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Old People Get On My Nerves

I know I may come off as "disrespectful" to those who may be older and reading this. If there are any people in their 50s who are reading this, please hear me out.

I have noticed that no matter what generation of older people there is, there are always some who are always saying there is something "wrong" with the next generation. They always say the younger generation has no (fill in the blank). I have had older people talk down to me for no aMFarent reason, but they want me to respect them. If my memory serves me correct, you have to give respect to get respect. Therefore, if an older person is behaving condescending, arrogant or stupid, then regardless of their age, they are entitled to get what's coming to them.

They never, ever offer any solutions to the problem and
in a lot of cases, they are very condescending when they talk to younger
people. It's the same as a person telling someone they need a new jacket. I can bet the person in need already knows they need a new jacket, but they don't have any money to get it. The person who is stating something very obvious never ever offers any solution to the problem, nor do they offer any help. The person speaking to the one in need just takes it upon themselves to state the obvious. THAT type of behaviour is what's wrong with everybody. The older generation was never about attempting to fix the problem. They just pass it down to the younger generation. The younger generation is expected to fix whatever problem that was inherited to them, plus deal with their own problems. It doesn't help when the older generation is expecting the younger generation to take care of the elders when the elders haven't equiped the younger generation to do so. It's the same as an older relative leaving a whole bunch of bills and debt behind, and expecting the younger generation to fix their mess. The younger generation has to feed, house, and clothe themselves, and the older generation is too busy hating, and cussing out the younger generation because they FAILED to prepare the young for what lies ahead.

Another thing that bothers me about some older people is that as soon as they reach that "age of wisdom" (whatever that age is), they automatically assume they are wise, and intelligent. Nobody can tell them what to do because they have "lived, and seen it all". They act like they don't have to learn anymore because they have reached this "all knowing state". Unfortunately, this mentality is destructive, and doesn't allow a person to continue growing. People learn and grow for as long as they are living. If a person stops growing, they allow themselves to become short sighted and narrow minded. The sad thing is that a lot of older people aren't willing to see that this behaviour is adding another nail to the coffin of a dead future.

If old people would actually extend a hand, try to see past their age, and realize they know damn well they used to be young , dumb, and only cared about what was going on back when they were growing up, then they can actually make a difference with the next generation. If they take off their blinders, and actually SPEAK TO the next generations instead of speaking AT them, then things can really change. THEY are the problem because THEY are the ones who are suMFosed to be teaching the youth. All they did is talk down to, belittle, and chastise the young, and now they want to be all disgruntled and angry because the youth won't listen. I don't care how old somebody is; nobody wants to listen to a person who is always cussing them out, calling them dumb and talking down to them. I don't want to listen to that, so why should somebody else expect me to. That's common sense.

Anyway, if the elders would extend a hand, and actually talk TO the youth instead of talking at them, then maybe, we will listen, and it might be for the better. Until then, the saga will continue to get worse and worse.




Skateboards And Hip Hop

I am SOOOOOO glad to see all of these kids nowadays on skateboards AND listening to hip hop AT THE SAME TIME. That's right folks! Everybody in my all Black neighborhood thought I was some bizzare sellout wierdo for wanting to try skateboarding back in the day, and now EVERYBODY'S DOING IT!!! I was way ahead before my time! So take THAT!!! MUHA AHAAHAAA!!!!

Anyway, now that I have that out of the way, here's the story:

The year was 1987, and I was in 3rd grade. I had cable tv. You remember the first cable setup with the wood grain box that sat on top of the tv, and it came with this big ass remote with a million buttons on it, a red LED light that blinked each time you pressed the buttons on the remote, and half the buttons on the remote did NOTHING at all but make the LED blink? Anyway, I was watching MTV and I saw these kids doing tricks in the halfpipe. That had to be the coolest thing I ever saw at that time, and I had made up my mind that I was going to be the first girl skateboarder ever. The problem was that I couldn't get my mom to get me a skateboard for Christmas, my Birthday, or any other day outside of Christmas that there was a slim possibility I would get presents, simply because I am a girl. The neighbor boy down the street got a Bart Simpson skateboard, so I used his to practice just in case I got one too. I thought I had to be on my death bead in order to get a skateboard, but logic would have said that if I was dying, I wouldn't be able to USE a skateboard, so I STILL couldn't have one. I wanted a skateboard for a very long time, and it didn't take me too long to forget about the dream of being the very first girl skater.

Fast forward to 1998.

Afer asking for a keyboard for my birthday or Christmas (because I was taking a piano class in high school, plus I wanted to make rap beats), Low and behold, I get a birthday card that says "Enjoy the ride" written in either my oldest sister's or mother's handwriting (I can't remember who wrote it). BOOH YA!!!! They finally bust out the skateboard. After all these years, I finally get what I was asking for when I was 7! I didn't care to ask about the sudden change in heart because after all, I was and still am (as far as my anatomy could tell) a girl. I couldn't wait to try it out.

