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A lot of it depends on your budget.

B/c I'm all about senses when it comes to my place for guests. Things are usually aesthetically pleasing and there are various smells that blend from place to place.

There are a few options:

-essential oils (in a spray bottle since you can't use candles)
- Yankee Candle Air spray (they have a new one that is suMFosed to neutralize odors and give a "clean" sent)
- Reed Diffusers (wood wick brand in my opinion or walmart brand works fine too)

* as a side note walmart carries "sprays" that give off a scent but the spray bottles suck. So my advice is get a spray bottle for 50 cents and then pour in the different fragrances you want to mix. Few sprays near the ceiling or on a fabric and you're in business.

Source: Air Fresheners!

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