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American Induced Chaos In Egypt?



Last night and this morning crowds of Mubarak suMForters aMFeared out of nowhere with knives and clubs and banners reading "30 years of stability" Where did these goons come from? The streets were filled with protesters, now we have all these Mubarak suMForters.$17 dollars a day is the pay for a Mubarak suMForter and quite a few of them forgot to leave their secret police ID cards at home. Stability is their by word. Funny the only people talking stability before last night were Obama and Netanyahu. Now Egypt should be glad they have stability. But no bread. I don't know how a piece of stability tastes diMFed into a bowl of Ful Mudammas, but then they probably only have bowls of stability now.
This "solution" stinks worse than rotten camel meat. It looks like it was concocted up by Mubarak,Obama, and Netanyahu. It solves problems..really Look at the brilliance
Mubarak gets 6 more months for him and his cronies to steal everything they can of Egypt's wealth and stick it in Swiss bank accounts.
Netanyahu gets 6 months for Mossad to make sure Mubarak's successor plays an israeli tune. and
Obama gets to say he brought democracy to Egypt and the corporations that run America get to sell more arms to both sides.
Oh, hey weren't their a few Egyptian people in Tahrir square wanting jobs and bread? Or was that my imagination?
And Obama is trying really hard to get of those internet kill switches his buddy Mubarak has, after all the hoards of American unemployed might forget to turn on Fox news some night and realize that the money for new jobs actually goes into the pockets of the executives at Goldman Sachs.
Today America lost what ever credibility she had in the Islamic world. Osama and al Qaeda just got another recruitment stimulus better than the one Bush gave them when he invaded Iraq with lies. All the rhetoric says its not a war against Islam, but it looks more like it every day.
There are biblical implications here, too There's a hell of a lot folks who believe that the wonderful book we call the Bible, filled with wisdom about how to lead a good life is really a history book, science book and daily horoscope rolled into one.
Muslims,Jews,Christians all worship the same God. Each group has convinced itself God only loves them alone. That must make God sad.


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