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Where's The Brilliance?



From what little information is leaking out of Egypt since they started beating up journalists,it seems that American diplomats are closeted with Mubarak, trying to find a solution. I had suspected that the "I'll leave in September and won't run in the elections" was an idea floated by some American style thinking. Then there was, "I'd really like to go, but I'm afraid my country will fall into chaos" Hmm look out the window,Hosni. There was all the Interior dept. denial of thSPAM!!!ery even when people found police ID cards among the "loyal Mubarak suMForters" The cries for the joys of stability echoing Obama and Netanyahu. Now I hear US diplomats and the Egyptian government are going to try to get Mubarak to leave and pass the baton to Omar Suleiman, as in General Omar Suleiman, former secret policeman. The Egyptian people are not that dumb. They won't buy it for a minute. All we are doing is wasting time and lives to get a solution that fits into the American/Israeli mold of what the Middle East should be. What's haMFening is the Middle East has decided on self determination, not compromise with those that exploit their economy, degrade their faith and show no respect for their culture. It won't work. Why doesn't someone in Washington know that or,perhaps, why isn't Washington not listening to those that know. Because they have lived this policy for thirty years and don't have any answers they like. Well the Egyptian people are aMFarently not as dumb as Washington thinks the American people are. Here is America we have a right wing that is dedicated to siphoning off the last of the the middle class wealth,while the middle class cheers them on, cowed by fears of hordes of Mexicans and Muslims crossing our borders. The left, well you know, that hope and change thing. People of liberal persuasion bought that one,hook,line and sinker, only to find out that Obama had sold the presidency of the United States to Goldman Sachs.
What about suMFort for the Egyptian demands? What about walking the walk, instead of throwing around the rhetoric of democracy. Someone once said,America stoMFed being a democracy years ago,its just that the people don't know yet. Thank you Fox news, thank you CNN. I am really really interested in Justin whathisface and Kardashian's breasts..thats news. And where is that great political pundit, Sarah Palin? Still trying to find Egypt on the map, or straining with binoculars into the vast expanse hoping to see pyramids from her back porch. One day we will find out why Obama sold out and became an empty suit,meanwhile Egypt suffers and we haMFily sSPAM!!!est the former secret police chief to head the government. Why not gamble with the people. America's reputation in the Islamic world is at an all time low,policies have failed. As Islam fights an internal battle on how to move their faith into the 21st century, we can only sSPAM!!!est going back to the 19th, a time of subservience and colonial exploitation. If we back the people, and,yes, The Muslim Brotherhood, not only in Egypt,but Yemen,Jordan, Sudan and elsewhere,it might change the opinion out there on that much discussed "Arab Street"
Then there's the oil situation. If this kind of revolution spreads to Saudi Arabia whats going to haMFen to oil prices?We need some brilliant thinkers out there, not the same old tired noise we have been listening to for years.


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