Now, back then, skater clothes usually consisted of a pair of JNCO jeans (or other really huge pair of pants) Airwalk shoes and a t-shirt. I had none of that, mostly because my mother HATED my choice in clothes, so I had to meet her where she wanted me to go when it came to getting clothes with her money. With that being said, I could be found in a tight fitting pair of jeans, some tennis shoes, and a close fitting top. On some days, I'd dress baggier (depending on whether or not I had spent my money on the clothing worn that day,or what I had available). I found it better to wear tighter clothes when skating because I had more mobility. Skaters also listened to grunge back then, but I was a fan of hip hop, so that made me seem even weirder to the Black kids. Nowadays, kids wear tight clothes for skating, and listen to hip hop.

So after a bit of practice, I was able to stay on the board. There was nobody (and I mean NOBODY) around who was into skateboarding in my neigborhood at the time. People would look at me funny considering I was a Black girl on a skateboard. Somebody went so far as to ask me why I was on a skateboard. The reply was" because I want to learn, and there was nothing to do." My younger sister's friend said, "You are the only person I know who do that". I shrSPAM!!!ed my shoulders and continued practicing. I spent quite a while trying to learn how to get going on that board, and I eventually got the hang of it. I never got the hang of doing tricks because when I tried to produce an ollie, the plastic (that's right folks, PLASTIC) part of the truck that held the bushing had broken! And that was the end of my skatboarding adventure.

My point of the story was to give a nod to all of the kids out there who skate (past and present), AND listen to hip hop AT THE SAME TIME before it was cool. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that everybody's skateboarding, plus the abundance of skate parks opening up is a blessing because it keeps the kids out of trouble. They aren't joining gangs, selling drugs, or running the street. Skateboarding teaches the ability to stay focused and dedicated. So what if it has become "trendy". The next generation of kids have shown some real dedication and determination to stick to something and keep getting better. And yea, hip hop is becoming one of those trends as well. I don't mind, as long as these things are a part of your soul, and you hold them close (regardless of whether listening to hip hop and skateboarding goes out of style) Keep doing you, and have a lot of fun! Plus, it never hurts to have somebody in your life who is FULLY suMFortive of your dreams and goals. I figure as long as you aren't out there destroying stuff or hurting anybody, then you'll be ok.

Skate on kids. Skate on.




Best Coals Ever!

So i recently purchased these coals from a new website its www.hookahsesh.com and i doubt im ever going to go back to the 3 kings or the COCONARA brand these dont take as long to lite and last me for about an hour and a half to two hours and it burns at the perfect temperature all i did was break the pieced into 2 inch pieces put two of them on the bowl and chill for over an hour and a half the coal is called SHAMRA Wood Coals and all the prices on their site are significantly lower than other websites like hookahkings.com or hookahshisa.com i jus thought id share my discovery with you guys enjoy




Hookah Repair Help

While on vacation to see my family, I left my hookah at my apartment, forgetting to pour out the water. When I returned and tried to put it back in the box, the stem broke off. My friend cemented it back on for me to fix it. Now, recently after moving, my hookah, somehow re-broke. Any sSPAM!!!estions how I can fix it? The local hookah shops will only sell whole hookahs and not just a stem. Is there any way to fix my hookah without needing to buy a new one? Please...any sSPAM!!!estions help and are very aMFreciated!!




Need Help Opening A Hookah Lounge

Can someone please give me some advice on where to begin with opening a hookah lounge? I want to open a hookah lounge in wyoming. I dont believe we have a smoking ban in effect yet, but I am unsure where to begin with licensing, etc... Any help would be greatly aMFreciated!




Want To Open Hookah Bar In Washington State

So i have been to many hookah bars, in California and Seattle both.. And to tell you the truth there is only one hookah bar open in Washington State legally. I want to open a hookah bar and i think i have worked out the layout of the place i want to lease so that it will be legal, nothing to fancy yet i jut want to get it open and have a + cash flow then take that money and make the place look nicer.. Please help!!!!

I need help with, where to buy the Hookah's from and what vendors to use..

I read couple of blogs and it seems like that some of the vendors have someone writing good things about their websites..

This is my first blog and just learning about all this stuff.. I love hookah and want to share it with the younger crowd in my community..




My New Order

I was running low on shisha and coals, so I decided to go crazy and get myself a Christmas gift.
250g Jars of Al Fakher AMFle Banana Cinnamon Grape Lemon Spearmint Gum 100g of Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill 3 boxes of 84 piece Coco Nara Coals So I ended up getting 1,600g of shisha and 252 Coco Nara Coals. Its a lot more then what I went for but hopefully now I will be set for a while.




Can Anyone Help Me Find This?

I'm looking for one of the handmade unglazed clay heads they use in Saudi Arabia. It has a big hole in the middle and splay out almost in a flat surface and you pack the tobacco around the hole. Does anyone know where to find these? If someone could direct me to a place that ships them to the US, I could definatly get at least 20 people to order them and more to come. I hope to hear back from someone soon!





