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Hookups Hookah Lounge

Name: Hookups Hookah Lounge

Location:Lake Forest, California

Owners name: Shah

18+ (no alcohol)

I have seen previous reviews about this particular lounge and none do it justice, so here is an updated review.

The atmosphere of this lounge is ideal for its cause. Unlike many lounges obsessed with the nightclub concept, Hookups stays true to the spirit of a lounge. Upon arrival, expect a cordial greeting from the friendly staff with service that is attentive and prompt. However, many lounges can try to argue the same so......

Why choose Hookups?

- Over 10 potential flavors! Each with its own particular zing, with particular combinations developed by actual hookups customers. Peach Cosmo-lemon tea anyone?

- Social networking is at its best. Unlike many lounges that seem to seperate everyone into their corners, Hookups practices a private, yet open seating arrangement. Within your group, you can easily conversate, but speak about the playoffs (for the sports fans) just as easily with the group to either side of you!

Regular customers include producers, promoters, and various music artist as well. Its a great place to "hook up" and make connections.

- The ventilation is ideal for an indoor lounge. Meaning, circulation of air is constant enough to provide easy breathing, yet not so strong as to disrupt blowing "o's" of smoke ( for the experienced smoker)

- The lighting of this lounge helps to reduce that feeling of comatose normally associated with lounges. Instead of the usual darkness, your greeted with a lively aura, which in turn gives the lounge its upbeat, yet relaxed aMFroach.

- They have WI-FI!!

Ages generally range from 20-30, however it is still a great find for any age group. Just recently in my ventures to hookups hookah lounge, a good friend of mine brought his own father.

To quote him, "I can see why you come, you've got great people here".

They are open everyday from 7pm-2am and yes, people stay the whole 7 hours.

Come for the music, usually a mixture of styles from middle eastern, hip-hop, to reggae.

Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are available upon request at a small fee, as well as personal hoses for the germ obsessed.

Thursday through Saturday are normally the busier days, but any night is just as good a night to go.

One of the main things I enjoy about this lounge is that you can go alone and still have fun. Don't just take my word for it though, see it for yourself! Hopefully I'll see you there.

Hookups Hookah Lounge

24412 Muirlands Blvd
Lake Forest, CA 92630



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