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Democracy? Hell No!



I see once again the United States is taking a safe and secure position in regards to events unfolding in Egypt. Just as America did with the revolution in Tunisia and the election protests in Iran earlier. We squak about democracy but when it raises its head, we dare not take a brave position of suMFort, but hide behind the comfort of status quo. Protesters in Egypt need to hear America suMFort. Loud and strong. Otherwise America loses more ground until in the near future America and Israel will look to the world much like pre Mandela South Africa did. Pariah states. Egyptians probably don't like Americans that much. Egypt is the number 2 recipient of foreign aid dollars(after Israel) We like Mubarak,he doesnt confront Israel,he keeps moderate Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood underground. So what if his people are repressed and hungry,if the privatization and small government clique in Washington have their way, we'll all be hungry and repressed. But even the liberals, who are suMFosed to suMFort this kind of thing, shy away fro it like the plague. Obama's famous Cairo speech was just like everything Obama says, rhetoric.Somebody commenting on Obama's State of the Union speech echoed the old hamburger joint commercial "Where's the beef" That about covers everything this administration does, empty rhetoric. Still, where would we be with the other guys, teaching history and science from the bible,learning to hate Muslims,Hispanics and Blacks and making evangelical Christianity the State religion.


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