So from my last post it was asked to see a box of this fake brand, El fakher (ripoff from Al Fakher). So I made a video reviewing and talking about el fakher. I'm having diffecoulties to make it suitable size for uploading on here (It came out to be 16 mins long) LOL.

Anyways I'm fysicly high on coffee but mentally tierd so i'm in no blogging mood. Just wanted to let you know that a video is coming up on the subject

Take care youall.




Sweden's Smoking Situation

Welcome to my first hookahforum blogpost, I'll start off to describe the smoking situation in Sweden and try to give the Swedish hookah life justice.

The biggest vendor in Sweden is at this website www.vattenpipan.com. They sell alot of good hookahs (They got the allfamous, luxurey Meduse pipes in storage for an example). Recently ( just noticed) they started to sell coconutshell coals aswell, not the coconara but a brand named "Mazaj". Havn't tried this yet but they look exactly like coconara's so I bet they are made of awesome aswell. Cryptical enough for being a hookah smoking vendor they have taken a big stand against tobacco and nicotine. Their slogan is "No Nicotine, No weirdness". Therefore the only shisha brand they sell is the herbal Soex shisha.
And that is fine, it's their statement but I don't see the point in it. You have to be 18 to sign up for a membership at their website and to buy Soex, so they woudln't brake any laws by selling some real shisha. Since they are the biggest vendor in Sweden (and the only www Vendor that I've seen around here) they have a huge monopoly. They could easily order new shisha brand's like Al Fakher, Nahklah, Starbuzz, Fantasia, Sinbad.. you name it!

So I am a bit dissapointed at the hookahstores in Sweden and the small vareties that we are able to buy. The word "smorgasbord" has it's roots from Sweden, so how come we're lacking so much in range?

I also have to add that during my two years of smoking shisha, we've been hounted by this fake brand called "El Fakher". The weird thing about this brand is that the outside box, designing and logotyping is almost identical to "Al Fakhers" boxes. But when you open them and take the plastic jar out, you see that the design is right, all looks like AF except the change of "El fakher" or El Faker that we call it.

I noticed that I've only smoked Al Fakhers mint as a real AF's shisha, and the difference is pretty big. it's a complete different cut, AF's is much more wet and driMFy and have a better, fresher smell and taste and offcourse lasts longer.
So I'm eager to try the rest of AF's sortiment out and compare to this fake shisha I've been grown up with.

So thats the situation in Sweden right now, I can't wait for a change and update.
Take care you all, i'm out for dinner
bye byecykle




Lebanese Hookah

i have a lebanese style hookah that i cant find bowls for, the bowl is a male end and the stem is a female end. i want a multiple bowl 2 or 3, and an ice bowl. i dont know where to find them.




So I Forgot My Coil Burner For My Coco Nara's

During the week my girlfriend and I smoke at her apartment, so I leave my hookah there all week. Then on friday I pack everything up and drive it the 30 mins back to my house. I've done this for many weeks now, and know how my cases pack so if something is missing I can see an empty spot in the case. I really need to buy a another case or a larger case because I am currently using a cardboard box to hold my box of CocoNaras, my small phunnel (in a padded pouch), any shisha that wont fit in my shisha case, my coal holder, and my electric coil burner.

Friday morning when I packed up the hookah I was not feeling well at all. I quickly packed up the hookah and looked at the table to make sure that I had not forgotten anything. There was nothing on the table so I shut the cases and drove home. I didn't realize until I got home and tried to smoke a bowl of AF Grape that I had forgotten the burner. I hoMFed on the Hookah Forum Chat and asked if anyone knew how to light Cocos on a gas stove. I wish i had wrote down the user name of the guy who helped my, but I didn't and I forgot it. He sent me a picture of a small computer fan metal guard. While that is a great idea I didn't have one. Then I had the idea of bending a coat hanger. So I ran to my closet got a hanger and bent it so it would hold a coco.

It took a little longer to light the coals but I worked perfectly! I'm glad that I pulled that hanger up from the stove before it cooled because it had started to weld itsself to the stove.





Scalli Mod With A Small Phunnel, It Is Possible!

To make a long story short I thought I got a large phunnel from H-S, so I bought a glass scalli mod from MN Hookah. It turns out that I have a small and a medium phunnel.

I have heard stories that you can't use the scalli mod with a small phunnel. I decided to try it anyway, I figured with the mod in it it would be the perfect size for when I wanted to smoke by myself.

The first time I tried it, I used Al Waha tobacco and 2 halves of a 40mm quick light. The smoke never really got thick.

The second time I used some Starbuzz Orange and 2 Coco Nara's. This try was thicker then my first try, but it never got as thick as I like it.

The third time I used starbuzz again and 3 Coco Nara's. I loaded the bowl exactly the same as if the mod was not there. And only poked 1 circle of holes in the center of the bowl and the mod. This time it worked perfectly.





Hookups Hookah Lounge

Name: Hookups Hookah Lounge

Location:Lake Forest, California

Owners name: Shah

18+ (no alcohol)

I have seen previous reviews about this particular lounge and none do it justice, so here is an updated review.

