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Mya Saray Bevel Burner

Introducing the new Mya Saray Bevel Bowl. Now, when I first got this thing I was trying to figure out what they were making next to screw onto the top of the bowl. Then I was informed the grooves were to hold the foil in place. Well, now thats clever I though, lets see if it works with say, an underpacked bowl. First though, a brief description.

As you can see, its a little taller, a bit wider, a lot flatter on the bottom, and the holes are spread out more as compared to one of my well used standard burners. Aesthetically (look that one up if you have to ) it is pleasing to the eye with some nice lines that would go well with any modern or traditional Hookah.

You don't really have to do anything different when packing this burner, I mean, I put the tobacco in, I place the foil on top, pull it tight, and then rotate the bowl and pulled down foil in my hand to seal it down as with any other bowl. Only this time the foil is set into the side grooves. This is supposed to keep the foil from flexing and sagging. I know I hate it when MY foil sags, but that's for another blog.

The real question is, did it work. Yup, it worked. I packed this sucker with Tangiers (yes you can smoke Tangiers in a standard bowl, that was covered long ago in another post) about 2/3 full and then set the foil. After an Hour and a half session I pulled the burner, dumped the ash and as you can see in the bottom picture, the foil is still tight. No need for "mods" or screens to keep the foil off the tobacco.

So, is it worth the $6 on myahookah.com. Yup.





Mya Saray Ballerina

Introducing the Mya Saray Ballerina. Light graceful lines,
quality workmanship, um, I think my dancer analogy is going to go terribly
wrong but anyways, here we have the Ballerina. With many of the Mya Saray hookahs
I have reviewed I’ve discussed how solid and durable they are, workhorses for
the hard smoking settings, etc. The ballerina is still well made with a solid
brass core and chrome plating, but it is a little more on the stylish and elegant

The first thing to note is that if you get it from Myahookah.com
it comes with their new high impact plastic case. The case is very nice with a
lockable latch, compartments to separate the pieces, and a internal padded
zipper pouch to give the base added protection. I’ll be posting a review of the
case itself in a separate write up. But for now the important thing is that the
Ballerina comes with one and it keeps it quite safe and secure.

The base is Bohemian Glass. Which means it is thin but strong. The top is set up for a screw in stem
as opposed to a pressure grommet so you don’t have to worry when one of your
friends picks the hookah up by the stem and tries to move it into the next
room. The metal threaded top piece will also protect the top of the glass from
accidental impacts while you are cleaning it, filling it, or putting the stem
in. The shape is elegant with a mixture of a traditional base with a modern
interpretation with clear sections and frosted sections and the gold painted
designs provide a nice touch. The glass passes the light clearly and when there
is water in it the effect is quite beautiful. The way the smoke looks when it
fills the base is also rather nice to watch.

The stem is also artistic. While the lines are simple, the
ripple effect gives it a more graceful look. Don’t let this fool you however,
it is still solid brass cored with a chrome finish and is quite durable. The
stem is set up with 2 capped spots for additional hose ports, which means with
a few hose adaptors from Myahookah.com and your bare hands you can set the Ballerina
up to take up to 4 hoses. As I’ve stated
before, the stem is a screw in type, so you can actually carry the whole hookah
by the stem instead of having to carry it by the base. The downstem on the
Ballerina is quite wide and long, allowing for good deep hits and a lot of
leeway as to water level. The typical 1 inch guideline for water levels can
really be considered a minimum with this hookah and you can add a bit more
water to the base for added stability and a deeper bubble.

All in all, the Ballerina is a beautiful hookah good for
both everyday use and for a more special occasion. The fine Bohemian glass base
gives it a slightly more light and elegant look when combined with the
beautifully designed stem. The case means you can safely transport it when
going out and want to bring something a little nicer with you than the usual
smaller travel hookah. And of course, it smokes like a MYA.




Mya Saray Astra

This is a quick guide and review of the Mya Saray Astra. Now,
I know you are probably thinking, the WHAT? Its not the Tank, the QT, the Ballerina, the Bambino, or any of the hookahs
you usually hear about by Mya. What it IS, is a relatively new hookah made up
of over five pounds of brass, chrome and glass. This thing is SOLID.

The stem looks like a QT S Class all grown up. It’s a screw on stem so when your inexperienced
friends try to pick it up by the stem and try to move it you won’t have to make
that lunging grab for the base. The stem has 2 extra port opening, sealed with
removable plugs so it is a quick and easy operation to add additional hose
ports. If you go as far as to replace the purge valve, something you can do
with Mya Saray hookahs if you are using the Auto-Seal Hookah Hose Adapters, the
Astra can easily accommodate up to 4 hoses. With the Hose Adapters you don’t
have to worry about corking the other ports when you aren’t using them and they
act as multi purge valves.

The base is a nicely designed piece of glass. As I said before it is a screw in so it has the
threaded metal collar keeping the stem securely attached to the base. The Base
is wide bottomed and quite thick and even with the weight of the stem, the
Astra has an extremely low center of gravity. Add water and I don’t think
anything short of a deliberate effort will be able to knock it over.

When I had my own lounge, before my home state made places like mine illegal, I actually used the
QT for my house smoking hookahs. I liked them because they were small enough
not to be in the way if you had several on a table (The place was small, not
much room for the hookahs to be placed on the floor), they had a very low
center of gravity so they were ALMOST impossible to knock over, and they were
solidly built and durable enough to take the kind of use and abuse hookahs take
in a lounge setting. If I were to open another lounge today with a little more
room, this is the hookah I would use. They are inexpensive, around $100 retail
from http://www.myahookah.com/mya-astra-s-260-100.aspx, all the parts are
interchangeable and easy to order, and if you have a retail section like I did,
I’m willing to bet after your customers have smoked out of it, they would want
one for themselves.

Did I mention they even look nice?

So, we have a nice looking, solidly built, reasonably priced
hookah than can be made to take up to 4 hoses. How does it smoke…..?




The New Mya Mikro

So this is the new Mya Saray Mikro.
Its part of their regular line of hookahs so its Cast Brass with a chrome finish. Haven't smoked it yet but its solid, nice looking, and the latch screen should be entertaining.





How To Spot A Fake Mya Saray Hookah.

So, I've been friends with the guys at Mya for many years now. They get a lot of complaints from folks about hookahs they have purchased, only to ask that pictures be sent of the offending hookah. They say 9 out of 10 times, its not actually a Mya Saray. So how do you spot a real Mya if you are not very familiar with the brand? They stamp MYA on their hookahs in 2-3 different places depending on the year and model.

1) The Tray should have MYA stamped on it.

2) The Stem should have MYA stamped on it. This stamp may be big or small, but it will be there.

3) The newer Mya hookahs will also have MYA stamped/printed somewhere on the glass base. (Don't have a picture of that to show you yet, but look for it.)

There are also a few things you will NOT see.

You will NOT see clear plastic cubes in the stem. This hookah was recently sold on Ebay as a Mya.

You will also not see a Mya stem made out of any colour metal but Silver or Gold. Anodized aluminium in Blues, Greens, Reds, or Rainbows are not MYA hookahs. I have seen many rip off QT's out of this material. Here's an example of what the stuff looks like.

Oh, and the case, had better have MYA in a silver oval.

When in doubt, you can always look up the hookah on their web site.