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i had all these grandiose ideas about what i would write in this blog. Yet now that it comes to writing them they all seem rather trite and boring. fuck it. i was going to delve into the social problems of American media coverage of the war in iraq. seeing as that might be a wee bit too weighty for the music im listening to, ill just talk about the music.

My favorite artists to listen to while smoking hookah are DJ Shadow and Thievery corporation.
if you arent familiar with their work heres what you need to know.
DJ shadow is an electronic musician who has helped pioneer a sort of chilled out house/ambient/trip hop style of electronica. its calming and easy to use as background music, but its until youve listened carefully to the music that you will see the true brilliance in the music. Its like the best chillout music youve ever listened to, subtle but complex. hip but not loud or outrageous. just brilliantly crafted songs that are perfect to just vibe with. Shadow is actually a guinness book of world record holder for producing the first album that was entirely sampled (preemptive strike.) NOTE: not all shadow songs are created equal. he has an equal number of unimpressive ones on each album. its a shame really since listening all the way through an album isnt that great of an experience. oh well you cant have everything.
Essential DJ Shadow tracks (you really need these)

-off the album preemptive strike:
what does your soul look like (part 2)
what does your soul look like ( part 1)
organ donor (extended overhaul)
-off the album endtroducing
building steam with a grain of salt
stem long stem
midnight in a perfect world

thatll give you a good start on shadow. his album the private press has some brilliant tracks but theyre less chill and therefore not as good for hookah smoking

Thievery corporation: these guys are practically made for hookah smoking. they blend easter sounds with chill ambient house style techno. super good. my favorite to listen to while smoking. get every album!
but notable tracks include
off of the album The Richest Man in Babylon(their best imo)
Facing east
un simple histoire
meu destino
From Creation
The Richest Man in Babylon (god this track is unbelievable)
the state of the union

On second thought... get the entire album. richest man in babylon is a brilliant album.
mirror conspiracy is also a brilliant album
as is the cosmic game.