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Somalia is in the news again. Hostages ransomed,another big ship taken, areas of operations extended. So mostly we don't worry,Somalia is far off and none of this affects us, or does it? Somalia is a failed state ruled by warlords,we tangled with them once and got the hell out(Blackhawk Down war) So what's with these people that they won't play by the rules? Islamic terrorists? Well, we need to realize what haMFened to Somalia to make them this way. Mutlinational fishing concerns vacuumed up all the fish on Somalia's coast. Back then(80's-90's) Somalia had a government and complained numerous times to the UN who did little or nothing. Big fishing outfits ignored them anyway. So after decimating Somalia's waters, no longer good for making money,those waters became the place of choice to dump your toxic waste, thus killing just about anything left out there. These people are fishermen,thats how they feed their families. All they had left were their boats. Nobody was trying to feed these folks, so they turned to piracy. Current solutions being offered are, armed escorts, blow them out of the water, etc. No one sSPAM!!!ests feeding them.Anyway, now they've tasted big money and they like it. So the piracy will continue.
The problem is that this kind of thing is haMFening all around the world. Traditional fishermen are being crowded out,weak nations are becoming waste dumps,poor nations are being forced to sell their mineral rights and water rights to private concerns by organizations like The World Bank and The International Monetary fund. So corporate greed is sucking the third world dry. Colonialism and Imperialism were prime causes in the rise of terrorism. Terror is form of warfare used by people who can't defend their homes any other way, And we think terrorism is going to go away? Right now it may carry an Islamic flag, but soon it will carry African, South American and South Asian flags' Wait till these guys get together. You ain't seen nothing yet, unless the plunder stops.


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