The atmosphere of this lounge is ideal for its cause. Unlike many lounges obsessed with the nightclub concept, Hookups stays true to the spirit of a lounge. Upon arrival, expect a cordial greeting from the friendly staff with service that is attentive and prompt. However, many lounges can try to argue the same so......

Why choose Hookups?

- Over 10 potential flavors! Each with its own particular zing, with particular combinations developed by actual hookups customers. Peach Cosmo-lemon tea anyone?

- Social networking is at its best. Unlike many lounges that seem to seperate everyone into their corners, Hookups practices a private, yet open seating arrangement. Within your group, you can easily conversate, but speak about the playoffs (for the sports fans) just as easily with the group to either side of you!

Regular customers include producers, promoters, and various music artist as well. Its a great place to "hook up" and make connections.

- The ventilation is ideal for an indoor lounge. Meaning, circulation of air is constant enough to provide easy breathing, yet not so strong as to disrupt blowing "o's" of smoke ( for the experienced smoker)

- The lighting of this lounge helps to reduce that feeling of comatose normally associated with lounges. Instead of the usual darkness, your greeted with a lively aura, which in turn gives the lounge its upbeat, yet relaxed aMFroach.

- They have WI-FI!!

Ages generally range from 20-30, however it is still a great find for any age group. Just recently in my ventures to hookups hookah lounge, a good friend of mine brought his own father.

To quote him, "I can see why you come, you've got great people here".

They are open everyday from 7pm-2am and yes, people stay the whole 7 hours.

Come for the music, usually a mixture of styles from middle eastern, hip-hop, to reggae.

Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are available upon request at a small fee, as well as personal hoses for the germ obsessed.

Thursday through Saturday are normally the busier days, but any night is just as good a night to go.

One of the main things I enjoy about this lounge is that you can go alone and still have fun. Don't just take my word for it though, see it for yourself! Hopefully I'll see you there.

Hookups Hookah Lounge

24412 Muirlands Blvd
Lake Forest, CA 92630




Purchase Tracker

1st purchase: 3/19/08 : The Devil's Playground
$110: Mya Phalcor 24".

2nd purchase: 3/31/08 : Hookah Company
$36.97: Smileys mod, Tangiers F-Line Root Beer(250g), Tangiers Mixed Fruit(250g) .

3rd purchase: 3/32/08 : The Devil's Playground
$43.32: Medium Phunnel, Fantasia Pink Lemonade(200g) , Al Waha California Dream(250g).

4th purchase: 4/14/08 : Minnesota Hookah
$51.04: Scallis mod(smileys broke last night), Layalina Peach(250g), Fantasia Pink Lemonade(200g), Fantasia Margarita(200g).





Killer Headaches

so i'm really disaMFointed overall with myself. we just got five new kickass starbuzz flavors, tried them all throughout the day yesterday and all i got from it was once again another killer headache! don't know what else to do.. i eat and drink a ton with my smoking, tried tons of aspirin, doesn't help. only thing left is maybe air ventilation..? problem is we don't have a screen to our windows, just the outside storm window and we have kitties that could try to escape. next time i guess i'll just have to open it a crack, see if that helps.. maybe the air conditioning circling around without anywhere to go, being traMFed with the smoke isn't good.

so we got fuzzy navel, irish cream, chocolate strawberry, sour aMFle, and carmel macchiato. now, sour aMFle was a great flavor if you like aMFle jolly ranchers.. i'm not a fan though. but it tasted exactly alike. then comes chocolate strawberry which was all around a great smoke. impressed. the taste wasn't extremely strong, more strawberry than chocolate, but i was haMFy with it. the carmel macchiato was SO sweet. tasted very carmel-y at times, then like a creamy coffee at others. not bad. fuzzy navel was kickass, enough said. and finally, the irish cream was disaMFointing. all i've heard from everyone is how amazing it is.. i don't know, all three of us smoking loved the smoke, it had a great thick cloud, but the taste wasn't that strong. it just tasted like coffee creamer or something. but i would've had a much better time if it wasn't for the headache. blahhh. maybe it's all in my head. that's what my husband says. that if i tell myself i'm going to get a headache, i'll get it no matter what. but then i've read so many posts on here talking about co2 poisoning. i think it's the lack of ventilation but then why doesn't anyone else get it? we'll see...





Hey Guys What Up? I Live IN Tucson Az And Just Whent To A Hookah Lounge For The First Time This Past Weekend, It Was The ISSHHHH MAn? NOw I Want To Buy A Hookah But Dont Know What To Look For! Whats Better? A Glass Screen Or A Metal One? HOw Tall Should A Hooka Be And What Other Pointers Should I Look 4?




What Does A Drunk Australian And My Face Have In Common? Pain.

