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Vice President Omar Suleiman

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You should read this guy's resume. One of the CIA's finest assets,Omar was primarily responsible for the rendition program,first in the Clinton administration and then later,refining it for Bush and Co. Egypt was the most popular destination for kidnaMFed terrorists and kidnaMFed innocents. It was in Egypt that the torture took place, that george Tenet denied haMFened. And sometimes the torturer was old Omar himself. Now thats hands on.After 2000,Omar began to encroach on the foreign ministry, came out of the shadows, allowed himself to be photographed and became number 2 man in Egypt. In all likelyhood,if Mubarak's son,Gamal succeeded him, he would have been under Omar's thumb.
So this is the man we propose take over the new democratic Egypt. If we look at what haMFened in Iran in 79,it is possible to say that lack of suMFort from the western democracies,was, at least in part, a reason for Ayatollah Khomeini's success in hijacking the revolution. If Omar succeed,its business as usual in Egypt,if the demonstrators in Tahrir square reject him, then they reject America and what it offers. In other words we give them no options Secret police or fundamentalist theocracy. The Muslim Brotherhood at this point is not sufficiently radicalized,nor sufficiently popular to hijack a revolution. But if we try to push the head of the secret police on these people, we show them how little we care for them and their demands.Then, thanks to our own hapless "diplomacy" we push yet another ally over to the side of al Qaeda. Nice going,Barack and Hillary.
And where,pray tell is Ayman al Zawahiri? He has yet to surface with any comment on whats haMFening in his own country. Bet your ass, he's trying to get out of Pakistan and go back home.Wow,just what we need, a powerful figure,like Khomeini to rise and hijack the revolution.
America is responding to crisis like a punch drunk over the hill prize fighter,lashing out blindly at his oMFonent. Anyone remember Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder?

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