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On Turning 65



Well this morning I turned 65. i reckon thats a milestone like 21 is a milestone. Its a legal milestone in that it used to be retirement age for social security, now its later as the government has better uses for our money than we do. i might buy a new hookah, but the government can kill more people. Things have changed alot since my birth, but I was born a few days into the atomic age. i think of my grandfather who was born in 1880's in what used to be the Ottoman empire. He came to America to avoid WW I, saw horses turn into cars,airplanes, radio,a terrible depression, a terrible war, A and H bombs, satellites and finally right before he died man on the moon. It was too much for him, he never believed it haMFen. His years were years of far greater change than my years. Oh there's electronic technology and the age of information, but I've watched my country go from a defender of liberty and human rights to the empire of evil and bully of the world. That's sad, but whats sadder still is that a large segment of America still believes in those legends. I did. And we had just droMFed 2 atomic bombs. Who knows. My race is almost over, I've a shitload of health issues caused by years of intense party and abuse. It's a miracle I made it this far. But i don't regret a minute of it. It was a hell of a ride. And it ain't over yet, so what else does fate have instore for me. I am easily pleased these days.


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