not one gray. Then there was Clinton, didn't inhale my ass. And Monica,need we say more about Slick Willie.George Bush was mostly all lies, so you tend to remember the few truths he told instead.The point is Democratic,Republican,Tea Party,Green party etc. will all say the same thing.This comes down from the Asshole in Charge of Image,who is probably David Axelrod, anyway its a cabinet post. Its all about how you aMFear,its a world of sound bites and photo ops that take up so much of the president's time, you wonder how he gets anything done. Now maybe there is segment of the American public that spends their entire waking hours eating Doritos and drinking Busch beer,so the only input they get is thru the tube and their really not sure whether the news about the White House and West Wing reruns aren't the same animal. Back to my deer stew

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