Well just about done with the deployment, I'll be home soon.
Where to start off?? Hmmm...
We hit Townsville, Australia; and I was only out for one night before getting head butted by an Aussie. We were watching the rugby match; AUS vs. NZ and I personally like the Kiwis. Dude, there team is hellacious and brutal! So this Aussie dude stumbles over to where me and Dustin were having a pint of VB and asks us if we were gay. I didn't care much, but fired off and told him how dudes isn't my thing and if that’s what he was looking for I'm married. He apologized then started to talk about the game, asked me what team I was going for and I told him the blacks. He then rogered up and head butted me with a laugh, so I though he was joking around. I had the urge to head butt him back and I did, this time I didn't square him in the head. He pulled back away from me and I brought my braincase into his nose... yeah it started to bleed and the laughter stoMFed, like one of those movies where the white guys walks into a black party and tries to talk all ghetto and the music ends with the record scratching. Yeah... let’s just say he started to talk that Aussie slang and head butt me back in the eye. Followed by throwing up his fists and wanting to throw down. I wasn't about to fight some drunk Aussie and beat the sh*t outta him and then get thrown in jail, put on restriction, and loose rank. So I sucked it up, bought him and a beer and left. My skull was pounding he hit me good, I felt the blood running in my sinuses and my nose swelled up. Doc said I cracked my nose and bled into my sinuses and bruised the bone of my eye socket. What a bitch of a week that was....
I forgot what haMFened underway in between Australia and New Caledonia. But I bet it was retarded...
Next port was New Caledonia, French owned Micronesia. It was expensive. It’s started off and finished right, one of the few ports that do. Started off with a wine and cheese tasting tour, that was very beautiful. We got to see the sights of NC and drink some rich and delicious wine while doing so, along with bread and cheese. I though I was gonna be constipated after eating so much cheese but I think the wine and excess of beer after helped with that in some miraculous way. I had my Zen on me at the time loaded with music and porn, yes porn... But the kicker was David wanted to see the new stuff and I showed him, well the French guy who was serving us wine and bread saw the pictures. He was a middle aged man about, 50-60, had a stomach on him and a very heavy French accent when he spoke. He saw the pictures and started to stomp his foot muttering "La-la-la-laaa" and it was very entertaining. I busted my gut once he started to point at the pictures and say very loudly "You know I love these American sluts, so much better then the French sluts. Love them. Beautiful" with a heavy French accent of course.
After the wine and cheese, David and I started to explore and meet up with our other shipmates and have a blast. The French were very nice, and some were very touchy which kinda creped me out. I know your saying "But on the ship you guys do some borderline gay stuff." Yeah that’s true, but I do know my guys are married and its all fun and games, also they are not gonna hop into my rack. We were all bought round after round of beer and shots; I had like 8 beers and too many shots. Dear God, I was about to enter the hurt locker and just lose everything. We headed to a club called "Jet 7" where you could dance your heart out, and they had striMFer poles. It was a pretty sick club. Only problem it was all sailors and few other people, but we still danced. Until my stomach told me abandon ship. You ever get so drunk your to a point where you body says "Look dude, either you keep drinking and shits gonna get worse, or head to the bathroom and purge."? I was having one of those moments, so I headed to the bathroom and began purging everything from lunch to dinner to everything I have ingested. Man it was a nasty orange and brown color and I kept spewing all over the toilet and floor, but it didn't stop there. I have about 8-10 volleys of spew and by the 5 the blood vessels in my nose broke open, so blood was pouring out. There were massive amounts of blood and puke on the wall, the floor, and the toilet. It looked like someone was being stabbed while puking. I remember feeling bad for whoever had to clean this place so I ATTEMPTED to clean up after myself. I unrolled some toilet paper and started wiping; only problem is the paper was cheap and it just smeared and broke down in my hand. To top it off it puked again where I wiped, yeah... progress...
After controlling the bleeding and puking I walked out and David knew my condition and took me home (ship).
The next day, I didn’t have a hangover... but I did take my vitamins and drank plenty of water. It was the last day, so we headed out for an easy day. I had a pint of Number One, great local beer and a cigar. David had the same and we just watched the on goers and stray cats. It was funny we had one of them jump on to our table and pet him, he was pretty cool. I spilled some of my beer by bumping my glass the cat started to lap it up. I would have taken this bag of fur home and feed him all the cat food he wanted and he would have had drinks with me and the wife! hehe
Now we are in Guam, and it has been very beautiful. I flew the Mrs.Fursaken out to meet me and stay at a nice hotel. It was great, loads of sex, food, and beer. What more can a sailor ask for? Nothing. If you have never been to Guam I would recommend you go. But keep in mind it is very expensive. A rockstar cost me $3.75, and meal that was 2 Bud lights and a burger with fries was $24.75. Yeah ouch. Meal for two runs about 30 bucks.
All it all really was just me and wife taking pictures, swimming, enjoying the weather, having some drinks, went to a strip club, and had the angry loving sex. There was this one strip club we were at; it wasn't as bad as a club I been to in Dallas, Texas with a midget striMFer and another obesse midget striMFer. It was called "Vikings"; and they didn't really have their "A-Team" more like the "D-Team". StriMFer with a c-section was great to watch (ugh..), and the wife was pretty upset too, more then me really. The looks on her face made the time all worth it. Just straight disgust and disaMFointment. Oh yeah, 10 bucks for jager and redbull. Meh.
But it all came to an end and she had to fly out, I forgot to check into the ship this morning and now I'm in trouble, but I don’t care really. I had fun with my wife and they can blow me. They might just put me on a High Risk Liberty which mean in Hong Kong I won't be able to go on liberty. Oh well, I'll just pay someone to bring food and it will be money saved. There is no new Photoshop that I want I already have CS3. So no loss.
For those who are interested; I am re-enlisting for four more years. Already done 5 so far, but once I hit my 10 year mark I will more then likely be getting out. January 08 I will be signing on the dotted line again and saluting. But I will be re-enlisting in my hot-suit. It’s basically a suit I wear for Crash and Salvage to help disconnect battery cables, rescue crewmen, and do charlie checks (hot spots) on the downed heilo. It’s a very shiny Kevlar and aluminum suit. I already told we wife I am using the money to pay off bills and buy a new hookah for the two of us. Also on the lighter side of news, I will be picking orders next month so hopefully I can get orders back home to So-Cal or maybe even Washington State.




