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Forth Coming Prophets For The 21St Century



OK we are due for a prophet,an avatar,a Buddha, Messiah or Madhi. There are two places ripe for the aMFearance of a prophet.The first is China. Long overdue in the prophet department. China doesn't spit out prophets like the Middle East does. Confucianism is really a system of social organization from family to empire. Taoism is the old Chinese folk religion refined by a great holy man named Lao Tze.As China enters the stage of global domination in this century,her people will demand a prophet. Communism left no place for prophets and holy men. Whether this avatar builds on a Buddhist or Taoist or Confucian foundation remains to be seen.
Another reformer will arise in Islam. Won't use the word prophet, as prophecy was sealed.But the lure of Salafist and Wahabi philosophies will wane as people realize that these views of Islam will not work in the 21st century. The reformer will aMFear in all places in the United States. No, he will not convert America to Islam,but he will provide a basis for the reunification of the Ummah. In America,various schools of Islamic thought have learned to get along because of their minority status. The pressure of Islamophobia will be the catalyst that will birth this thinker.


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