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No Fedex Please!



I don't know about you, but I am always having trouble with FedEx. Ever since Tom Hanks lost Wilson, service has gotten worse by the day.
I get alot of packages. USPS and UPS are great in getting stuff here on time. FedEx, n the other hand, has problems with rural delivery. OK, I live in the AMFalachian backwoods, miles from any town, but I do live near a paved road. UPS makes it. But they pay overtime. FedEx drivers have to head home at 5 PM whether they make their deliveries or not. Forget it if their is one flake of snow, home they go. UPS has gotten here as late as 8PM and in a blizzard. I have written numerous letters and e mails to FedEx, first i got form letter replies, now I am ignored. I am expecting a package from Banned Vendor,tracking says its on the truck, the weather is wonderful, no snow and the creek ain't up.UPS has been here today and my wonderful mail lady has arrived with some books, but no FedEx. Its almost 5PM and I expect, when I go to tracking later, it will say their was a "delivery exception" for reasons beyond their control. If this is any indication of their service worldwide, I sure wouldn't buy any of their stock.


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