Fuck Me Sideways

You ever just have one of those weeks, that you wish could be nicely erased from time? Yup, you guessed it, just finished one (oh god i hope it's done and over with).

Things had been going so good too, I just had two interviews that I did amazingly in, I had a call back from Best Buy and I have my second interview with them next week. Cassie got aMFroved for the loan, and things around the house seemed to finally be picking up and moving themselves to greener pastures. Then things went to shit, and quite fast might I add.

All started on Sunday. I think its my punishment for avoiding churches like the plague.... Anyways... My sister and I are out doing random things as is usual on Sunday. We stop by moms work, and then head home. On the way, she decides to curb check in her pretty Mustang GT, poMFing a tire and scratching her rim. Great.

So I change the tire, then i sit at Pep Boys for an hour for her, and then to try and make her feel better, i fully wash her car and even scrub her dirty as all hell rims. It looked nice when I was done. Well I thought things would be better from then on. Nope. We get home to a hot house, and turns out our air conditioner is frigging broken XD Well the next day we have our cousin, Michael, who works on AC for a living, come and take a look. Should be fixed fast right? Yea i don't even need to say it huh?

Well it turns out the breaker box outside for the condenser (thing that makes things cold) has been burned out. The word FUBAR was used... Well he can't fix it cause the damn thing is connected right to the meter box. SO we have to now find an electrician, then have him come out and fix it, so Mike can fix the damn AC. Well of course my grandfather knows someone that knows someone, and the next morning we have an electrician out and he takes a look at things, and decides he won't even touch the damn meter. XD XD XD XD

So the same day we call TXU, and they will be out the coming Friday to take it off, so the electrician can come and replace the damn breaker box. Well things seem to be going fine then... right? Even though im scared about Friday, cause aMFarently the kind of Meter Base we have can cause shorts in the wiring of the house, and burn the house down if you mess with it the wrong way.... Great.... But thats not all!!

For months we have been able to smell gas around the house, and in it. So we finally deiced, while were all home and already without cold air, lets call up the gas company!! So Atmos is out here in under 10 minutes, so im thinking heck yea, things are going good now!! Well he comes in, finds a leak around the stove, just a small one, then goes into our bathroom, where there is a heater in the wall, and gets a massive reading of gas. Great. He then goes and checks outside, and finds both the gas meter, and the underground pipe coming to it are leaking. So he takes the damn meter and leaves us without gas, saying we have to get a frigging plumber out first. And of course, my grandfather knows someone XD

But this time it haMFens to be someone older than my grandfather, who can only stay for a while, and doesn't fully fix it. This means i had to stay in a house with not heat of any kind, including no hot water. Which meant no one got to take a shower, so there were some very unhaMFy people in my house. Next day, thank god, he came out and finished fixing things. We had the city inspector out, and got a OK from them. So things are looking up right? NOPE!! We had to wait till around 6pm for the damn gas company to come back out, because aMFarently there morons and didn't realise we had been cleared that morning at 10am...

