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Rage Against The Machine



Being a product of the Woodstock/Vietnam era,(I attended both events) i have always been saddened that my countrymen could not mount an effective war protest against the conflict in Iraq. Things have really changed in 40 years. The generation of Aquarius now vote Tea Party,the media rarely covers war protest when items like Kim Kardashian's breast take the headlines. We are all too fat to get out of our couch, because we've been force fed addictive food(salt and sugar should be ranked with heroin and crystal meth). Our hate for the events of 9/11 has been channeled to a hatred of liberals, Mexicans,all Muslims and anything our masters tell us to hate.
I get alot of my news from al Jazeera, granted not a very pro American forum, but tell my why al Jazeera has run articles about terrible pollution in the gulf of Mexico and American media ignores it.
Here is an op ed piece from al Jazeera that sums up some of those feelings.

al jazeera


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