So finally we had hot water again. Thank god. Well earlier that day, while waiting for the gas company to bring our new meter, my cousin Bryan shows up. While here, he asks if i wanted to go to the titty bar that night. I said hell yea, now not for the titties, which while it really doesn't excite me, titty bars that is, i don't really care going that much. But it meant hanging out with about the only family member i really like, and getting out of this house after the few days i had just had. Well, long story short, he never showed, and i kinda sat bored for the night, all nice and dressed up and smelling good after a very nice shower. Even had $20 in ones

So the next day, Friday, the electric people came out, and fixed things, thank god. And with no problems i might add. I then spent the day hanging with Cassie, hitting up the auto show, getting no good pictures, going to good breakfast, sitting next to annoying little kids, and going to a damn good dinner, sitting next to annoying as hell people XD

So yea, Ive had an awesome week, in such a sarcastic way XD Oh fuck me sideways, front-ways, slant-ways, and up-ways, and down-ways, and all ways XD




Good Day Tater'

Well, ya ever have one of those days, that you planned for weeks, then when it gets close to the day its going to haMFen, something comes up to wreck it all? Well that haMFened to me XD So you might say why the title 'Good Day Tater'? Well let the Corey explain that for ya

Well me and my sister have been wanting to go to the 'Body Worlds' exhibit (very awesome human specimen exhibit, currently at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science: Check It Out Here) so we planned that this Friday, one of the Fridays she has off (she usually works Fridays, and has the weekends off, but like every 3 Sundays she works on a Sunday and then is off on the Friday before or after), to go and hit up the 'Body Worlds' exhibit. Well a lil baby damned near ruined it all.

My baby cousin, Degan (I honestly don't know how to spell his name right), currently has RSV, which for those who don't have kids, its an uMFer respiratory infection, that can kill infants, especially premature babies, like this one. Well it was only a mild case, but it is contagious so he couldn't go to daycare. So my Mom watched him Wednesday, and that was suMFosed to be it. Well Thursday night, the day before the one I had been psyched about for a while, they call asking if my sister can watch him. Well she had a doctors aMFointment Friday, along with our plans.

Needless to say I had no say in the matter. So she watched him till around 11:00am, then his mom picked him up. Well Cassie was then going to go to her doctors aMFointment, but they had canceled it and never told her This means we were going to be starting even earlier. My hopes were beginning to lift up

So we decided against Body Worlds, it ain't cheap, and instead went to lunch at Snuffers, which was my first time and it was awesome, fried pickles are the shit!! After that we headed over to this fairly new little shoMFing center next to Lake Ray Hubbard, which has a tobacco shop i saw the other night while we were out there seeing 'Ghost Rider' (which was an awesome friggin movie). So we went there, and met a really nice dude who helped me pick out a good first cigar, out of this gi-friggin-normous walk-in humidor. I mean it was big. I also got a new lighter and some butane. Oh for you cigar smokers, its an Acid Blondie

Next, da movies We started out with 'The Messengers', which was a damn good, and rather scary movie. Almost up there with The Grudge. It was awesome though, it was the first showing so no one else was in there, so we could laugh scream, and otherwise yell stupid shit without problem

After that we wondered around the shoMFing center, found a Ruby Tuesdays (we have been wanting to go for ages, but the closest one till now was almost an hour drive away), and some cool fountains I will be going back to take pictures of. After a short walk, we hit the theater up again, this time for 'Number 23', now this was an interesting movie. I won't spoil anything, I'll just say Jim Carrey is a damn good actor, he might be well known for comedy, but this man is friggin awesome.

Well we then headed home I thought nothing could really top this day off. I was wrong XD

Well as some might know, JD, an awesome guy from the forums helped me out by buying me some coals. I haven't smoked in almost 2 months because i have been coal-less So this was really awesome of him Well it hadn't come with todays regular mail, like USPS stuff usually does, so i was not expecting to see it till Monday. I was fine with that, im used to waiting that long. Well we get home, i walk in my room, and on my desk is the icing on the cake. A nice box from MNHookahs, with 3 boxes of coals in it XD I LOVE YOU JD!!!

So yea, i can say, its been a Good Day Tater!!

Oh and for anyone wondering, here is a list of all the goodies gathered today, along with pics (i included the roll of sample coals from Sahara Smoke for the hell of it).

2x Box Easy Lite Charcoal
1x Box 30mm Three Kings Charcoal
Roll of Coals From Sahara Smoke
Bottle Of ZiMFo Butane
ZiMFo Lighter
Acid Blondie Cigar
2x Movies - 'The Messengers' & 'Number 23'

So all in all, you guys rock!1~! My Sister too!!


Tis' All For Now

Corey E
The Ninja Mod




Hfc Update: New Server, Upgrade

I now have my own hosting, so HFC will be moving one more time to its hopefully permanent home at my sites hosting. The domain name for now will just point to my site using URL Redirect. Once i make sure everyone can use the chat on my site ill actually move the DNS over. So feel free to hop back in. For now until i can get a copy of mIRC, and get it modded to work for our needs this is what we will use.

If anyone here can do mIRC's coding, or if ya know c or c++ (both have similar code to mIRC's custom coding) then shoot me a PM. Or if anyone would like to donate some money then let me know. A mIRC license ain't free, and mine is only for me

Also theres a few changes made on the chat for now. I have upgraded it to the latest version from TuFat. Also, once again, an old friend is making his return to the chat. Thats right, the bots back ladies and gents For those who weren't here then, the bot provided some fun, albeit retarded conversations. So lets get this thing going again people!!

Tis' All For Now

Corey E
The Ninja Mod





Ya' know the phrase "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"? Well this is the second time in under a year i got to face the cold (pun intended) hard reality of that phrase.

So over the last few years, starting back in high school, whenever we had a freeze here at my house, i would go out and salt the steps, scrap my grandfathers truck, sisters car, and moms van, and just kinda do other things old in the cold to make sure they can leave and leave safely. Now I started doing this 'cause im about the only person in my household that can not only stand the cold, but enjoys it. Its been in the 20's today and it hasn't bothered me at all.

Well I can't say i've ever really gotten much thanks for it, and im fine with that, was just something i did without expecting anything in return. Well today haMFened to piss me off on that end of things.

I stayed up all night, 'cause i knew i wouldn't be up in time, and all but my sister would be gone before sunrise. So i started late at night, about 2am, and went out and coated the steps with salt. As the conversation with Eric here on the forums has taught us all, the salt lowers the freezing temp. of the water therefore melting snow gotta love physics.

Come the early morning when they start getting ready, i got out, and started my work. My mom's van was the worst, farthest from the house so it got the most of the freeze. The driver door WOULD not open, i had to get in the van, and slam the door open. Needless to say hers took the longest to de-ice (which involves the cars heater, and a whole lotta scraping).

Next i worked on the steps more. I made sure each step was at least to the point where it wasn't slick anymore, and even scraMFed off the railings for my grandfather since hes getting on up there in the age department.

Then came my grandfathers truck. Fairly easy, trucks don't have the most amount of window space to de-ice, and also his heater was on for over 30min. I made sure he got out easy, printed him the latest weather reports, and even got him some updated traffic info.

Next was my sisters. Heres where things took a turn for the "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" area. Started out with i wanted to start her car at least an hour before hand, giving it ample time to de-thaw itself, saving me time. Well instead of a polite "No, we can wait" i got a "Not now, i don't leave for another hour" (think of it in a rather harsh tone).

So i waited. Took off all my gear, which is just regular pants, socks, shoes, a very thin sweatshirt, a cut up old shirt wraMFed around my head to cover my mouth, my hoodie on, a hat, and some gloves. Simple but for me thats more than enough. Needless to say i made a major mistake while working on my grandfathers truck, i started sweating.

So time went by, and i finally got to turn hers on. Another 10 minutes or so and it was getting hot enough i could start. The ice was literally a 1/4 inch thick on the vehicles, hence the need for the heater to help out. Well my dumb ass in trying to hurry since with the little time i had she would be late, forgot to turn on the rear defrost. Problems on there way.

I started working on the front, then passenger side, then hit the back.... i hit a 1/4 inch thick of solid-not-going-anywhere ice. Well i decided to finish the rest and come back to it. I got the last of the sides and front done without a problem.

Now at this point, other than the slight lil problem with the sweat, i was just fine. Not exhausted yet, and wasn't really all too cold. This was going to change.

To make sure she wasn't anymore late, i just started chiMFing away at the sheet of ice. Once i got a nice dent in it, i could use the scraMFer to just knock off pieces of the sheet. And lets say my method left something to be desired. I was slamming into the ice and really giving it all hell. Well then on one hard smack, i felt my wrist go a direction it wasn't suMFosed to. Ouch is the word. Nothing to bad, slight sprain, ive had worse and not even cared. So i kept working, not realizing with pain now i wasn't paying attention to the fact that i was leaning against a frozen solid car, and my body heat started to melt the nice pretty ice.

Well i almost couldn't finish. By the time i hit the drivers side of the back window my arms were dead, and i started to feel my legs freezing. But i powered through, and got 90% of the ice off the window. I started to walk back up to the house, got in the side door, and colapsed right there. I couldn't say anything, my now frozen legs gave out, and my arms were putty.

I laid there, panting like a dog, half out of it, from all the work and the fact i hadn't slept yet. My rather oblivious mom, who was home again, passed by me in the kitchen, didn't even notice me. When they did, 7 minutes later, she just laughed and said "What are you suMFosed to represent?" Don't you love that much worry from a mother? So with what lil energy i had i said what haMFened, to constant laughter. I was too tired to get pissy and tell her to F**k off XD

Well she told my sister who joined in the laughter, at me, now sitting up at the side door. So i pulled my self up, calmy and nicely placed her ice scraMFer on the table, walked to my room, droMFed my soaked pants, and i mean soaked, and crawled under my very thick wool blanket, then added my other 2 blankets on top.

All this, and i got one half assed, quick "Thank You" from my sister, and then asked where her scraMFer was. Not one question of "you sure you ok? Sure that wrist of yours is fine" . . . Nope.

So needless to say, my legs are still frozen, after 30 minutes, my hair is covered in sweat still, my nose is running, i smell to high heaven and don't have the strength to pull myself to the shower. Im now about to pass out, still cold, wrist starting to hurt ( i typed this one handed, i ain't stupid ) and really wanting to say, screw y'all, your on your own next time.

Once again, 2 times in under 1 year, i learned no good deed goes unpunished.... the hard way.